Mercedes AMG Plotting New Smaller Sports Car To Go After Porsche Cayman

Mercedes AMG wants to launch a new ‘enthusiast’ sports car that will go against the Porsche Cayman.

The new model has been presented to Mercedes’ board of management, reports Autocar, as an indirect replacement of the slow-selling SLC. The car will be uniquely engineered by AMG and will possibly adopt a mid-engine layout, as well as styling with clear links to the upcoming AMG Project One hypercar.

However, there’s still the possibility for the new model to adopt the classic front-mid engine layout due to financial reasons.

AMG’s Cayman rival, which is still at a conceptual stage, will be positioned under the GT in the performance brand’s range and will be offered as a fixed-roof coupe or as an open-top roadster.

It’s still too early to talk about engines but the car is being pitched with the choice of two power options. These will be shared or closely related to the 2.0-liter turbo powertrains that will be used in the upcoming A35 and A45 hot hatches. More powerful track-focused versions are also a possibility later in the model’s production life cycle.

“A lot of thought has gone into how Mercedes-AMG can better leverage its success in motorsport, particularly Formula 1 and endurance racing,” said an unnamed Mercedes-Benz manager. “One idea is a sports car that is relatively attainable financially and ideally suited to track day running. But it is just an idea and not a committed project right now.”

Mercedes-AMG Project One pictured

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  • fabri99

    The news of a small coupè by Mercedes is definitely welcome. With the TT being successful as always and BMW gearing up with the upcoming Z4, something AMG-badged and not as dull as the latest SLK/SLC is needed. The Cayman is the benchmark, but that can always change.

    • PK

      indeed. mercedes benz always have a plan up their sleeve.

      • fabri99

        But only when it concerns Mercedes itself. It’s quite funny how the Daimler Group nearly always failed with brands that are not Mercedes.

        • PK

          isn’t daimler mercedes benz?

          • fabri99

            Daimler-Benz is the group that has Mercedes, AMG, Smart and Maybach in it. Maybach was a failure, Smart was hardly ever profitable and previous ownings (like Chrysler) weren’t brilliant either.

          • Philip George

            Daimler has; Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-Formula 1, Mercedes Motorsport, SMART, Mercedes Trucks, Mercedes Vans, Daimler batteries, Daimler Technologies etc all under the Daimler AG umbrella.

          • PK

            so pretty much mercedes is daimler and daimler is mercedes then.

  • D3X

    Highly doubt it would look like the concept photos, I mean that looks more like a next generation Mercedes McLaren supercar rather than a Cayman competitor.

    That said, a scaled down version of this in terms of design language along with the replacement of the SLC is long overdue.

  • Six_Tymes

    good, i hate the cayman, so fugly

  • Richard Sloman

    Buy Alfa Romeo and build the 4C the way it should have been built… And the AMG C Class the way the Giulia QV has been…;-)

  • Vassilis

    That would be awesome!

  • SteersUright

    I think sports car enthusiast have been waiting for a proper alternative to the Cayman/Boxster for years!! VW promised one some time ago, Acura teased the “baby NSX” patent drawings for some time, etc. In the end, nobody delivered and Porsche can still price gouge for this segment which they alone, own. I’d love to see some proper competition to take on the talented Porsche twins.

  • Philip George

    Porsche have owned that segment for too long, its a welcome sight to see challengers taking on them. First the Panamera will have to face the Mercedes-AMG GT 4 door and in a few months the BMW 8er GC and M8 Grand Coupe. Then the Cayman/Boxster will see threats from BMW Z4 (and possibly Z4M), Toyota Supra, and the mentioned Mercedes-AMG fighter. Won’t be long before 911 has to face the reality of a real challenge from AMG and M division.

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