Polestar 1 Configurator Goes Live With Limited Options

The Polestar 1 online configurator is live and proves two things. First, the hybrid coupe looks good in any color combination, and second, it proves that not all configurators are created equally.

Unlike the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera configurator we shared a few days ago, the Polestar 1’s is exceptionally simple and reveals that those looking to purchase the car will have very little freedom when it comes to creating something unique.

For starters, there are just six exterior finishes offered and five of them are either white, black, or silver. The only shade that offers a hint of color is Midnight, which is a dark shade of blue. As for the wheels, there is only one design being offered, and it’s available in Diamond Cut, Glossy Black, and Matte Black finishes.

In the cabin, there are just two options. Charcoal with Zinc seats and Charcoal. The car pictured here features the former. Believe it or not, Polestar offers no other areas of personalization for the 1 coupe.

This is strange because in the United States, the car carries a sticker price of $155,000. That’s a lot of money, and one would expect to be able to create something unique for such a sum.

Either way, it is the powertrain that remains the headline act of the Polestar 1. The car combines a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine powering the front axle with two electric motors that send power to the rear. All up, it delivers 592 hp and 738 lb-ft (1,000 Nm) of torque. A 34 kWh battery allows it to travel up to 150 km (93 miles) on a single charge.

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  • Mr. EP9

    Damn, throw some color in why don’t you? Give me some red or something.

    • wintergraan

      What about the yellow seatbelts, isn’t that enough color? 😀

    • Or Polestar’s signature blue.

  • Nordschleife

    Well I now don’t have to play with it. Can you imagine asking us to show how we’d configure a car and they all look the same. Volvo/Polestar you just get two 👎🏽👎🏽 From me.

  • Yishay

    What’s the point of this car?

    Definitely could have remained a Volvo.

    Styling already seems dated compared to Lexus and bmw coupes.

    There’s Absolutely nothing groundbreaking about this vehicle that would justify its on badge.

    • Mr. EP9

      Styling wise, yes but everything else would have had to been ditched and replaced with something cheaper as it would have been too expensive to sell this as a Volvo.

  • AlessioCarbonara
  • AlessioCarbonara
    • Salih Ahzem

      Great, now a Volvo logo on the grill insert please; Am I the only one who thinks this looks like what a “C90” coupe would look like with all those Volvo styling cues?

    • rodriguez256

      Reminds me very much of a Mustang.


  • AstonMartin

    Still love this car.

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