Polestar 1 Hybrid Coupe Conquers The Arctic Circle During Official Testing

The gasoline-electric Polestar 1 promises to be a car that you can drive all year round. And to prove that, Polestar shot a video of a prototype of the coupe undergoing winter testing  in northern Sweden.

Starting with the batteries, they had to withstand temperatures as low as -28C (-18F), as did the two electric motors, for which the extreme cold wasn’t a problem.

Volvo’s electrified car brand also examined the drivetrain, fine-tuning several aspects and tested how the One performs with different shock absorbers, springs, anti-roll bars and rubber bushings. It’s worth noting that the prototype was stripped of all driving assistance systems, which allowed the driver to feel the base chassis settings.

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“Our test drivers have given us some enthusiastic feedback on the handling and dynamics especially”, said Polestar’s CEO, Thomas Ingenlath. “Besides being very happy with the balance of the chassis, they are particularly excited about the torque vectoring. We are now very confident about how this enhances the Polestar 1’s cornering responsiveness and accuracy. This is a driver’s car. We have now passed a major milestone in the development of the Polestar 1, and prototype testing continues throughout 2018.”

In between testing prototypes in different environments, Polestar will bring the hybrid coupe to Auto China 2018. The car will be displayed at the event in Beijing between April 25 and May 4, thus marking its second China premiere, following the global media debut in Shanghai last October.

The Polestar 1 combines a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that drives the front axle with two electric motors pushing power to the rear wheels. It has a combined system output of 600PS (592hp / 441kW) and 1,000Nm (738lb-ft) of torque, and thanks to the 34kWh battery, it can travel on electricity for up to 150km (93mi).

More than 7,000 people have expressed their interest in purchasing the hybrid coupe, and Polestar is already taking reservations for it. Production is expected to start next year.


  • Bash

    I love this car, I really do.

  • Leconte Dave

    Gotta make a grand coupe now

  • Nordschleife

    I wonder when they will show the colors for this car?

  • Looks epic, I hope it drives well and can compete with Tesla or Mission E.

  • Marty

    The modern insanity that is official images of camouflaged specimens of a car that we have already seen in full.

    • ErnieB


  • Vassilis


    • ErnieB

      Could have been at least $40 grand cheaper..

    • Nordschleife

      Well it was originally supposed to be a Volvo. It looks like a Volvo. It would have used the engine of a Volvo without the additional electric setup and it would more than like have been priced around the S90 vs mid 100k.

      • Vassilis

        It certainly could have been a Volvo and a simpler car but affordable? It would have been more expensive than the S90 so it would still be an expensive car. Cheaper than the Polestar 1 but still not quite affordable.

        • Nordschleife

          Agreed with ErnieB. Affordability is indeed relative but I can moreso afford a C90 rather than a Polestar1. Also as a lesser cost Volvo in the used market it would be even cheaper faster than this limited edition model. It’s arguably a waste of the car and to be honest I’d rather they not have made it at all than show it as a Volvo then sell it as this. But that’s my opinion.

  • ErnieB

    Will not forgive Volvo for not putting this amazing car into production!!

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