VW’s Installing Electric Vehicle Chargers For All Across Canada

The Volkswagen Group is building a network of electric-vehicle charging stations across Canada – not only for its own vehicles, but for those from any manufacturer.

The company has formed a new company called Electrify Canada to carry out the work that will install and maintain 32 charging sites across the country. They’ll be located in major metropolitan areas and along major highways in four of the country’s most populous provinces: Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Though that leaves out six provinces and Canada‘s three northern territories, those four provinces make up over 86 percent of the country’s population. They also include the eight most populous cities in the country, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary.

“The Canadian electric vehicle market is growing, creating a great need for charging that is fast, convenient and available in key locations,” said Volkswagen Group Canada chief Daniel Weissland. “We are thrilled to be able to offer this service and to take a leadership position in providing this key EV adoption enabler to the Canadian market.”

Rather than use its own proprietary charging system, VW’s Electrify Canada network will use universal DC fast-chargers designed to work with any electric vehicles. They’ll work at 50 kW “to support today’s EVs from all automotive manufacturers,” and will even range from 150-350 kW “for the expected longer range, larger battery vehicles coming to market,” according to the announcement.

VW cites data from Navigant Research which forecasts that electric vehicle sales in Canada will grow at each year by 29 percent. By 2026, the Canadian market for electric vehicles is expected to reach 140,000 vehicles per year.

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  • Craig

    Great! But I am puzzled. When I was a kid – in the 1970’s – we were told that electricity was running out. That ‘we’ will NEVER be able to meet the demands of the future. [And by future they were talking more TV sets and dishwashers, etc.] We were shamed for leaving lights on when leaving a room. When did all of that change?

    • Doodz

      I remember that. Scientists and the environmental crowd were also warning about how earth was in a deadly cooling phase that would result in Ice Earth. Now they warn of warming. So again, what happened?? Whatever, right?! Most of all we hear is biased propaganda that’s pumped through the media to fear the masses into doing or thinking a certain way to make a few individuals ridiculously rich and/or powerful. Been going on for centuries. I ignore the shyt, and just live life!

      • Silimarina

        “Scientists and the environmental crowd were also warning about how earth was in a deadly cooling phase” that is fals.Scientist never said that.All this bs “cooling phase” started with a stupid Times article.Scientist have known from 1896, when the first article about global warming was published.

    • Status

      When we started inventing or repurposing things that use less electricity by design (Fluorescents gave way to LED fixtures, X86 gave way ARM, NiCd gave way to L-ion, and so on.)

      Those TV’s got smaller and used far fewer watts with measurably better visual fidelity. Dishwashers started using off peak scheduling, their own internal heater rather than the domestic source, and far less soap for the same job. Lights can turn themselves off when they don’t detect anyone in the room, and the lights themselves use 10% of the same wattage from incandescent light bulbs from 40 years ago that emitted mostly heat; I used to shun any bulbs less than 100w as being incapable of reading a book by. Now I’m reading by LED that use barely12w but with slightly greater lux values.

      So yes, electrical supply from a source can run out if all we use are CRT TV’s from the 70’s and high BTU space heaters to supplement our baseboard heaters. Our usage behaviour changed over time, our consumer products changed to consume less power, and more importantly, the ability to scale a power grid to use many different sources rather than a single one that is subject to grid failure if it become inoperative.

      So to answer your question ‘when did it all change’, everything changed when engineers looked at what could be done to reduce power consumption as there was no practical way to keep people fully conscious of their own usage behaviour at all times. It started changing in the 1970 and hasn’t stopped since.

  • Doodz

    The title would read better with the elimination of the word ‘for’.

  • Bob White

    Ontario is dead as subsidies are gone. In markets where subsidies are pulled, sales usually go down by 95%.

    • Status

      Do you have a single fact to back that up?

      • Bob White

        This site won’t allow me to post links, so you can google yourself.

        In fact, there are many. Georgia, Hong Kong…
        Ontario will be an excellent case study. A major cross Canada charging project has already been cancelled.

        • Status

          Wrong. This site does allow you to post links.



          If you’re making the positive claim, you need to back it up with evidence. Don’t tell others you’re trying to convince to ‘google it yourself’.

          You found evidence that supports your claim? Great! Now show us the evidence.

          • Bob White

            Well I posted it and it said my post is being reviewed. BTW, I’m not your Go Boy! Why don’t you go F?**k yourself. If your too lazy to search Hong Kong and Georgia, then stay ignorant.

          • Status

            Why are you self-censoring yourself? Do you have confidence issues?

            I ask for evidence and he gets all pissy and indignant. You must be religious to get that inflamed so easily.

          • Bob White

            Oh BTW:
            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
            ……….”…………. _.·´

          • Bob White

            Dirt bag. I gave you the answers and you questioned me. Look above, my post with links which was being reviewed is now posted. Are you a TR**um p supporter or part of the religious right, because you sure act like one.

  • Bob White

    You’re obviously a trolling cretin and you have a very limited understanding of English. For the third time, my post which this site initially held back is now posted with the links above.

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