Audi USA Says Goodbye To Manual Transmissions With Limited Edition A4 Ultra Sport

Audi of America is phasing out the six-speed manual transmission, but it appears the company is giving the DIY gearbox a last hurrah.

According to the Audi Club of North America, the four-ringed brand will offer a limited edition A4 Ultra Sport which will be available exclusively with a manual transmission.

The model will be based on the A4 Premium Plus which starts at $43,700 with the six-speed manual transmission. Customers will then have to shell out an additional $6,800 for the Ultra Sport package. That’s a significant chunk of change, but the package is pretty extensive as it includes styling and performance upgrades.

On the outside, the A4 Ultra Sport has a Quantum Gray paint job and 19-inch five-spoke wheels with summer tires and a matte titanium finish. The car has also been equipped with carbon fiber mirror caps, a carbon fiber rear spoiler and the Titanium black exterior styling package.

Moving into the cabin, drivers will find leather and Alcantara sport seats, carbon fiber trim and stainless steel pedals. The model also has a flat-bottom steering wheel, a black headliner and a leatherette wrapped center console.

Despite wearing the Ultra Sport moniker, the performance changes are relatively minor. They reportedly include an adaptive damping sport suspension and a dynamic steering system.

Under the hood, we can expect the car’s turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine to carryover untouched. As a result, it should produce 252 hp (187 kW / 255 PS) and 273 lb-ft (369 Nm) of torque. It enables the all-wheel drive sedan to accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in 5.7 seconds before hitting a limited top speed of 130 mph (209 km/h).

Only 40 units will be available and it’s believed all the cars are already in the United States.

H/T to Motor Authority

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  • Mr. EP9

    Out of all the models they could have used as one last hurrah for the MT in the US they chose an A4?

    • Matthew Boyd

      Yeah, this seems to be the last Audi anyone really wants in manual. A tuner will seek this car though. The 2.0T is underrated out of the box, launching the car to 60 in the mid 5 seconds. APR tune will do them justice.

  • Dennis James

    Well…those who could not afford a Porsche 911 R, now have a viable alternative :))

  • no25

    wow i didnt realize how dated this car looks already

    • Matthew Boyd

      It is a bit stale, but remember, the current head of design had nothing to do with the A4/A5 or the Q5, TT, or the Q7. (I’m just speaking of redesigned ’17-’18 models). He will have his crack at the A4 soon enough. If you like his style with the next gen A6/A7/A8/Q3/Q8/e-tron Quattro etc., then you’ll like what’s next.

  • TheBelltower

    Audi has been going downhill for about a decade. They are dead to me now. Except for the RS7… Audi’s legitimacy is hanging by a thread because of the RS7.

    • Rafael

      What? Best interiors in class, especially with the new models (A6, A7, Q8, etc), best virtual cockpit, amazing engines (although I admit the V6 in the RS4/5 isn’t the most charismatic) and well…damn beautiful. All of them.

      Good job they are dead to you. Go buy a Skoda.

    • Matthew Boyd

      Huh…? You obviously don’t read anything on Audi, know how to do research before you comment or not have the common sense to know there are people on this forum who currently work for Audi and use to in the past. Audi sales are up 4.6 percent ytd in the states and up 7 percent world-wide in comparison to last year. They also went through a 100 month record breaking sales streak in which sales continued to increase from February 2010 till early 2018. Come on doh doh bird… You just let us know you make up stuff when you comment. You’re literally spreading “fake news”. The Q5 is Audi best selling vehicle also, so how are they holding together by a “thread” because of the RS7? Is it because that’s the only Audi you like? Ha! Hilarious bro.

      • TheBelltower

        Good job at being a total [email protected] So you understand my reasoning, please see my other response.

        • Matthew Boyd

          [email protected]? You could at least insult me with a manlier word out of respect for another car guy. I’m a bit disappointed in that one. I read your other comment, but I commented 8 hours before you…meaning you only had one comment up, not your rebuttal to your first comment. I understand you don’t like the change in Audi, and felt their heyday was when proper engines were placed in normal models. I see what your saying, but you have to embrace the change bro. These baby V6’s and twin and single scroll turbos are good motors, sounds just not there.

          • TheBelltower

            It’s unfortunate you don’t care for my word choice in response to your little rant. Back to the point… I fully expect Audi and all automakers’ employees to be present on automotive forums. So, with that, let me be clear. I used to be accused of being an Audi fanboy. I was active on sites like Fortitude, Audizine and Quattroworld. On those sites, anyone suggesting that an Audi would be offered with Autozone-style fake side vents or non functional exhausts would have been mocked and ridiculed. The current engines are good enough, and need to be what they are for many reasons. I get that. I will admit that the mileage and oil consumption in my old B6 S4 was atrocious and wouldn’t be tolerated today. But what even defines Audi anymore? Please tell me. Because to me, it’s all extremely ordinary and inauthentic with some cheesy details that are more indicative of a low-end brand instead of a premium automaker. The elimination of the manual transmission isn’t the end of the world. But it does build on something that definitely hits a nerve.

          • Matthew Boyd

            “But what even defines Audi anymore? Please tell me”… My definition is just as right as your’s… you know. Meaning, outside of my time working for Audi from 14′-17′, I’m just a normal consumer no different than you. If we can’t identify with a brand we liked at one point or another, than it’s either one of two things, the companies changed, or we’ve changed…and that’s not a bad thing because change is good in the automotive world. I haven’t agreed with a lot of the decisions Audi has made, dating back to 2012, but the companies being going through a dramatic shift as far back as 2010 here in the states. I have grown with the company changes, and a more dramatic shift is happening to the brand in the next decade. Spend some time with one of the newer models. Maybe the B9 2.0T, or if you can get your hands on an S4. They’re better vehicles, inside and out. I personally think the brand has found more of an identity today than they did back when they owned the LED DRL craze.

          • TheBelltower

            I wasn’t just being snarky when I asked “please tell me.” I seriously believe that any brand needs to define what they are. Whatever it is doesn’t need to cure cancer or change the world, it just needs to be something that helps convince people that it is unique and worth the premium. When I was a kid, anyone that had a German car had a Porsche, BMW or Mercedes. But then one day a guy pulled up in a new 5000. I was probably eight years old but I fell in love with it since my dad said it was special because it had “Quattro” and won races in Europe. Later on, a girlfriend in college received one as a hand-me-down from her parents. I think I only dated her so I could drive her car. I know what made my S4 awesome as soon as I test drove it… that is, full throttle in second gear with all four wheels gripping the pavement. But I haven’t felt that way about any new Audi since. And I miss it. I feel that, in their attempts to go more mass market and compete with everything from Toyotas to Teslas, they’ve diluted whatever it was that made them distinctive. The A4/S4 is excellent, but it does nothing visceral for me. Though, like I implied earlier, I am anxious to take the RS7 for a spin because it has been seducing me since I first saw it online.

    • DGC

      we all have our opinions…. I love Audi!

      • TheBelltower

        I loved Audi more when I could get a V8 with a 6 speed manual in an S4 sedan, avant or convertible. Or a Lamborghini V10 in the S8. And when their cars didn’t have fake tailpipes and plastichrome side air vents. I’m not saying Audi is awful today. They still are among the best brands. But in an attempt to go more mass-market, they’ve lost something IMO.

  • nastinupe

    Should have been the S6 since it’s going out of production but whatever.

    • Rafael

      Curious as to the powertrain the new S6’s and RS6’s will use. Logic says they’d use the V8 of the current RS6 de-tuned to about 480PS. However, I’ve heard a test mule and unfortunately it’ll be the V6 of the RS5.
      Who gives a shit though.

      RS6 is the real deal. Will it use the same powertrain as before and just be lighter? Or will it carry the hybrid powertrain of the Panamera Turbo S? That’s my biggest hope.
      I’d buy one instantly, and believe me bro… I really love my Golf R.

      • Matthew Boyd

        Porsche is in charge of the big boy engines this model interaction. The shake up at the top caused the change from Audi providing the power plants. Expect a Porsche derived hybrid powertrain.

  • Matthew Boyd

    Tbh, no one purchased these in manual when I sold them…they just wished the S4 and S5 came in manual.

  • DGC

    Remember when you could only get the Quattro System with a manual transmission?

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