Audi’s The Latest To Drop Manual Transmissions From Its US Lineup

The manual transmission has been dying a slow death, gradually replaced by automatic and dual-clutch gearboxes. And the latest blow comes from Audi.

According to Car and Driver, the German automaker has dropped the last of its stick-shift cars from its US lineup. Those, specifically, were the A4 and the A5, both of which will only offer automatic transmissions for 2019.

The culprit isn’t some concerted campaign against the third pedal. As you might have guessed, it comes down to customer demand – of which there apparently isn’t enough for Audi to continue offering manuals in the United States. C/D reports that only five percent of A4 buyers in the US have opted for the manual.

Audi isn’t the only one, of course. Its sister brand Lamborghini discontinued offering manual transmissions on the previous Gallardo, and never offered them on the Huracan that replaced it – much less on the larger Aventador or the new Urus. Bentley and Bugatti don’t offer any manuals either – but Porsche has made a point of it, even developing a new seven-speed manual for the 911 a few years back. And Volkswagen continues offering manual versions of the Golf and Jetta.

Rival automaker Mercedes-Benz essentially did away with its last manual option in the US a couple of years ago after rebranding the SLK as the SLC. BMW, however, continues offering stick-shift options on certain 2, 3, 4, and 6 Series models. As does Jaguar on the F-Type, Cadillac on certain versions of the ATS, and Hyundai’s Genesis brand on the G70. Those few models, however, stand more as the exceptions than the rule – particularly when it comes to luxury automobiles, whose customers evidently aren’t keen to row their own gears.

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  • Mr. Crankypants

    Boy I sure hope they don’t drop Generators, Carburetors, Manual Chokes, Bias Ply Tires, Drum Brakes and Incandescant Lighting.
    Wait, what??

    • ace_9

      I sure hope you will be one of the early autonomous car buyers 🙂 I don’t mean it too bad, but you obviously are not into cars, so you should enjoy not having to steer using an ancient wheel and operate some pedals just to transport somewhere, right?

      • Mr. Crankypants

        ace, why don’t you install a hand crank starter on your car for that authentoc driving experience?

        • ace_9

          Well, first of all it does not bring anything to the driving itself 🙂 And it would make the car worse. Manual transmission is not making a car worse. It is just different. I (and many other) like to control the movement of a car more directly, so there is still a space for manual transmission and it is not making the cars worse like your other examples.

        • tbonesteak33

          The most idiotic comment I’ve seen here thus far. People like manuals because they ENJOY DRIVING THEM. It has nothing to do with new tech. So when clueless fools like you make asinine comments like that, the point doesn’t land. At all. What’s next, you’re going to tell me to go ride a horse? Go home, troll.

      • Dude

        You can be a car enthusiast without being an MT lover

        • ace_9

          I’m not saying you can’t. But anyone liking cars does not deny others what they like on cars. I was trying to say, that manual transmission is not a relic from the past making the driving worse.

  • Kagan


  • Craig

    Americans really have become ball-less. It’s sad. VERY sad.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      It’s the PlayStation generation.

      • Jason Miller

        I am the Playstation generation and you can have my 6MT car when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

        • Craig

          Good to hear!

    • Хиллари сосет киску

      Honestly, for 98% of car buyers, it’s about traveling from light to light in a huge grid network of asphalt suckage. There’s nothing too fun about shifting and hitting the brakes every 10 seconds or city block, repeat. If one lives in rural areas or tracks their DD, I’m all for stick. But F having to constantly brake shift accelerate, brake… 80 times a mile.

  • pcurve

    Guess next generation BMW 3 will follow suit…

    Pretty funny considering Genesis G70 offers manual.

  • Jason Miller

    I love my 6MT Elantra Sport. Wouldn’t give it up for anything else in it’s price range. Spiced it up with a factory B&M short shifter for a Kia Soul and some solid aluminum bushings and it’s money. To each their own.

  • asphrp

    Real man use 3 Pedals
    Classy man use 2 pedals

  • Marty

    While I still mostly drive a manual, I feel no need to defend the technology.
    It’s 2018, and to demand that the driver manually adjusts the gear ratio of the drivetrain – while driving – is mindboggling.

  • Daniela Wolf

    Just because humans are dumb…..
    Oh no there are three pedals…. BUT I HAVE ONLY TWO FEETS!

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Only 2 feet!?
      I’ve got 12 inches but only use it as a rule.

  • Denzel

    Oh well motorcycles still are Manuals unless you go electric

  • Felipe Politano

    The A4 is now slushbox only, the ATS is bow coupe only…

    So the last stick-shift sports sedans standing are the 3 series and… a Genesis?

    Who knew car enthusiasts would have Hyundai to thank for saving the day

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