Can The 2019 Corvette ZR1 Upstage The Much More Expensive 2018 Ford GT In A Straight Line?

Two of America’s most potent track cars ever recently took to the drag strip in order to see which one could cover a 1/4 mile faster. Worth noting however that these weren’t standing 1/4 mile runs, as the two cars began each sprint from a rolling start.

While track tests would have you believe that the latest generation Ford GT can walk the line between supercar and hypercar, its power and torque output doesn’t sound all that impressive on paper.

The new GT features a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharger EcoBoost V6 producing 647 HP (655 PS) and 550 lb-ft (745 Nm) of torque. In a straight line, it’s said to hit 60 mph (96 km/h) in 2.8 seconds and max out at 216 mph (348 km/h).

Impressive? Sure. But check out the ZR1 Vette’s numbers: 755 HP (765 PS), 715 lb-ft (968 Nm) of torque, 0-60 in 2.85 seconds and a top speed of 212 mph (341 km/h). Technically speaking, the Ford GT is slightly quicker and has a greater top speed, but the differences are so minute that one can’t really predict the outcome of an outright battle.

The ‘Vette is by far the better value for money. Nevertheless, it’s performance we’re focusing on here, and while we won’t spoil the result for you, we’ll just note that both did the quarter mile in less than 10 seconds.


  • Six_Tymes

    The ZR1 owner isn’t that smart, he should have, could have taken the rear wing off before racing. dumb

  • LJ

    Ford GT please.

  • Bo Hanan

    ZR1 is a failure. At every turn it demonstrates the need for its extermination. Bring on the C8!

    • donald seymour


    • john1168

      Sorry dude… The ZR1 may not beat every car out there but it is in NO way a failure…

      • Bo Hanan

        It barely beats the Z06.

        • john1168

          Define barely? The ZR1 weighs about the same but has 100 more HP, 65 more lb/ft, more downforce, more efficient downforce and tops out at 210mph compared to the Z06. The Ford GT is faster than the Z06 but the ZR1 beats the GT on the track (VIR for example).

    • Toronado_II

      A car may not beat every car in the category but could be well balanced and pleasant to drive !
      Just think to the huge difference between a 911 and a Viper GTR.

      • Bo Hanan

        Both are better than ZR1.

  • kachuks

    A suped up sportscar vs. a supercar.

  • john1168

    First of all, roll racing is not real racing…

    Second, when the C8 comes out, it will annihilate the GT. But right now it doesn’t matter because the C8 isn’t out yet…

    OK, now, in these particular races, we don’t know what the GT driver is doing. Is he in full auto mode or is he in manual mode? The ZR1 driver is in full auto mode and is not even in the proper gear when the race starts… Also, the ZR1 driver clearly screwed something up on the last run.

    Now, the GT still might have one even if the ZR1 driver did things differently. But the ZR1 is still hanging in there with a car that’s FOUR times its price. Don’t forget the GT has a very slight power to weight advantage and it has a quick shifting dual clutch transmission.

    • Bo Hanan

      The gap between the cars in this race might be filled by the C8, but I doubt it will be exceeded. That’s a huge gap.

      • john1168

        The base C8 wont beat the GT as it’s expected to have about 550 hp and might weigh more than the GT. But the mid and upper level C8’s will beat it. One of the upper level C8’s is expected to have about 800hp and the top level is expected to have 1000+hp with awd. I could be wrong but I’d say it’s a safe bet the C8 will beat the GT… easily. Unless Ford improves the GT.

  • Abu Sayyaff

    As usual, A Corvette with monstrous HP and yet loses to a lesser powered car … and excuses and excuses and excuses

    • Bo Hanan


      • Todd

        I just see a bunch of people crowing in victory about a couple of cars they could never dream of owning like they somehow won something.

        • Abu Sayyaff

          Dream of owning a Corvette !!! Lol ….. where have you been living?!

          • Todd

            In a country where 99.99999% of the population cannot truly afford a $140,000 car.

          • Bo Hanan

            Holla Back!

        • Bo Hanan

          Your comment seems, well- dumb. Rich or not doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate cars. I suppose you have no opinion on any football teams?
          And I’d bet your not a professional player too.

          • Todd

            Whether a sporting event or a car race, it doesn’t make it any less pathetic to crow about it as if you’ve accomplished something because you’re favored car brand won.

          • Bo Hanan

            You must just be a riot to all your friends on the internet.

    • meyerweb

      A stupid driver will lose every time.

  • ErnieB

    And the GT looks so much nicer too.. while I am excited about the C8.. unfortunately it won’t have the same history and beauty of the GT ..

  • Don’t fear the future

    The ZR1 puts down 667HP to the rear wheels; and it is Supercharged, so it has power throughout it’s entire power-range (unlike a Turbo which usually sees it’s power benefit at 3000 rpm or more; hence the roll race to give the GT a chance.)

    So if the ZR1 puts down more power to the wheels than the GT can at the crank, why does it still lose? Well, there are about 3 reasons this can happen: The Driver, The Tires, or the Aero. So which is it? That’s the real question.

    Well, if you see a C7 Z06 race a C6 (six) ZR1, you’ll see that after 120 to 130MPH the C6 (six)ZR1 catches up and will blow the doors off of a C7 Z06 (despite the C7 Z06 having more HP and Torque). This suggests that Aero is the issue.

    The C7 series of Corvettes was designed to primarily operate between 0 and 120MPH, representing a majority of the short road tracks across the US. It’s emphasis on down-force is to help track times when you have a front-engine, RWD vehicle that cranks out 650 lbs-ft of torque. Obviously, all this down force inhibits High Speed Acceleration; something a Mid-Engine Vehicle can greatly improve on.

    Now in a Drag race (completely stopped), the tires are easily the limiting step for the C7 Z06 and ZR1’s.

    So for those looking for the answer; there’s your answer.

    • Bob White

      The GT has far, far superior engineering which is sourced from F1 with an excellent twin clutch transmission. The only thing Ford supplies is the engine but the rest of the car is all Multimatic Canada and Multimatic UK.

      • Don’t fear the future

        The Ford GTs aerodynamics is absolutely remarkable.

        • Bob White

          The weight difference also is quite noticeable. In racing, weight is key.

          • Don’t fear the future

            Good point, but I thought both vehicles had the same HP to Weight Ratio. In fact, I thought the ZR1 has the more powerful ratio.

  • Darnell Robeson

    Amazing. I think the Ford GTs numbers are downrated by Ford

  • Abu Sayyaff

    Hell worst, just google Mclaren 720s vs. ZR1 !! it only shows that HP war is not cuting it for the current Corvette platform anymore, hence C8 is coming next.

    • Don’t fear the future

      Actually, the Mcclaren 720 produces more HP to the wheels than the ZR1. Then add the fact it is lighter and has active aero should not even make it a surprise.

      In fact, the biggest surprise is people don’t realize the Mclaren720 makes about 800hp at the crank. (At least this is what a Dyno tells and suggests)

  • meyerweb

    Roll racing? LOL. For people who don’t know how to drag race. This “test” is designed to hide the GT’s low-end weakness.

    • Don’t fear the future

      That’s what I was thinking too. Roll racing takes away the Turbo Lag; negates the fact the GT has less Torque.

      Then again, the ZR1 Requires Drag Radial to even see it’s full potential from a complete stop.

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