Dyson Trademarks ‘Digital Motor’ Term For Upcoming Electric Car

Dyson has inched closer to creating its very first electric vehicle, as it recently filed to trademark the use of the ‘Digital Motor’ name in Europe for both appliance and automotive use.

The company best known for making vacuum cleaners has used this term previously on its household products. The filing, however, now also describes a brushless permanent-magnet synchronous motor which Dyson will use in its future vehicles.

Dyson surprised everyone last September when it confirmed work on an electric car, a project that has been in development since 2015. The car will be bespoke, use a custom chassis, advanced battery technology and electric motors developed in-house. More than $2.6 billion has been invested in it so far.

As of September 2017, approximately 400 Dyson employees were involved in the car project, and the company is looking to add 300 extra staff.

Dyson’s first electric vehicle will be a premium model targeting tech-driven customers and shall be limited to less than 10,000 units. This vehicle is tipped to receive solid-state batteries and, if it arrives in 2019 as planned, it may be the first electric vehicle on the market to feature such advanced batteries.

Company founder Sir James Dyson confirmed earlier this year that they won’t outsource production of the vehicles.

“Wherever we make the battery, we’ll make the car; that’s logical. So we want to be near our suppliers; we want to be in a place that welcomes us and is friendly to us, and where it is logistically most sensible. And we see a very large market for this car in the Far East.”

If everything goes well with their first model, Dyson says it will produce two more affordable EVs.

  • Хиллари сосет киску

    Well, given EcObOoSt was already taken, looks like Dyson had to pick the next best choice.

  • brn

    Can you trademark things that aren’t true?

    • Хиллари сосет киску

      Apparently yes.

      • Jerry Hightower

        You can trademark anything. The Happy Face is trademarked as is the Hula Hoop.


  • David Kale

    Yes, they are expensive. But I ended up saving more $$ with one of them after 10 years. I used to purchase other brands around $200 such as Bissell. They had rested average 2 years. $400 Dyson I have now is 10 years old and still running strong with easy clean up once a month. I can’t insist you Dyson’s price is well worth because this is only Dyson I have ever owned so far. It’s just not giving me a chance to buy another one yet. I’m very interested in what they will bring on the table.

    • Хиллари сосет киску

      My experience with the Dyson vacuum was the exact opposite of yours, consequently Im not very interested in what might end up on said “table”.

    • ksegg

      Please, I had a Hoover that lasted 45 minutes.

  • Jerry Hightower

    I would like to see someone come up with some kind of charging system for those of us who live in apartments. There’s millions and millions of us.

    • karmat

      Throw an extension cord off the balcony.

      • Jerry Hightower

        But, but, but I live on the first floor! Besides, the management won’t allow it. And you have to be wired for it!

      • brn

        I used to do that to plug in my car heater when it was -20F.

  • karmat

    I have a Dyson handheld and it sucks.

    • karmat

      I meant it sucks up all the dirt.

      • Six_Tymes

        so, their tag line then is what? “Dyson Cars Suck”, is that what you are implying? lol

        • Perry F. Bruns

          Nothing Sucks Like an Electrolux.

  • Sébastien

    Affordable and Dyson in the same sentence, bold move

  • ksegg

    I always confuse the Dyson guy with the Apple guy.

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