FIA Director Believes Halo Kept Leclerc’s Helmet From Getting Hit

During last weekend’s scary crash at Spa, both the halo as well as the side of the cockpit on Charles Leclerc’s Sauber showed clear signs of damage after Fernando Alonso’s McLaren flew overhead.

During an interview with Autosport, FIA race director Charlie Whiting stated that the halo is “probably” what prevented Alonso’s tire from making direct contact with Leclerc’s helmet, which in turn could have seriously injured the French driver.

“We’ve already had a cursory examination of the parts. A little early to say,” said Whiting. “What is clear is the significant tire marks on both the chassis and the halo. It would be a little bit speculative but you can see that it doesn’t take much imagination to think that the tire marks could have actually been on Charles’ head.”

“It would be a bit of a miracle if they weren’t, had the halo not been there.”

Whiting reiterated that the “huge extent” of tire marks indicate that the McLaren “probably would have made contact with his head,” but added “that is slightly speculative.”

“Our researchers have done a fairly detailed report on it, an internal report of course, but all we’re trying to do is gather as much, because we’re in the process of beginning development on ‘halo 4’, so the more information we can get the better.”

“We’ve taken lots of photographs and our researchers will be contacting Sauber just to make sure we understand [the crash consequences].”

Whiting’s team will want to learn about the shape of all the fixings and bolts, in order to see if the structure has been distorted at all.

Even if Alonso’s wheel wouldn’t have reached Leclerc’s helmet (halo or not), similar incidents can always occur, where the car flying overhead is just a tiny bit lower – enough so as to make contact with another driver’s head.

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  • Maher

    Watch out everyone, don’t you dare praise the halo or else you’ll find a guy named Smith coming after your life.

  • Six_Tymes

    I so wish they thought to do this many years ago. WHY SO LONG.

    I miss Senna

  • Jan Mleziva

    Well, one lethal impact was from the wheel. Halowould have saved him. Second lethal i,pact was from back of the cockpit after wheel hit him. Same as above. The only question remains if the suspension that pierced through his helmet would still hit him

  • Bo Hanan

    In the 3rd photo it looks like the car is transitioning into a transformer.

  • Matthew Boyd

    Who would have known the flip flop was going to show it’s worth so soon.

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