Is This Our First Look At The 2020 Ford Mach 1 Electric Crossover?

Ford has begun testing on the streets of Dearborn a new crossover model wearing a rather dizzying camouflage wrap in order to hide its true identity, leading us to believe that this is our first look at a prototype of the 2020 Mach electric SUV.

When Ford first announced the development of the Mach 1, they said that the new electric SUV will contain some of the Mustang’s DNA. Since then, we also found out that Ford’s battery-electric crossover will be based on an electrified version of the C2 platform that underpins models like the Focus and the Escape SUV.

Ford’s engineers went into great lengths to hide the vehicle’s key design features but even so, elements like the steeply raked windshield and a slightly sloping roof line can be seen through the camouflage.

The front end looks like the area where cues from the Mustang will be used, including a set of sharp, angular headlights and a separate pair of lights underneath them. Apart from that, it’s really hard to say what’s the front grille arrangement will look like, but so far it looks aggressive and sporty.

Ford’s mystery SUV test car also comes with a few details that probably try to mask its true identity, including a sticker on the rear quarters with the script ‘Diesel Fuel Only’ and a pipe that looks like an exhaust. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the area surrounding this “exhaust” has even accumulated some soot, which might be -or not- fake. Despite these efforts, the completely flat underbody indicates that Ford is simply trying to mess with our heads.

Unfortunately, the prototype was photographed driving through an active construction zone and then in heavy traffic, making it difficult for the photographer to hear if it ran in pure EV silence.

Details about the powertrain are still unknown at this point, but we expect a driving range between 250 and 300 miles on a full charge. Ford has said in the past that the Mach 1 will arrive in the market in 2020, but the company is expected to give us a preview with a concept within the next 12 months.

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Image Credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for CarScoops


  • ejd1984

    The Ford Mach 1 (SUV) doesn’t seem to instill any sense of sleekness

  • Хиллари сосет киску

    So, a redesigned electric Explorer. Oh…

    • ME

      I think they are playing games with spy photographers by using “another body” to test the underpinnings of the model. They also did this will the ugly Bronco mule.

  • Rocket

    The poorly fit bodywork tells me it’s still a mule, so other than the front end I wouldn’t put too much effort into trying to see what’s being covered up.

    • Bug S Bunny

      How can you tell the bodywork is poorly fit under all of the camo? Could it be that the camo is poorly fit?

      • Rocket

        The way the panels come together. There are gaps, and bulges and indentations where everything should be flush. I’m guessing there’s a mishmash of modified body panels from other models cobbled together over the mechanicals. I doubt that they’ll let me post photos, but I’ll try below.

        • Bug S Bunny

          This is test vehicle; gaps, bulges, and indentations are caused by the camo to fool eyes. And as a test vehicle, nothing is supposed to fit like a production vehicle anyway. I used to live in southeast Michigan and test vehicles were an everyday sight around the area.

          • Rocket

            But this isn’t even close to production. In typical CarScoops fashion, they’re blocking my photos, so I can’t post enlarged images, but there is a gap between the door panels, a bulge where the hood meets the A-pillar, and the body panels don’t even cover the chassis at the bottom. There’s also something completely covering the rear window between the C- and D-pillars, and the aforementioned unfinished wheel wells.

          • Rocket
          • Matt

            All of those ‘finish issues’ appear to be down to the car missing it’s lower side skirt and arch trim.

            The side skirt will fill in all those gaps and concave surfaces.

          • Rocket

            And how do you explain the bulge in the hood seam and the gaps between the doors? And where’s the rear side glass? Or are you suggesting the production car won’t have one?

          • Matt

            Like I said, the gaps in the doors are only visible because it is missing trim (like off-road inspired cladding on the lower door surfaces).

            The bulge in the hood seam is again because the A-pillar is missing a trim piece which will eventually meet up with the hood. Look at the top of the A-pillar to see clearly it is missing trim.

  • Stephen G

    i’m surprised that Ford is pursuing this body configuration considering what little success it had with the C-Max.

    • Rocket

      The C-Max wasn’t perceived as a crossover, but rather as a small hatchback with limited range. Honestly, given America’s appetite for utility vehicles, I’m surprised other manufacturers are pursuing anything other than crossovers for their first EV models.

      • Stephen G

        A “small hatchback” is a Fiesta or Focus. Certainly the C-Max is none of those. A crossover is a tall station wagon, lower floor than a SUV, a minivan with 4 hinged passenger doors. All vehicles have a “limited range”. “I’m surprised other manufacturers are pursuing anything other than crossovers for their first EV models”…most manufacturers had electrics before the term crossover was a word used to describe automobiles.

        • Rocket

          At 174″ long, or about the size of the Focus 5-door, it is relatively small. And if you’re from the States, you know darn well the buying public never perceived the C Max as a crossover. And Ford certainly never marketed it as such.

          • Stephen G

            Automobiles are classified by interior volume, not length. That makes the Focus a mid-size and the C-Max a large (actually just shy of being a mid-size wagon). Just because they are built on the same platform it doesn’t mean that they are classified the same (ie Chrysler K-Car and Minivan). The commercials I watched just maket the C-Max as a Hybrid

          • Rocket

            People don’t shop by EPA classification, they tend to shop by physical size. The C-Max and Focus have the same footprint, plain and simple.

          • Stephen G

            Focus 113 cubic foot volume, C-Max 128 cubic foot volume (aka “physical size”)

          • Rocket

            Physical dimension = footprint
            C-Max: 173.6″ long x 72.0″ wide
            Focus 5-door: 171.7″ long x 71.8″ wide

  • PhilMcGraw

    This is Mitsubishi-tier of naming: take an old iconic car brand and slap it on a CUV. It doesn’t look like anything more special than a Ford Escape (which I’m sure it’s based on).

    • Mr. EP9

      I’m assuming the author didn’t get the memo because Ford already said they wouldn’t call it the Mach 1.

  • Harry_Wild

    Looks like the current Honda Pilot only smaller in proportion. Not sure why chosen to have a crossover look like a minivan!

  • Rzrlf

    you blind? its got on exhuast tho (unless they went the extra mile to make it seem like just another crossover, which i doubt they would)

    • Matt

      So what? Porsche has been testing Taycan prototypes with exhausts as well. You can see the battery cradle under the side sill.

      • Rzrlf

        porsche is one one thing, ford is way behind in the ev game so I highly doubt this is legit.

  • Bug S Bunny

    I would guess that this is the next-gen Escape, not the Mach 1 crossover.

  • Mr. EP9

    Not going to be called the Mach 1. Ford themselves said so after the negative reaction they got to it. This website already ran an article about that.


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