Ford’s Electric Mach 1 To Be Allegedly Based On New Focus Platform

Ford will build the upcoming Mach 1 electric SUV on their C2 platform used for the new Focus.

Codenamed internally CX430, Ford’s electric crossover will be a globally engineered model set to be revealed next year and with sales kicking off in 2020.

The Ford Mach 1 will sit alongside the next-generation Escape/Kuga SUV in the range, according to Autocar, and since it will be based on the C2 platform, it’s expected to come with a more on-road character –which is the case with all electric SUVs anyway.

The C2 front-drive platform is said to be flexible enough, giving Ford many options in wheelbases, track widths and firewall heights. This allows it to spawn a large variety of models, much like VW’s MQB platform.

Ford’s all-electric SUV is dubbed Mach 1 as a reference to its Mustang-inspired styling. In fact, the company might create more crossovers with Mustang design cues in the near future.

Last month Ford made a surprising announcement, saying it will stop selling cars like the Fiesta, Fusion, Focus and Taurus in the US, focusing instead on the more profitable SUVs and pickup trucks. Ford will continue offering the Mustang, as well as the Focus Active, which is a jacked-up version of the normal hatchback with SUV styling.

And while the Fusion will bite the dust in the US, its European sibling the Mondeo is expected to soldier on up until the mid-2020s. Ford Europe is planning to introduce a heavily updated version of the Mondeo this fall that will include a new diesel engine, a new interior featuring a tablet-style infotainment screen and smaller revisions on the outside.

Photo renderings copyright Carscoops / Josh Byrnes ©

  • Robert

    I like the all electric suv idea, but I don’t like Ford’s design team pilfering Cadillac design.

    • Dr Strangefingger

      Hmmmm…. I wasn’t thinking Cadillac.

    • Rocket

      That’s not Ford’s design. Just a rendering, and not a terribly good one.

      • Nick

        yep. definitely just a random guess by the artist. we haven’t really been given a good clue about how it’ll look besides the obvious mustang influence

      • Robert

        Gotcha. I should’ve known better. 😉

      • Ryan

        Hopefully the general shape is similar, it’s a nice design. But that rendering of the front end is awful.

    • Bullitt2605

      Um this actually looks good very much the opposite of GM.

      • Robert

        Design is subjective and opinions are like bums, everyone has them…

  • KenjiK

    “Ford’s Electric Mach 1 To Be Allegedly Based On New Focus Platform”

    That render is absolutely based on an Audi Q8 (Or is it the Elaine concept?).

    • Ryan

      I’m not sure where you are getting Q8 in this rendering…

  • Rocket

    Sorry, Ford … you can’t put the Mach 1 name on anything sharing the Focus platform unless it’s right-wheel drive. The production model better wear a different name.

    • Ryan


      I bet it will be Model E

    • diesel_vdub

      If it’s right-wheel drive, won’t it always turn left, just like Nascar?

  • javier

    ford lol what a joke

  • Honda NSX-R

    So it’s called the Mach 1, but it won’t even be based off the Mustang? Come on Ford.

    • LWOAP

      They’re going to.

      • Honda NSX-R

        They said that they’ll change the name if customers don’t like it as much…

  • Craig

    I see a bit of the Rolls-Royce ‘picture frame’ look in the front. I guess we better get used to that look.

  • eb110americana

    This Mach 1 is starting to make sense to me now.
    2004-2007 Escape Hybrid (gen 1)
    2008-2012 Escape Hybrid (gen 2)
    2012-2017 Ford C-Max Energi PHEV

  • SteersUright

    Beautiful rendering. I hope it looks just like that.

  • WalthamDan

    Still trying to find the Mustang that is supposedly within the design.

  • john1168


  • Tumbi Mtika


  • Bob White

    Made in China like the Focus?

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