New Ford Focus Has A 180-Degree Camera That Makes Reversing Easier

The fourth-gen Focus is already a month old, yet Ford continues to detail some of its features, including a cool reversing camera that offers a 180-degree view.

Positioned above the rear license plate, it allows drivers to see passing pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles, thus minimizing the risk of an accident. The 180-degree view reversing camera is aided by radar sensors that monitor what’s going on at the rear, and if a hazard is detected and the driver fails to react, then it automatically applies the brakes.

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“We know that for nearly all our customers, reversing is a crucial part of their daily drive – and one that some of them really don’t enjoy”, said Ford’s chief program engineer for the Focus, Glen Goold. “This little camera is helping us to make a big step forwards in making it easier to go backwards.”

In addition to the camera, detailed on video below, right after the jump, the 2019 Ford Focus also benefits from a host of driving assistance equipment. Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert, Lane-Centring, Speed Sign Recognition, Adaptive Cruise Control, Adaptive Front Lighting System with Predictive curve light, Sign-based light and others are available for the vehicle.

Also, the all-new Ford Focus can be had with Park-Out Assist, Active Park Assist 2, Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection, Evasive Steering Assist, Wrong Way Alert and Post-Collision Braking.

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  • Rzrlf

    camera resolution still looks 10 years old

    • Bash

      and the 180 degrees is not also what they can call an innovation, because it was available on the Equss i guess or Genesis few years ago.

    • Bash

      BTW, all the current rear cameras are 170 degrees, but in ford mentality, the extra 5 degrees from each side makes a lot of difference, and they extra wide vertical coverage is cool imo, instead of the conventional “looking down” position i you know what i mean.

    • europeon

      And this is a problem, because… ?
      Do you watch high def movies on it or you just want a reliable camera that works in all temperature ranges and in all lighting conditions?


      • El-diablo

        Here in Merica we need the highest of quality no matter what the use may be. pixel per inch > actually being able to see

      • Rzrlf

        problem is you can slap a fish-eye lens on an iphone 4s and itll still look better. its matter of quality damnit

  • OptixGuru

    Wow…. Said no one ever. Every other car manufacturer has 360 cameras I their vehicles. I guess it’s true that Ford has stopped really caring about their vehicles and prefer to focus on their SUV line.

    • DMax

      Which economy car has a 360 camera? I know none such. Lincolns have it.

      • Chris Krajnik

        Chevys have it.

  • :/ Yurr

    That’s neat but why not just make it 360?..

    • Love Johnson


  • Status

    People shouldn’t be backing out of parking spaces in the first place.

    • Adilos Nave

      Why not? Backing into a space takes more time.

      • Status

        And backing out takes just as much time and is compounded by being more dangerous, and is fraught with visual limitations and blind spots.

        • Adilos Nave

          To each their own but I’ve rarely seen someone back into a space and be anywhere close to being straight. You are definitely right that backing out of the space is more difficult and dangerous though, I’ll give ya that!

          • TheHake

            Not with cameras.

          • Adilos Nave

            I think the camera screen should be mounted above the rear window. That way, you can turn around to better see your blindspots while also viewing the screen. I find I’m always turning my head back and forth while trying to focus on the screen but also looking at cross-traffic. Maybe I’m in the minority that actually pays attention when backing out of spaces though.

          • TheHake

            These cameras actually make the cross-traffic visible. My car has the 360 deg cameras and I don’t think I’ll buy another car without it. It is REALLY useful.

          • Adilos Nave

            I’m sure my next car will have that. Current one has a back-up camera but it’s from 2011 and only faces directly back. Helpful when parking but otherwise useless because can’t see cross-traffic. The TT doesn’t have a camera at all and features a C-pillar from hell.

          • TheHake

            You can’t have a TT AND see out of it! 😀


    It’s no wonder people keep saying American cars are shit. Ford is just now showing off a feature others have had for quite some time.

  • TheHake

    What’s “new” in this? My 3 year old Passat has the exact same.

    • wins_lord

      Ikr LOL. Mercedes has had this for years too.

    • smartacus

      oh i get it,
      the new
      It’s a subtle
      way of saying
      no camera for you

  • Ben M

    Hardly breaking news….Mercedes has had 360 cameras and 180 degree cameras for years now

    • Seylan Naidoo

      so has every other major manufacturer.

  • smartacus

    10 points for
    hitting that flake
    on the nerdo-cycle

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