Half Of Ford Sedan Owners Might Switch To Other Brands, Survey Warns

Ford’s plan to kill all its sedans in the United States may rely on the growth of the crossover/SUV and truck segments, but it appears that it might have misjudged the whole situation.

You see, many Ford sedan owners typically stick with the brand for their future car purchases, but the company’s decision to kill sedans might alienate them for good.

A Cox Automotive study cited by Automotive News reveals that Ford could have difficulty keeping some sedan customers in the United States after discontinuing the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, and Taurus.

That’s because many Ford owners who took part in the survey said they would likely look elsewhere when the time comes to acquire their next vehicle. Half of them said they would switch to a new or used car from another manufacturer for their next purchase, and only 10 percent admitted they would pick a new Ford crossover or SUV.

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Furthermore, five percent of respondents said they would get a Mustang, and only three percent said they would opt for a new Ford pickup truck. Most responders said they opposed Ford’s decision to discontinue sedans in the U.S. and were taken by surprise.

This should worry the top dogs in Dearborn, even though the survey’s sample size is rather small. There were 2,697 responders in total, of which only 104 owned Ford vehicles. The study goes to highlight the challenges Ford faces as it reshuffles its North American lineup.

It also sheds light on the fact that the public might not understand Ford’s strategy to replace its sedans with similarly priced new crossovers and SUVs, even though the market clearly favors the latter over the former.

Adding to the problem is a worrying statistic revealed by data from Kelley Blue Book: 53 percent of owners who trade in a Ford Fusion already go to a different brand. The most likely cars they choose? Honda’s Accord, Civic and CR-V or Toyota’s Camry or RAV4.

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  • willhaven

    Count me as part of that sentiment. I was looking forward to replacing my current 2014 ST with a newer ST, but now I’ll have to get my kicks elsewhere. None of Ford’s SUV offerings (less the F150/Raptor) are intriguing to me. This ST is my second Ford, so consider me somewhat brand loyal.

  • NissLover

    Sooo… they didn’t think it was wise to poll this BEFORE making said decision and announcing it?

    • Nick099


  • Trocadero

    Sounds like the decision was made by accountants trying to take cost out of production. Time will tell, but I think they got it seriously wrong.

  • Karter Harmon-Wilkening

    I’d hardly call myself a Ford loyalist, but I’ve had two of them. My most recent was a 2015 Focus that I got rid of because of issues with the DCT transmission. That said, I would have considered a Ford again in the future, but not any more. I have no need for a crossover or SUV. Ford is dead to me now.

  • (⌐■_■)

    Ford engine kinda sucks… leaks everywhere. 130k miles, less than 10 years old.. can’t pass inspection already without engine works.

  • LJ

    People are mostly concerned with reliability when purchasing a new car. If that weren’t the case, Honda and Toyota would be out of business.

    • Deevo

      Well in that case they should be buying Kia, number one in the J D Power reliability survey last two years in a row.

      • LJ

        Most people still think Kia’s are junk.

        • Deevo

          True, but I never worry about what most people think and neither should you. Let’s face it, most people are pretty dumb.

        • Rob

          I doubt that the most people buying Kia’s think they are junk. I have had Toyota’s and Honda’s and Kia’s and Hyundai’s are much better in both fit and finish and engine performance. I think the engines in Honda’s are some of the weakest as Honda uses the same engines in the entire range. The engines in the Kia’s have power and haul on the highway, I have a Sportage turbo and a Stinger and both are great in both quality and performance.

          • Deevo

            Yes, I agree entirely. I’ve got an Optima now and it’s without doubt the best car I’ve ever owned. Previous cars were Hondas and Mazdas.

  • Paul

    It will give the competition more volume that’s for sure.

  • brn

    OK, scramble to work on a newer Fusion! You need to at least keep the Fusion!!!

  • karmat

    My Mini Cooper S isn’t going to last much longer and the quality sucks, and the Focus ST and Fiesta ST were on my list of cars to buy. The Golf GTI seems to be the only decent little hatch now.

    • Deevo

      I took a Hyundai i30 N for a test drive the other day – what a blast! Lovely machine. Give it a go, because it sure does move.

  • Luc Helterbrand

    i’ve been a ford owner twice since 2001…and i grew up with fords but if Ford isn’t going to show us loyalty…why exactly should we be to them, especially if they are going to abandon the markets that we want to purchase from. I wish ford well but i am certain its going to backfire on them.

  • Janar Siniväli

    My current 2008 Focus has ~185 000 km on the clock. My next car won’t probably be a Ford because they have stated that 200 000 km is about all the new ecoboost engines can take.

  • rover10

    Ford’s propensity to make sweeping changes can be a bit erratic and very public. Ridding yourself of loyal customers by deleting certain products, only hands those people over to competitors, who do not make the same strategic changes. I believe the Ford board need to take time out and reconsider some of their ideas. Once these customers go, it’s virtually impossible to get them back?

  • Bo Hanan


  • erly5

    I’ve said from the start that this was a brave but foolish decision on Ford’s part, especially when most competitors are sticking with sedans for the time being. Time will tell.

  • charlotteharry57

    I certainly don’t plan to trade my ’17 Fusion when the time comes for a CUV/SUV. We have one of those and don’t need 2. Chevy Malibu, perhaps. I do think it’s amusing that many Fusion owners trade for a Honda or Toyota. I’ve had ZERO problems with mine, so, other than fuel economy issues, I don’t get it.

    • khc

      People have different opinions because of different experiences (and your 2017 model is still practically brand new).

  • dls Viktor

    Elantra Gt is I30

    • willhaven

      Yeah, but it’s not the “N”

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