Whistleblower Claims Tesla Covered Up Drug Trafficking And Theft At Nevada Gigafactory

A former Tesla employee has made some a serious accusations against Tesla, claimint that the automaker silenced investigations into theft and drug trafficking at its Nevada Gigafactory.

Karl Hansen, an ex-member of Tesla’s internal security department and investigations division, asserts that Tesla was informed by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Storey County Sheriff’s Office Task Force that an employee was dealing drugs at the Gigafactory. This info was not disclosed to shareholders.

Hansen says that the DEA informed him that “a Tesla employee may be a participant in a narcotics trafficking ring involving the sale of significant quantities of cocaine and possibly crystal methamphetamine at the Gigafactory on behalf of a Mexican drug cartel from Sonora Mexico.”

Not only does Hansen allege that Tesla took no action on the matter, he claims to have discovered that $37 million of copper and raw materials were stolen from the Gigafactory between January and June. Hansen says he was “instructed not to report the thefts to outside law enforcement” and was directed to stop investigating the issue.

Tesla has denied all claims

Hansen’s whistleblower complaint also alleges that Tesla illegally spied on Martin Tripp, a former Tesla process technician who also issued a whistleblower complaint a couple of months ago.

According to Hansen, Tesla installed “specialized router equipment within its Nevada Gigafactory designed to capture employee cell phone communications and/or cell phone data.” The complaint says these measures were enforced by Elon Musk personally.

As if that wasn’t enough, Hansen goes on to state that the Tesla security team who spied on Tripp were ex-employees of Uber who were accused of wiretapping competitors and pilfering trade secrets from Waymo.

In a statement issued to Gizmodo, Elon Musk denied all the claims.

“He is simultaneously saying that our security sucks (it’s not great, but I’m pretty sure we aren’t a branch of the Sinaloa cartel like he claims) and that we have amazing spying ability. Those can’t both be true.”

In a statement, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro said his office “cannot confirm nor deny the existence of an ongoing investigation of drug activity that is connected to the Gigafactory.”

The DEA says it won’t disclose the existence of an ongoing or pending investigation to a third party.

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  • Jay

    Not news…. *Insert big company name* covers up *insert crime* to protect their image.

    I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t attempt to protect their companies image to the public.

    • ▶️ ProtectOurHeritage ◀️

      Jaguar Land Rover worked with police after £3m worth of engines were stolen from their factory and the thieves were apprehended and charged. Why did Tesla not want anyone to know that $37 million of copper and raw materials were stolen? Seems dodgy, yet very unsurprising given that Tesla is involved! It would’ve harmed their share prices.


    • Хиллари сосет киску

      Actually sounds spot on. Think DeLorean just before his company failed. I see a huge correlation.

      • TheBelltower

        Seriously? Except for the word “Drugs,” there is absolutely no correlation at all.

        • Хиллари сосет киску

          Which world do you live in?? Omg, are you in love with musk/Tesla? Open your eyes to the company that’s yet to make a profit in 15 years, or EVER!

          • TheBelltower

            Okay, if you want to spread your comment into a bunch of random buckshot, that’s fine with me. But, again, the correlation between DeLorean and Tesla is zero. As for “profit in 15 years,” Tesla went public less than eight years ago. And they’ve been producing their own non-Lotus-based vehicles for less than 2,500 days. They are expanding production capacity, supply chain and power infrastructure all over the world to accommodate demand. If they were making a profit today, as an investor, I’d have to wonder why. Because they should be spending each cent of investor’s money on growth. Which is what they’re doing.

          • This, the news has nothing to do with DeLorean whatsoever, and their financial records are on public domain, it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

  • ME

    Gizmodo is really asserting itself as the TMZ of the gadget world. They are better off to stick to their review of electronics instead. This site sometimes also tries to be a MSM outlet with Left winged tilt to it.
    Please stick to reporting on models only.

  • Stephen Baxter

    It is not unrealistic that if the DEA was conducting a large-scale surveillance operation on large-scale drug trafficking at certain points in the operation they would want the characters being surveyed to think everything is going smooth so they can catch them at the most incriminating point. This is just one possibility I used to work in the private security industry the idea of someone being pissed they don’t get to be Sheriff and running point on everything on their turf getting soured and causing a shitstorm isn’t completely unheard of. And to my first point both law enforcement agencies declining to comment would make sense. That is not the only reason the law enforcement would decline to comment. It could very well be classic company cover-ups. Just don’t jump to any conclusions internet dwellers

  • Mr. EP9

    After thinking it over, it kind of makes sense.

    I mean, come on. First of all, worker morale is high (no pun intended) not to mention Elon’s increasingly erratic behavior; which I find puzzling given all that has happened recently. Let’s not forget, Tesla workers built that tent to boost production in two weeks and Elon sleeping under his own desk. Tesla also pulled out all the stops to hit the 5k a week production goal which included twelve hour shifts. Furthermore, the Model S’ Ludicrous mode, the Hyperloop, vertical landing solid rocket boosters, and the SpaceX package that’s going on the Roadster 2.0. How else could you explain this other than drugs?

  • Carl Sloan

    Mexicans dealing drugs? This can’t be true!


  • robotlogic

    $37 Million of copper would weigh something like 9000 tons. Think I will call BS on this guys claim.

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