Why Lamborghini Favors Electrification Over Turbos For Aventador Successor

Lamborghini is one of the few automakers still producing engines with double-digit cylinder counts and no artificial assist. But the company’s R&D chief says that can’t carry on forever.

Speaking with Motor Trend at the reveal of the new Aventador SVJ in Monterey last week, Maurizio Reggiani confirmed that the Aventador’s eventual successor will remain naturally aspirated, but adopt a hybrid assist.

“The successor to the Aventador will be V-12 naturally aspirated. We can add a hybrid or plug-in to respect all the rules of fuel consumption and emissions,” said Reggiani. “Maybe we have hybrid boost for turbo-like performance. When I have a tank of energy, I want to use what is best for homologation. Once you fulfill that requirement, the additional energy can be used for performance.”

Sant’Agata’s chief engineer went on to outline how the next-generation supercar will implement the electric assist. Using the existing Anima selector, the Strada mode would disconnect the electric assist, possible using it only for battery propulsion around town. Sport mode would implement the hybrid assist for torque vectoring. And Corsa mode would bring it on line to fill in for the internal-combustion engine’s gaps in power delivery.

It’s a different approach than that which the Raging Bull marque took with the Urus crossover, which packs a twin-turbocharged (but electrically unassisted) V8. “If you want to move a car weighing 2.2 tons on every surface, even if it’s gravel or sand, you need an engine that provides huge torque at 1,500 rpm,” explained Reggiani. “Only a turbo can provide this. The decision of using a turbo was based on the mission of the car. Supersports cars don’t have this kind of mission.”

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  • eb110americana

    Well, if nothing else, the exhaust note will remain unfettered–at least while the engine is running. I like turbo engines, but with them becoming commonplace, the NA motor will be the true exotic–especially one with more than 4 or 6 cylinders.

  • Denzel

    Using hybrid tech allows instant torque than turbo with it’s lag or lack of if done right.

  • Welcome addition indeed, since making Turbocharged engine makes it easy in the emission.

  • Jim Jones ©

    Realistically EV’s are one solution to the everyday drive because at present that is the technology that is seing motivated R&D right now, the central issue that is forgotten is that all that electricity has to come from somewhere so that you can charge your car and use it in the same manner as the benzine burners.

    If the entire industry goes down the full EV path at some point the technology will become just as toxic to the environment as the combustion engine is now. Its a good start but we seriously need more diversification in the technology, other forms of propulsion from other types of engine technology.

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