New Toyota Supra: This Is Almost Certainly What It’ll Look Like

When the Toyota FT-1 Concept was unveiled at the start of 2014, we had an inkling it offered a glimpse of the next-generation Supra. Truth be told, however, no one outside of Toyota and BMW knew at that time that a new-age Supra was indeed in the works.

Fast forward to the second half of 2018 and Toyota has been slowly providing new details about the long-awaited sports car and provided us with some revealing images. Select journalists even had the chance to test the car in prototype guise last week. Now, we have accurate renderings that depict exactly how the road-going Supra will look.

Drawn up by a member of the Supra MKV forums, these renderings show the reborn Supra without camouflage and adorned in a selection of colors that are expected to be offered to customers.

Will enthusiasts flock to the new Supra like the old one?

Perhaps the most eye-catching color for the production model will be a shade of red, similar to the color of the FT-1 Concept. These renderings also show the sports car in blue, white, yellow, grey, black, and silver.

In terms of the vehicle’s overall design, it is very similar to the FT-1 Concept. Viewed from the rear, the new Supra bears an uncanny resemblance to the concept and has almost identical taillights, a very similar lip spoiler, rear diffuser, rear fog light and circular tailpipes.

The roofline and shape of the side windows also remain true to the concept. Up front, the Supra gets a similar look to the FT-1 but due to its smaller proportions, doesn’t looks quite as appealing. Whereas the FT-1 Concept had the low-slung profile of a true front-engine supercar, the Supra is much smaller, has a shorter wheelbase, and looks much bulkier.

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  • charlotteharry57

    WAY too much going on styling-wise. Rear 3/4 is downright ugly. Too many curves, bulges, slats, etc. Wasn’t worth the wait. At all. Had that figured out already.

    • Jay

      Agreed and the only thing I can assume is that it won’t look as bad irl.

    • man

      I really liked this design.

    • Death Metal

      It’s a Supra, I think it’s supposed to look outlandish. I actually really liked that rear, it looks mad stylish to me.

    • paulgdeaton

      Proof positive that the designers of the Pontiac Aztec have found a new job at Toyota.

  • kachuks

    An A80 with a tasteful body kit is much more appealing than this.

  • Liam Paul

    if that is what it will look like, toyota failed to make a good looking sport car Again. It is way too busy

    • Scherpereel Clement

      Well to bad because I love the GT86 ! But this supra is not very sexy for me now, maybe I’ll get use to it.

      • paulgdeaton

        The GT86 looks like a BRZ with a fat lip.

        • Scherpereel Clement

          GT86 and BRZ are false twin so they don’t really look different

  • Dario Sycco

    I would call it butt ugly, but I’ve seen sumo wrestlers asses that look much sexier than this.

  • DMax

    I like it a lot. Not going to buy it since I’m not much of a JDM fan, rather buy a Mustang or Camaro, but it is a good looking car and I bet performance will be great. I’m just glad another affordable performance car is about to hit the market. Haters who have to voice their retarded opinions about this car are just that – haters, and have no money for it anyway.

    • Nordschleife

      I feel you but affordability is relative. I really don’t believe the most affordable Supra will be the same price as the most affordable Mustang.

      • DMax

        Oh, definitely not, but I don’t expect it to cost much more than a GT Premium. And didn’t they say that it’s going to a couple of engine options, like the base model will have 250hp or so. That can’t be much over 30k.

  • gshemant

    I guess it should’ve been known that the new supra would not share its proportions with the FT-1 concept by using the notably short Z4 platform.

  • 101st ABN

    A pig? You must mean Hillary.

  • ksegg

    Should’ve kept the camo on.

    • Wow, you’ve taken mean to a new level.

      • ksegg

        The camo looks cooler.

  • SkyBill40

    It’s not terrible, but I see far too much Lexus RC-F influence in the design. To be honest, I see some Z4 M coupe in there as well. Not that those are bad… but I would have personally preferred something a bit more akin to the last gen to keep it Toyota-ish.

  • Mr. EP9

    Thanks to all the spy shots, this is exactly what I’m expecting it to look like.

  • Hans_Remore

    It just looks heavy …. and stubby.


  • Bruce K

    Another Toyota assault on the eyeballs. To me, it looks like a stretched 86. Definitely too busy and the various parts are not well integrated. Hey Toyota: go back and look at your old 2000 GT. Compare it to this mess. See the difference.

  • Harry_Wild

    The new Supra is very small size coupe. It not like the previous model which is size of a Camaro or Mustang. This new one is the size of a Miata!

  • TheBelltower

    Toyota is astonishingly bad at designing cars. Time to pull in some Italians or Germans.

  • Research Janitor

    Glad to see he is living rent free in your empty head.


    The Supra WAS elegant, fast, a little understated, and a solid touring car with some serious street cred. I think this managed to turn that history on its head. Fast? Sure it’ll be fast. Elengant? Not any more. Popular? With people who want a sports car, like the ‘classic’ name, but don’t really care about heritage. As for visibility – can you even see over that hood? And what’s with the stubby rear of this car? I think it’s sad that it took them this long to create something that doesn’t actually break barriers of design, or create an inspirational link to its past, while looking to the future. A lot like the NSX, modern, fast, and surely amazing to drive… yet an ultimately soulless machine for people who can afford it.

    • javier

      right i wes thinking at one point they woul showcse some hybrid awd tech

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    They could’ve simply took the FT-1’s design, and actually tone down and smoothen out the concept cars lines instead, and be done with the new Supra’s design.

    …I mean, isn’t that not what they did with the FT-AC and the new RAV4?

    Not feeling it that much so far…

  • ErnieB

    Too bulbous looking. This is a design disappointment. At least, per reviews, drives like a dream. But at the cost of good looks.. give me a vette grand sport or a mustang gt350..

  • Mr. Crankypants

    I suppose we’ll find out for sure when it’s finally revealed in 2030 -April 1st to be exact.

  • Death Metal

    I don’t get it, why are people bashing the design so much? This is a Supra, it’s supposed to look different and sporty. I do get that it there might be a bit too much going on in the rear for some people, but it’s by no means bad like people are saying. Surely beauty is in the eye of the beholder, still…

    • Nordschleife

      People don’t like anything new. It’s nothing wrong with this car other than it’s taking forever to be released. It’s been about 20 years since the last Supra so it’s pretty fair that this version would look nothing like the preceding one. I think it looks ok but I am a fan of divisive design so it’s good they don’t like it. It means it’s causing a reaction. Via good or bad that great for marketing and getting the vehicle out there.

  • Six_Tymes

    most of you do nothing but bitch, moan, and complain, when at this date and time you should be thankful that this was even produced. Oh, i’m sorry, you all want nothing but SUV’s

    • ksegg

      I think what most people want is a properly developed from-the-ground-up Supra successor that ISN’T based off a BMW Z4, and lives up and exceeds its predecessor in both design and performance in every single way.

      THAT is what people want.

      What we’re GETTING is the complete opposite and that’s why people are angry.

      The Supra name carries a lot of weight and Toyota effectively took a dump on it.

      • Nordschleife

        Yeah people want that but we all know what people want and what people will purchase is two different things. You don’t know about the performance of this car or have even seen it in person but most of you just complain. Like Six says had it not been built you’d be complaining about that.

        We are in different times now. Some of you all have to accept that it’s not going to be how you remember but embrace that it’s getting built based on the requirements or standards of today.

      • Rick Alexander

        Nobody has driven the new Supra yet. Nobody has seen it in the flesh yet, other than renders. All of these comments are speculative at best. Anybody who really wants a new Supra (count me as one of them) will wait to see how it’s priced, how it drives, how it sounds, and of course, how it looks. The renders haven’t caused me to lose faith, neither have the comments. I guarantee that more than 90% of these comments, are from individuals who are not seriously interested in purchasing a Supra. As for it being built on a BMW platform… BMW actually knows a few things about building performance cars, but I digress. I’ll wait until I see it in person before I write it off as too ugly for prime time.

  • Big Black Duck

    When its a Supra article…i scroll right down to the comments section .. lol

  • Big Black Duck

    i thought sports car enthusiasts want their flappy paddle stationary and not moving with the steering wheel?

  • javier

    only a 12 year old could like that. 86 is nice looking

  • mrpentastic

    Here’s my try at a Supra rendering that combines the new face with the old body proportions… What do you guys think?

    • Mr. EP9

      Someone is going to do that and it will make an appearance at SEMA.

    • Scherpereel Clement

      Nice job
      Could you try old light on new body ? I would do it but I feal lazy today and you did a great job above 🙂

    • Scherpereel Clement

      Ok I made a very quick sketch (aroud 10 minutes of work) to see how it could be. Not bad IMO but I would need to model that I 3D to really see what’s what (proportions, adjustment …)

    • Nordschleife

      That’s a kick ass render. Not my taste but that’s some talent there.

      • mrpentastic

        Aww thanks Nordschleife! Appreciate it! I’m fairly new to rendering cars, but it’s been fun learning how to do it.

        • Nordschleife

          No worries. Is this through Adobe Photoshop or do you use another program?

          • mrpentastic

            Yes it is Adobe Photoshop. Just used the brush tool to paint in the custom front end.

  • no25

    just like the Z4, it’s overstyled.

  • Nordschleife

    Even car sites should be tired of renders of this.

    • Belthronding

      i am f done with these teasers & renders of upcoming supra, damn toyota has been showing it us since fckng 20th century.

  • Scherpereel Clement

    I prefer the last gen, more subtle IMO. This thing is as sexy as a pig wearing a g-string

  • marcin

    The only problem with this car, is that it’s a 99% BMW. Which means high price and very high maintenance costs (compared to Toyota).
    Toyota Supra’s chief engineer, Masayuki Kai:
    “We agreed on the packaging, like where is the hip-point of the driver,
    what’s the wheelbase, the width, where’s the fuel tank, where’s the
    A-pillar, this was around the middle of 2014… After that we completely
    separated our team. After that, no communication with each other.”

    BMW made the whole car 🙁

  • Craig

    It’s nice. But it’s not. Which is my initial reaction to almost every new Toyota and Lexus I see. There’s too much going on.

  • I like the rear, the front not so much.

  • kenny the pig

    Rear end looks like my ex-wife’s face when I told her my mom was coming to visit.

  • Banesto Highland

    Very pretty…it definitely recalls styling cues from the ’80’s.

  • GobbleUp

    Terribly overstyled.
    Will be cancelled within 5 years amidst an economic downturn. Set Toyota back yet again to “focus on the Camry”.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Front and side are fine. The rear is too “complicated” and those rear lights aren’t any nice. Nor is the rear scoop.

    • Ronald Reed

      It makes the car seem smaller to headwind routing air through the car which also acts as air foils.
      Function over form for me any day.

  • Tuan Cao
  • Tuan Cao
  • Tuan Cao
  • Ronald Reed

    Stole some features from the Ford GT
    Not the Mustang GT but what was formally known as a GT40 ( being only 40″ high to roof).
    The way they route air is very similar to the Ford GT.
    If you ever get a chance to drive a first, second or 3rd edition DO IT.
    It’ll make a Chevy fan throw rocks at vettes

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