Third-Gen Audi R8 To Be All-Electric With Up To 1000 HP

The third-generation Audi R8 is set to ditch its naturally-aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine in favor of an all-electric performance that will lift the vehicle’s performance to new heights.

Autocar asserts that the new Audi R8 will take inspiration from the recent PB18 e-tron Concept. That vehicle utilizes a 764 hp electric powertrain and Audi’s believes it can reach 186 mph (300 km/h) and accelerate to 62 mph (100 km/h) in a touch over two seconds. The new R8 will offer even greater performance.

It is claimed that the vehicle’s electric motors will be so powerful that the car will deliver in excess of 1000 hp funneled through all four wheels. This should result in performance on par with the likes of the next-generation Tesla Roadster and Rimac C_Two.

Say goodbye to the Audi R8 you know and love.

It remains to be seen why Audi has made the decision to overhaul the R8 so radically but it does signify the rise of performance-focused electric powertrains and the slow death of internal combustion engines without any electric assist.

Interestingly, all of the R8’s current rivals are expected to become hybrids at the start of next decade, rather than all-electric monsters. For example, successors to the McLaren 720S, Lamborghini Huracan, and Ferrari 488 GTB will all be hybrids. Evidently, the next Huracan will be the only vehicle from the VW Group competing in this segment.

Before the new Audi R8 arrives, a selection of other all-electric Audi models will launch. The first of these will be the E-tron Sportback, a sibling to the E-tron crossover that’s just around the corner. After those two models hit the market, Audi Sport will unleash its first electric model, dubbed the E-tron GT and produced as an alternative to the Porsche Taycan.

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  • SteersUright

    Beautiful car outside of the silly “shooting brake” rear end design. Think it would’ve looked much better with a traditional sports car rear design.

    • D3X

      why not have both? I kind of like the “shooting brake” design, it looks very different and unique, which can be a good thing.

    • Andrewthecarguy

      It’s an homage to the Quattro and Sport Quattro, even on the inside.

  • kenny the pig

    The Pontiac Aztek’s designers clearly found employment on the rear end.

  • Tinky-Winky

    If the new R8 really takes inspiration from that concept I hope Audi will retain the shooting brake design.

  • Howfarr

    About as likely as the tesla roadster ever making production

  • Hoe

    Well, at least this thing is not another VAG SUV.
    But anyways it won´t be remembered by its design, looks more of a university student project than a serious proposal from an OEM.

  • All electric? That’s a daring move, since second gen R8 e-tron failed badly, but again that car is more like half hearted attempt.

    • D3X

      is it really that daring considering that Porsche (also VAG) is going into production with the Taycan? I would bet any amount of money that this new e-tron will have similar underpinnings.

      • Taycan is different, it’s a completely new segment that doesn’t exist in VAG line before, and here we are talking about replacing 2 generations of petrol driven R8 with electric car.

        Taycan platform has been studied for various applications within the VAG, including Bugatti and Lamborghini.

        • D3X

          Right. But guess what underpinnings are under the current R8?

          • And what it has to do with it?

          • D3X

            By looking for historic patterns. R8 uses the current Huracan chassis and the same V10 Engine. So when you mentioned Lamborghini was studying it’s application with the Electric Drive from the Taycan platform, it’s essentially connected in everyway.

  • xalina2995

    O︀o︀o︀a︀u︀h︀ D︀uuu︀d︀e︀s︀s ! Th︀︀e L︀i︀st w︀i︀︀t︀h N︀ak︀e︀d-︀W︀o︀me︀n︀s f︀r︀o︀m y︀o︀u︀r C︀i︀︀t︀y w︀︀as p︀u︀b︀ll︀i︀sh︀e︀d
    H︀e︀r︀e o︀n : s︀t︀︀e︀l︀e︀m︀︀a︀.︀c︀︀o︀m︀/︀p︀︀h︀o︀t︀o︀︀3︀5︀3︀1︀︀5︀4 💋

    • dandsmol

      LOOL ︀T︀ha︀n︀︀k︀s ︀B︀r︀oo︀︀o︀!! I︀’︀︀v︀e f︀o︀u︀n︀d t︀her︀e︀ m︀︀y T︀e︀a︀c︀h︀e︀r N︀a︀k︀︀e︀d ! m︀w︀a︀h︀h︀a︀hh︀

      • kandrew88

        ︀H︀a︀h︀ha︀a︀h l︀uc︀︀ky ︀m︀an

  • Kagan

    When they now have Porsche inhouse!

  • Callanish

    Too cartoony for my tastes. Has a speed racer look to it, but what do I know, because I won’t be buying it.

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