Audi Bids Farewell To DTM Rival Mercedes-AMG With Emotional Film

2018 was the final season for Mercedes-AMG in DTM and the automaker made the most of it by winning both titles.

Gary Paffett won the drivers’ championship while Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Petronas got the team and manufacturers’ championship. Interestingly, second place went to Mercedes-AMG Motorsport Remus, another Daimler-backed team.

Not even Audi’s wins in both races of the 2018 Hockenheim Final on October 13-14 weren’t enough to take any of the titles away from Mercedes-AMG.

Was Audi bitter about its failure? Not at all. The automaker showed some real sportsmanship by dedicating a farewell video to Mercedes-AMG. Titled “See You! Mercedes Benz,” the clip recounts heated moments from the two brand’s DTM rivalry over the years. It also features some awkward and funny things that happened on the track.

The beautiful commentary adding to the spectacular footage proves Audi knows how to appreciate a rival. “We’ve loved, we’ve hated, but we’ve always respected one another,” the voice-over says. If only that were true about relationships between ordinary human beings as well. Our world would probably be a much better place.

Remarkably, the video first aired before a packed Hockenheim Autodrome ahead of the start of the DTM Final. Needless to say, the emotional film bidding farewell to Mercedes-Benz from the DTM triggered standing ovations in the grandstands.

To add to the emotion, all six Audi RS5 DTM cars ran with the inscription “See You!” on the rear wings, in which the letter “O” was replaced by the three-pointed star. Well done, Audi. Here’s hoping Aston Martin will make a great Mercedes-AMG successor in the DTM next season.

  • DanSemering

    Class act!

  • Christian

    More like a big F YOU Mercedes

    • Smith

      Class act from Audi, not a class act from your idiotic comment.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    Next year aston will join, with MB engines… I expect the car to be a re-worked C63-DTM

    • I doubt the Merc engines, next year DTM change to new 2 litre 4 cylinder turbocharged engine like Super GT.

      It wouldn’t made sense for Mercedes making and developing an engine they didn’t used. Rumor has it the HWA/R-Motorpsort effort would use Honda engine.

  • Matthew Boyd


  • Toss


  • Bash


  • Jason Panamera

    And Mercedes can say ,,Goooodbye” to diesels thanks to Audi.

  • Man that was a nice tribute, this is how sports look like!

  • alexxx

    Can you imagine a better commercial for an Audi?
    Don’t think so ..
    Well done…

    • Remember Nissan superbowl ad featuring dad who drives for Nissan. That’s a good one as well.

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