Audi R8 Torn In Half After Colliding With VW Van

An Audi R8 was violently cut in half on a wet road between Kastelbell and Latsch, just shy of the Austrian border in northern Italy, following a massive crash with a VW van this past Saturday morning.

According to Suedtirol News, the driver of the Audi miraculously walked away almost unharmed, with all his injuries being described as minor by the Latsch volunteer fire brigade. Meanwhile, the other driver was also just slightly injured, and both were taken to a local hospital.

It took authorities roughly two hours to reopen the road to traffic, mostly because there were a lot of spilled liquids to deal with (for which a street sweeper had to be called in), but also heavy rainfall.

While the van is only slightly visible in these images, we can tell that its front end took some damage and that its left-front tire is askew. As for the second-gen Audi R8, its bottom-half basically broke up from the rest of the body, taking the supercar’s V10 engine and rear axle along for the ride.

Thankfully, the cockpit wasn’t impacted directly by the looks of things, which is what ultimately made this accident survivable. Well, that and the fact that the airbags did their job, as did the R8’s solid structure, which in the second-gen model features more carbon fiber and less large aluminum parts.

Bottom line, its driver should consider himself extremely luckly, especially since we suspect he must have first lost control of his car before it made contact with the VW.

H/T to Wolfgang

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Photos: Latsch Volunteer Fire Brigade

  • TheBelltower

    Bummer about the R8, but this guy is the luckiest man on earth. He should go and play the lottery!

    • DMJ

      And try to find his other half.

      • ksegg

        Whom I hope offers to split the bill.

        • Wandering_Spirit

          Some encounters along the road of life can be so divisive

          • ksegg

            True, but sometimes separations are necessary.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            I agree. Sometimes one really has to part ways, for the sake of sanity.

  • FlameWater

    Audi R8 for sale half price

    • kachuks

      “half off”

      • Perry F. Bruns

        “Thanos, NO! Bad Thanos!”

    • Bo Hanan

      Hopefully the engineers are paying attention.

  • ksegg
    • Jay

      Except, no engine on this half…


    Trash r8

  • Paul

    Thank God there were no other passengers in the R8 especially in the back seat.

    • Matthew Boyd

      back seat 🤨🤔?

      • ksegg

        Yeah, the the R8 has pretty awesome child booster attachments in the rear seats.

        • Matthew Boyd

          Ahhh, you didn’t sense the sarcasm in my message? There are no back seats in an Audi R8, neither the first nor second generation. I’ve put 40 miles on an 2010 R8, and 7 miles on a 2017. Those child tethering points are for the front seat, and I’ve actually had to set them up for a client before. Have you seen what it looks like behind the seat of an R8?

          There’s a wall and then beyond that wall is the engine. There’s a little hump in the wall that levels out at the height where your armrest would be, and a little small storage compartment. There’s no space for a child, let alone a booster seat.

          WTF is going on here!? You’ve never heard the ongoing joke about R8 owners putting their kids in the front trunk?

    • ksegg


  • Liam Paul

    hum and here I was upset about a cracked screen on my 2 month old phone, guess it could be worse as it was for this poor guy

  • badcyclist

    That is going to need a respray.

  • Jay

    I’d actually like to see the damage done to the van as well.

  • Galvanics

    R8 clearly got tail happy and rotated across the centerline. Luckily it hit the van behind the B pillar. Great work designing that van for crash worthiness.

  • Philip George

    Tails, you lose!

  • izzey04

    anybody need a half cut?

  • Matthew Boyd

    You sent me an article from Car and Driver of a Mazda RX-8. We’re talking about an Audi R8, a 2017 at that. Let me find out I’m talking on a automotive website to people who know nothing about cars. Are fooking kidding me?

  • swampwiz

    Anyone in the back seat would have been toast.

    • LeStori

      It is a 2 seater only.

  • Matt

    It’s not two cars joined together – it’s designed to break like that. Every modern mid-engined supercar behaves in the same way in a big crash.

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