2019 Mercedes GLB Interior Is Just What We Were Expecting

Only recently has Mercedes begun testing body cladding-free GLB prototypes, giving us a better look at this upcoming crossover’s exterior styling. The only thing missing was the interior, most of which is now visible in this latest batch of spy images.

Of course, we can’t even talk about the interior without mentioning the GLB’s overall form factor first. The reason for that being that the crossover’s boxy exterior should also influence interior practicality.

Maximizing space

While we have yet to see the GLB without any camouflage on, or at least, from anything resembling a clear angle – our view of that undisguised crash test prototype was partially blocked by other cars – we can obviously tell that Mercedes is looking to maximize practicality in a segment that is often about setting trends and looking sporty.

Initially, it seemed as though the GLB looked a bit like a smaller GLS, but now after seeing the shape of its rear end, we’re not so sure anymore. Its design might be a mix of several other Mercedes models, or perhaps something entirely original.

Either way, the GLB might just end up putting the ‘U’ in SUV, as its styling doesn’t appear to be in any way aggressive or overly modern, something rivals from Audi and BMW need not worry about.

Segment-appropriate bells and whistles

We definitely shouldn’t expect Mercedes to fit the GLB with as much tech as they have their latest CLS for example. However, the former’s cabin still boasts a dual-screen setup like the A-Class, combining a digital instrument cluster with the automaker’s critically acclaimed MBUX infotainment system, which is sharp, snappy and very easy to use, especially with that track pad there.

Meanwhile, design elements include the three circular air vents in the middle of the dashboard, towering over the climate control system – pretty much the same setup as in the previously-mentioned A-Class, with which the GLB will share its architecture.

As for what powertrains could be available for the GLB, we should again look towards the A-Class and its wide range of petrol and diesel options – although the latter will most definitely not make it to the US, unlike any potential electrified version. Also, rumor has it that at least two AMG-powered models could arrive in the form of the GLB 35 and GLB 45.

Mercedes should unveil the GLB towards the end of this year, with sales commencing early 2019.

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Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

  • no25

    finally a title from CS that’s actually true.

  • ksegg

    Am I the only one that hates “big slab of instrument cluster” in all new MB/AMG’s (and the general digitization of instrument clusters).

    Just like mobile phones, this is simply NOT going to age well in 5-10 years, and going to be ridiculous in 10-15 years.

    Analog gauges are timeless when done right, and just beautiful to look at.

    • StrangerGP

      Very true. Infotainment systems from only 7-8 years ago have aged horribly. MB is only doing it because people want the cool looking toys. :/

    • Marty

      Agree 100 %.
      Touch interfaces are here to stay, even in cars, but not implemented like this.
      The interior designers and ergonomists must stand up and fight when the best choice is a physical interface.

      And the idea to put the instruments on the same surface as the interaction is just silly.

      • ksegg

        Worse yet, as a former MB owner, I am pretty confident soon after the warranty expires, you’re going to have a lot of people doing 70MPH when all of a sudden:


        With all readouts blacked out.

        Enjoy the future folks. It’s looking bleak.

        • Christian Wimmer

          My neighbor, to whom I am close to, has an S63 AMG Coupe which must be from 2013 since she purchased it as soon as the new S-Class came out. The last time I rode with her she had almost 200,000 km on the clock. The digital screen works flawlessly.

          How often does your computer screen/graphics card fail? Exactly. This stuff is actually pretty reliable.

    • Enter Ranting

      Totally agree. There’s nothing high tech about screens. They’re everywhere now. I look at screens about 75% of the day. If I’m spending Mercedes money, I want beautifully-crafted physical gauges. Car companies use screens because it’s cheaper and easier than providing analog gauges. They try to appeal to the customer by using flashy video game graphics. I think it looks like a tacky design copout.

      • Christian Wimmer

        The high-tech aspect of these new Mercedes’ interiors are not the screens but the technology, mainly MBUX.

      • Christian Wimmer

        BTW, you can change the appearance of the tachometers depending which theme you select. Classic, Sporty, ECO etc. And from what I’ve heard, MBUX will continually receive software upgrades and new themes allowing you to select and potentially even create your own kind of tachometer styling.

  • Craig

    Not a big fan of the new MB dashboards. They look like I made them! lol

    • Bash

      lol, let’s hope they don’t put that kind of dashboards in an imperial if by any mean or how an imperial is to come in the future, or any other parallel world future.

      • Craig

        No self-respecting Imperial would be caught dead with that monstrous looking thing. As for an Imperial in some ‘other parallel world’ …. hmm. Now there’s a thought. The Imperial is – after all – out of this world!


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