Diesel Sales Lose More Ground In Europe As Market Share Falls To 36.5 Percent

Diesel sales in Europe continued their downward spiral in the first half of the year, declining by 16 percent across the region to 3.12 million units.

This accounts for 36.5 percent of the total market, down from 42.5 percent in the first half of 2017, according to Reuters which cites the International Energy Agency.

“The disaffection towards diesel engine cars is spreading all over Europe,” the International Energy Agency said.

The sales decline is even steeper in countries like the United Kingdom, where the diesel share of the market fell by 30 percent.

In Germany, traditionally one of the world’s biggest diesel car producers, diesel sales accounted for the 31.1 percent of the total market share, down from 41.3 percent for the same period last year.

Europe has been the world’s biggest market for diesel vehicles for over three decades but buyer concerns over pollution combined with governments seeking to reduce sales of cars with combustion engines and the VW emissions scandal contributed to the diesel sales’ sharp decline.

Major European cities like Berlin, London and Paris have also announced independent diesel bans in a bid to fight pollution. In addition, more and more manufacturers withdraw diesel-powered models from their lineups or stop the development of new engines.


  • Fabio P

    finalmente la meritata fine dei cancerogeni diesel che hanno inzozzato l’aria causando asma e tumori…..
    i diesel sono fatti per fare lunghi viaggi autostradali e non per risparmiare al benzinaio, come pensano certi imbeci**i…

  • Six_Tymes

    EU folks are SLOW to learn obviously, sorry to insult, BUT the proof is in front of you. It takes you 2 decades to just now a solid move away from diesel… and spare me all the excuses such as price per liter bs. You push the global warming, now called climate change yet the majority chose to continue to POLLUTE? = SLOW TO LEARN

  • Christian Wimmer

    So wait… European buyers are moving away from diesel-powered cars because of “pollution concerns”, but at the same time they are buying more and more gas-guzzling and fuel-inefficient SUVs.

    Makes sense.

  • Daniela Wolf

    Europeans gathering the Amercian way of life – stupid retards….

    • Nick099

      They are not buying diesels because the government is telling them not to buy them….in the form of bans and propaganda. This is social engineering, nothing more.

  • Christian Wimmer

    As I understand it, all modern direct injection gasoline engines have a particulate problem which can be rectified via a particle filter.

    The same more or less applies to diesels – SCR (with generous amounts) and DPF and the NOx issue is what – 97% solved?

  • LeStori

    Diesel was driven by Government incentives in Europe. Brought in to save-the-world. It lead to the growth of SUVs in Europe.

    Having driven a Jaguar 2.0 E-Pace Dynamic for a month in the UK, I found it large, restrictive on where I could actually drive because of its size and at 40 mpg for a diesel, rather fuel inefficient. Interior space was also substandard. The Boot/trunk was no larger than that of an Audi A3/Mercedes A200. I know because I drove a petrol Mercedes A200 for a couple of weeks imediately after the Jaguar. Of course the A200 had its problems as well. Crazy satnav and some of the most uncomfortable front seats I have sat in for decades. But that is another story unrelated to diesel.

    Deisel was a workhorse fuel, never meant to be used in commuter vehicles. the debacle is what happens when governments think they know best. But Lawyers and their ilk that typically become politicians have no clue what the real wolrd is like. Their ignorance knows no bounds.

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