The McLaren 720S And Senna Are More Evenly Matched Than You’d Expect

Since rocketing on to the world stage 18 months ago, the McLaren 720S has established itself as one of the fastest road-legal supercars on the market.

Despite how fast it is, though, it isn’t the British marque’s fastest vehicle. Instead, that title is held by the McLaren Senna. So, just how much faster than the already insane 720S is the Senna? Autocar decided to find out.

In a series of videos, the publication will pit the duo together for a host of tests to determine just how significant the performance difference is. This first shows the duo going head to head in a 0-100-0 mph (0-160-0 km/h) race for the ultimate test of acceleration and braking.

During these tests, the 720S was able to launch to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 2.98 seconds and 100 mph (160 km/h) in 5.53 seconds. It was then able to screech to a halt just over 4 seconds later to finish with a time of 9.67 seconds.

As for the Senna, it actually took a little longer to reach 60 mph, hitting the mark in 3.14 seconds despite its additional power and lower weight. However, it did manage to reach 100 mph a little faster, in just 5.40 seconds. Thanks to its huge brakes, it also came to a stop a little quicker, completing the challenge in 9.17 seconds.

In the real world, it’s debatable if this half-a-second difference would even be noticeable. And one question that we’re left thinking about is how exactly McLaren is going to make an LT version of the 720 that doesn’t outperform the Senna.


  • Matthew Boyd

    Not on the track. The Senna is in a different league. The track times show on the selected course in the review with the Senna being over two seconds quicker. Multiple levels seperate them.

    • Mike anonymous

      I mean… considering that the Senna is just a modified version of the 720s, I’m not all that surprised.

  • Christian

    It was so superbad and boring to watch that I dicided to flag it…Kinda racissit too… So now you can’t watch it and get triggered by it.. You don’t have to thank me, brother and sisters. 🙂

    • donald seymour

      Chris, what?

      • Christian

        Mr. DONALD…. The video was such a white privilige that I couldn’t take….Reported it for hate speech… deal with it!

        • donald seymour

          Really? I know you Chris, you’re just pulling my leg right?

          • Christian

            ShhhH! They don’t…. I’m hungry 🙂

          • Callanish

            Dic k!

          • Christian

            What If I told you this… Autocar, who uploaded the video took it down… Then uploaded a new one called: “McLaren Senna vs 720S | Part 2: Laptimes | Autocar”

            Instead you gave me food 😛 I’ve done sh!t YOu can guess the rest… #MAGA

          • Callanish

            I know. I fell right into a trap. I have actually encountered people like that, but usually don’t engage. I’m blaming my gulibility on getting in really late last night and being grouchy. Still, got to hand it to you for staying in character. Will be watching from the sidelines if I see your name attached to another conversation like this staying in character with another victim. Will have popcorn on the ready for the entertainment.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    Americans… talking about the only thing that doesn’t really matter in a road car: how fast is in a straight line

  • Christian

    HE STARTED OUT SAYIN” “hey Guys,…” Like, only boys watch the video…. I reported it to youtube and Social Justice Video Twitter… WE GOT IT TAKEN DOWN! END…

    • Callanish

      You can’t spell worth a damn but you decided to flag it because it was super boring and bad, calling it racist and white privilege and all you’ve got to back that up is you were offended that they used the universal term guys because you think that means they excluded women so it had to be taken down. That’s your line in the sand is it. You think being judge jury and executioner here gives you some sort of moral high ground, even though it makes you look self serving and petty. You better have more than just a misinterpreted guys remark to justify your racist / white privilege position on a video that the rest of us are never going to get to see.

      • Christian

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        • Callanish

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          • Christian

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          • Callanish

            You chose to decide what was best for everyone else by flagging a car video, because you called it racist, which you spelled wrong, had white privilege, which you spelled wrong without providing one example of racism or white privilege. My reply was perfectly just and I think you are an irrational human being. I’m done with replying to you.

          • Christian

            I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like tho! We’re the same team who somewhat got Alex Jones away from the earth…!

  • Haywood Jablowme

    Did you two pillow-biters get a room? I just finished into my palm.

    • Christian

      yup we did.

  • donald seymour

    Ha… Really? Okay. Cool.

  • Jonathan Hampton

    The Senna is an incredibly awesome track car. The 720s is an incredibly fast super car, potentially fast(not quite as the Senna) and great fun track car and if the reviews can be trusted it also does a pretty decent s-class impression. Mclaren knows bandwidth and suspension tuning obviously. Although the Senna’s performance at this track was impressive it’s worth noting that the faster the track the bigger the difference in time would be. If top speed was 140mph that’s pretty tame, most tracks would be significantly higher speed. It feels almost cliché to mention the Nordscleiffe but it has numerous sections much faster(provided the speed limits aren’t being used) and I’d be very interested to see how it stacks up against the current leaders. I can’t see how it wouldn’t destroy the Huracan Performante and even the GT2 RS. Somehow I don’t trust the Aventador SVJ, my gut tells me they are somehow bringing ringers with increased downforce, less weight and a subtly different tuned powertrain because in some of the magazines and car sites track days while the Performante is a great, fast car it’s not as fast as its 6:52 would have you believe. Haven’t seen the SVJ anywhere but the Nordschleife and the fact that they didn’t start on smaller tracks but were that confident that they’d either set a new record or damn close(and it’s also amazing to me that when the big name and therefore big money companies need to set a time for publicity the speed limits are never in place but when Koenigsegg was ready to run the 1:1 they were SOL I’ll be dammed if that wouldn’t have embarrassed the leader at that time, not to mention the P1) The Nordschleife time has become so important to consumers that car companies know that it insures them success, huge credibility and the ultimate in free mass advertising, Publicity. So when that happens another word that starts with a P now becomes of paramount importance, Politics. Which leads to a word that starts with a C. And once corruption takes over, little does the public know but the all important Nordschleife time is meaningless because whoever is willing to play the game the best and throw the most money at officials is the new fastest lap holder. Even if that is the case I still think the Senna is gonna challenge the SVJ’s 6:44.97. It has so much more downforce than any other car that combined with the best brakes on any non race car and its competitive power it should easily take the title. Look at the Viper ACR 7 minutes it’s got lots of downforce but even then the Senna is in a different league aerodynamically, it’s way faster, way lighter, and has better brakes. I do think most Mclarens are pretty good looking and I think they are building the most complete and engaging not to mention some of the fastest supercars today. I still think Ferrari’s are the best looking but there also the most arrogant I can’t wait to see what the 600LT and the 760 Lt are like. They have a point about how will they fit the 760 LT above the 720 but below the Senna

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