McLaren P1 LM Goes For A Gentle Cruise Up Pikes Peak

The McLaren P1 LM’s lap of the Nurburgring in May 2017 proved that it is much more than a showpiece.

In Lanzante’s boldest outing since taking the car to Germany’s most feared racetrack, one of the six P1 LMs built was sent to Pikes Peak to make its way up the famous hillclimb. The run took place in September and can be viewed in the video below.

For whatever reason, Lanzante decided against taking to the precarious hillclimb in anger and simply cruised up the mountain. It took the car a touch under 13-minutes to cross the finished line.

The run was made during a recent McLaren roadtrip held in the U.S. for owners of the F1.

The McLaren P1 LM is based around the track-only GTR which McLaren built for itself. Lanzante got the blessing of the British automaker to build six P1 LM models as a successor to the iconic McLaren F1 LM.

Compared to the GTR, the LM is adorned with a number of new aerodynamic parts that increase downforce, including a slightly larger rear wing. Additionally, Lanzante tweaked the twin-turbo, 986 hp V8 engine, developed a bespoke exhaust system, and optimized the intercooler. The P1 LM also weighs 132 lbs (60 kg) less than the GTR and is a little bit faster as a result.


  • Amazing video, I love the P1 LM than the other P1.

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