Morgan Ditches Electric 3 Wheeler Plans Due To Powertrain Supplier Issues

Morgan has axed its plans to sell an all-electric version of the unique 3 Wheeler.

The British company first unveiled the EV3 at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and promised that it would hit the market in 2018 and be limited to just 19 units before mass-production commenced. In a surprising turn of events, Morgan revealed to Autocar that the car has been axed.

In a statement, managing director Steve Morris said the EV3 has been killed because “our current EV powertrain supplier is no longer able to fulfill the project within the terms of the contract”.

That supplier was meant to be Frazer-Nash Energy Systems, a company based in the UK. The firm confirmed that the deal had failed, but did not provide any details.

Despite axing the electric 3 Wheeler, Morgan says it remains committed to electric technologies and will continue to develop them.

“We had expected Frazer-Nash to deliver a turn-key powertrain for the EV3, but have since realized we need more EV know-how inside our Malvern headquarters. We are in the process of bolstering our EV team by bringing additional specialist resource in-house,” the marque said.

When first revealed, the EV3 ditched the 3 Wheeler’s 80 hp V-twin engine in favor of a 56 hp electric motor with liquid-cooling and mated to a 21 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Morgan also developed a new lightweight carbon fiber body for the electric 3 Wheeler which meant it was actually lighter than the ICE-powered model, tipping the scales at less than 500 kg (1100 lbs).

The car could apparently reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than 9 seconds and hit a top speed exceeding 90 mph (144 km/h).

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  • Howfarr

    Good, awful looking thing

    • Mark Hawthorne

      I entirely disagree. I think that this has real potential to be a hoot on a Sunday morning country drive and it’s a weird steampunk/Morgan mashup that I find very appealing.

      • BGM

        Beautiful and useless. A work of art in essence.

        • Mark Hawthorne

          To a degree but not “useless”. I have an Elise and most drives are less than 120 miles for fun in the sun. This would tick that box admirably as long as it drives well / is fun.

        • Like Mark said, it’s not entirely useless, it’s like sportscar that you only used in the weekend.

  • StrangerGP

    For me the whole point of the 3 Wheeler was that it was loud, raw and had a cool looking engine in the front.

    • Agree, I’m not sure the silence of this car would work at all in this context.

      • Six_Tymes

        things change, people thought the similar things when going from a horse and buggy to cars. Albeit the opposite, some didn’t like the sound of the combustion engine altogether.


      • Six_Tymes

        are you going to say the same for electric motor cycles? i’m sure you’ll reply with something such as, you don’t like or ride motorcycles… lol

    • Mark Hawthorne

      I really wanted to love the 3-wheeler and test drove it twice. I loved the crudeness, the wayward handling and the exposure to the elements. I personally found the noise far too obtrusive to enjoy for long. 30 minutes in the car was enough. Drive one if you have the chance – like a loud hifi, it impresses on first acquaintance but in the real world you often don’t want Metallica turned up to 11 and this is that kind of one-tick-pony.

  • Phil

    A twin-cylinder, three-wheeled roadster Morgan I can understand. An electric one not. But I do think that a triangle platform may form the basis of a Next-Gen transportation mode that can do a lot what people are looking for: an affordable EV and autonomous. Lose the Morgan’s wide-stance and make it a narrow-track one like in the picture, and it will need to bank during cornering, to handle lateral forces. So, it could be a fun vehicle as well.

  • I try to understand him, so they were axing the 3Wheeler EV because the supposed supplier backed out, but he also saying that they are moving EV development in house, I called the last statement BS honestly.

    Ever since Charles Morgan leave the company, Morgan is really a mess, no new model whatsoever.

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