University Students Create 600 HP Hybrid Honda Civic RallyCross Car

A group of 19 students from Clemson University in South Carolina have built a potent Honda Civic that could give current Rallycross cars a run for their money.

Work on the project started two years ago with an ordinary Civic sedan and two main goals in mind: to build a vehicle offering exceptional performance while also reducing the emissions produced by the Japanese sedan. The finished vehicle is dubbed Deep Orange 9 and Honda was kind enough to provide sponsorship to help bring it to life.

To achieve their goals, the students opted for a mid-mounted 2.0-liter supercharged four-cylinder engine sending power to the rear wheels. This engine delivers 400 hp and is joined by a 200 hp electric motor that drives the front wheels. This hybrid powertrains allows the Civic to reach 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 2 seconds and also incorporates advanced regenerative braking to help keep the battery topped up.

The implementation of a hybrid powertrain also means fuel consumption was reduced by 30 per cent. Making the car all the more capable is semi-active suspension that can easily adapt to changing surfaces, and a bespoke all-wheel drive system.

Visually, the Civic has also been made to look much more race-oriented than a regular Civic. Consequently, there’s distinctive bodykit with flared front and rear wheel arches, black brake calipers, a prominent front splitter, and a huge fixed rear wing.

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    So the 2.0 gas engine is in the back seat ? Wild

  • Dang, that’s actually meant a lot of welding, re-engineering and being kids probably time at CAD software. I had to give thumbs up, I wasn’t expecting this much effort.

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