Would You Be Pleased If The Ferrari Purosangue SUV Looked Like This?

As disappointing as it may be for most car enthusiasts to hear, Ferrari has confirmed that it will launch an SUV early in the next decade.

The model will be dubbed the Purosangue and, in all probability, be a hybrid. We also know that it will be fast. After all, it’s a Ferrari. But will it look good?

The automaker will be under serious pressure to ensure its SUV is sexy and fitting of a Ferrari badge. It’s unclear what styling direction the company will take, but Instagrammer ildar_project has come up with their own idea of how it might look.

This single rendering depicts the Ferrari Purosangue from the rear. Obvious styling elements borrowed from the rest of the Ferrari range include the circular taillights and a license plate cutout similar in shape to the air vent found in the center of the 488’s rear fascia.

Alongside these eye-catching elements, the Italian SUV rendering includes a roof-spoiler, shark fin, and a triangular fuel filler cap. Other key parts include a color-matched rear diffuser, quad tailpipes, and aggressive lines running diagonally across the doors.

We’re not exactly thrilled about Ferrari venturing into the world of SUVs, but everyone (bar McLaren, for now) have gotten into it because they simply can’t ignore such a lucrative market niche. Arch rival Lamborghini has managed to make its own entry, the Urus, look as close to a Lambo as an SUV could. Here’s hopping that the folks at Maranello manage to pull the same trick.

  • OdysseyTag

    Nope, looks like a Stelvio with aftermarket parts.

  • Bananarama


  • kachuks

    What if they end up building a Lusso on stilts?

  • Finkployd

    More like Puroburro in this color

  • Nordschleife

    It’s not that bad considering it’s existence is imminent.

  • MultiKdizzle

    This looks good – probably better than the final product.

    • Matt

      You can’t actually be sure of that because you haven’t seen the final product. An amateur photoshop render will be better than Ferrari’s own designers though?

    • pcurve

      agreed, looks good. But not $200k good.

      Ferrari and Lambo will need to come up with truly unique SUV design language to charge premium.

      Hey, why not give it a go at building mid-engine layout? Or front mid-ship, like Previa?

      • Matt

        Because front mid-ship is a terrible design, and mid-engine means no practicality.

        • DR.FUNK

          Or maybe it’s Ferrari’s chance to go full electric?
          Yeah,I know…SACRILEGE. But going full electric would liberate the designers to make another truly beautiful Ferrari…that has room for (gasp) practicality.

  • KenjiK


    Sounds like a disease.

    • danno

      Translated “Pureblood”

  • caleb


  • homemark
  • pcurve

    Just when I thought “Urus” was a ridiculous name, Ferrari manages to one up Lambo with Ppooo-roh-ssang-gweh, which barely even sounds Italian.

    • Jorge Teixeira

      It is italian, and it means Purebred

  • Bo Hanan

    Trying to make an SUV look like a Ferrari is a bad idea.

  • Dr Bjorn K. Von Strangefingger

    Next gen Pontiac Aztek?

  • Craig

    I hope FCA isn’t going to let the GC Trackhawk rot on the vine. They need to up their game to stay in the game.

  • Dude

    Just make another hatchback. The GTC4 is awesome.

  • Bash

    Yes I would, Enzo Ferrari won’t at the beginning, but hey, the whole world is driven by making profit and cash. I’m sure even him will be pleased if he could imagine his possible bank statement.

  • TheHake

    It will probably look like something between a Stelvio and a Levante. I don’t think they’ll have the guts to push out something otherworldly as the Urus.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    They said won’t be 5-door, we get a 5-door render. I said enough…

  • Ary Wisesa

    Hey, dont steal the “Pur sang” name from Bugatti Veyron. LOL…

  • Javier Bl



    Stelvio Quadrifoglio and Grand Cherokee Trackhawk are not enough?

  • Pelopidas Georgiadis

    If I’m questioned whether I like the proposed back / rear of the Purosangue, my answer is “No”.
    Too many lines, too many design elements, that do not call, or fit for a Ferrari,cavallino rampante present or not.

    But if I’m questioned whether I like a design I’m not shown, then my answer is “Please rephrase your question and be more specific”.

  • OD. LP

    Looks as though the car is frowning… Not sure if it’s because its mocking the cars it flew past on the road or if it’s because it shouldn’t have ever been built in the first place, looking like this.

  • Philip George

    Go back and try again

  • BGM

    Ferrari could take a 1980s Lada Niva, paint it red, slap a Cavallino Rampante on the hood and many would buy it.

  • Bob White

    Enzo Ferrari is convulsing in his grave…

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