In-Depth 2019 Mercedes GLE Review Crowns It The “Comfort King”

Just like the latest CLS or even the A-Class, the all-new GLE adheres to Mercedes‘ new “sensual purity” design philosophy, which does without any strong lines or creases, thus creating a somewhat cleaner aesthetic.

The interior is completely different as well, featuring leather-wrapped grab handles, the automaker’s latest-gen MBUX infotainment system, two gorgeous high-resolution displays and a boat-load of onboard technology.

Now, while all that sounds great on paper, there’s still a little matter of how it all comes together, which is something this review by Autogefuhl focuses on in great detail.

Once you’re sat behind the wheel of the new GLE, you will undoubtedly notice that Mercedes have really taken a step forward in overall cabin quality compared to the older model. You’re also able to rely on a lot more active safety and convenience features than before, like the Personal Assistant, which is a lot easier to communicate with via voice commands, as opposed to other similar systems.

As for how it drives, this particular GLE was the 450 version, powered by a 3.0-liter six-cylinder petrol unit producing 367 PS (362 HP) and 500 Nm (368 lb-ft) of torque. While it’s not the quickest SUV in the world, it still only takes 5.7 seconds for it to hit 100 km/h (62 mph) from a standstill, which is more than sufficient for such a heavy vehicle.

There are also one or two drawbacks to the new GLE, such as the fact that a very well-specified model can be extremely expensive to purchase. However, according to this reviewer, the new GLE is an excellent all-round premium SUV even without all its fancy optional extras.



    • Six_Tymes


      • YES I DO.

      • Belthronding


  • SteersUright

    Its looks nice, but it also somehow already looks a bit dated.

  • Thomas and his crew at Autogefuhl give the most detailed and in-depth car reviews out there. They are the best at it!

    • PK

      they deserve more youtube subscribers!!!!

    • bxniels0

      Unlike the UK ones that put a water bottle in the door and a bag or crisps in the glovebox and consider that a review.
      I quite like Alex on Autos, too.

    • driv3r

      They should work on some continuity in their reviews though and on some English skills. I can’t listen to these reviews.

  • redfrog


  • George

    Its looks nice, but it also somehow already looks a bit dated.

    • Mynameis Taylor

      no it doesnt

  • Christian Wimmer

    I’m not into SUVs at all but this looks very nice. A wonderful blend between simple elegance and rugged, muscular (almost bruiser-like) looks. I hated the last generation which was bland from day one.

    The interior is gorgeous.

  • MarketAndChurch

    I like the interior a lot. Much roomier and better looking than the BMW X5. But I can’t pick which has the better exterior. I’m leaning towards the GLE, but it’s still a tie for me.

  • Sybill Julian

    outdated design

    • Merc1

      Based on what?


      • Sybill Julian

        Front fascia no better than last generation

      • no25

        i love how offended this guy gets when someone doesn’t agree with his mercedes fangirl views

        • Merc1

          It’s really funny how an idiot (like you) shows up with nothing.


          • no25

            just like how you did…?

  • Fred

    Is a match for RR Sport? If it is an import to Thailand, it will be unaffordable with the local tax @324%,you actuly pay for 3 and a couter cars.Might be assembled here, but it will still be very expensive. As with all imported vehicles.Porche an Land Rover recently drop prices on some models, but it is no where near what the same vehicle cost in other countries.Until the outrageous Thai tax is not being addressed by carmakers themselfs, you will suffer sales.Come on gys, level the playing field.Shuff the 300% to 24 or 25 % and sell thousands more makes much more sense.Happy customer, happy supplier, happy taxman.What is wrong with that.

    • Matteo Tommasi

      Instead of bashing on mercedes, protest against the thai government for this tax

      • Fred

        Can’t, impossible, fall on death ears, Money greed.By the way I am not bashing Mercedes, what I say they have a lot of influence which us buyers don’t have

    • driv3r

      Mercedes has been operating a CKD assembly in Thailand for years now. Thats how they get around the import tax. Besides: Thailand isn’t exactly the biggest automobile market in the world.
      Before posting such claims do some research next time.

      • Fred

        I am quite aware of the CKD assembly, but the price is still out of line.If you live in Thailand like me, you will know what I am talking about.

      • Fred

        As far as pickups is the second biggest market in the world.But remember pickup owners thange up to Suvs, witch is well presented for, but a lot of us want something more upmarket at a decent price.

    • Ary Wisesa

      We share the same “problem”: exorbitant car tax. And in case of 3000 cc engines, there is additional “luxury tax” to it.

      • Fred

        Sorry to hear that, this over protection is totally unnecessary.I belive that this law dates back to the 80’s,needs a serious review.

    • miko

      That is a governmental issue! MB does not make money on tariffs.

  • Vottek Mäxle

    I’ve been asking myself for ages who is responsible for taillight design at Mercedes. I can’t remember the last time I liked the rear of a Mercedes right away. The GLE is no exception.

  • miko

    Interior just plain incredible. Exterior updated nicely from current version, but not groundbreaking. I don’t think they were trying for groundbreaking though. New tech is phenomenal.

    • donald seymour

      Agreed, but I would say this, that the body is more masculine then the previous generation. The Previous generation just looks like a minivan.

  • no25

    lol youre one to talk.

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