Skoda Reveals New Scala’s Interior In Latest Teasers

Skoda, in case you hadn’t noticed, has a completely new model in the works. It’s called the Scala, and it’s set to replace the current Rapid with a more conventional five-door hatchback form. And it’ll soon lift the veil off the finished product. But before it does, it’s been releasing a steady trickle of teasers – like it has with these latest two.

Rather than release photos of the forthcoming new Scala wearing the usual camouflage wrap, the Czech automaker recruited some unique talents to produce these images of the vehicle’s overall exterior shape.

Skoda hired a street artist, who goes only by the name Chemis, to spray-paint the new Scala in graffiti, patterned after the famous wall in front of which it was photographed by noted shutterbug Dave Krugman. The inspiration comes from the Lennon Wall in Prague, a landmark of the Czech capital that stood for freedom and courage over oppression in the Communist era.

That’s all well and fine, but more to the point, the images and video give us our clearest look yet at the soon-to-be-released Scala’s silhouette, with its modern Bohemian design on a C-segment hatchback that Skoda hopes will appeal to a wider audience than the unusual shapes of the Rapid notchback sedan and Rapid Spaceback wagon.

Along with the graffiti campaign, Skoda’s also released a handful of images showing the Scala’s cabin, completely undisguised. And as you can see for yourself, it looks rather clean and modern, with a wood-trimmed dashboard and a 9.2-inch infotainment display perched atop that the automaker says will be “the largest in this vehicle segment.”

Previewed by the Vision RS concept unveiled less than two months ago at the Paris Auto Show, the Scala is set to be unveiled on December 6 in Tel Aviv, of all places, where Skoda and its VW Group sister companies have been investing heavily in transportation-technology startups.

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  • designer_dick

    The shape doesn’t really look any more stylish than the Rapid Spaceback, and the proportions give away it’s stretched MQB-AO origins, with the car looking pretty narrow for its overall length. The interior looks like a big improvement, with a fairly stylish but conservative aesthetic.

  • salamOOn

    AC panel – why big menu and off buittons instead of functional zones and fan speed buttons?
    Media panel – only sensor buttons, no real volume knob

    however as a whole i like that interior, nice trim panel, nice details (other than two above)…. not bad.

  • XtremWize

    Somehow I see something of the 2020 Seat Leon in it.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      Weird, isn’t it?
      You’d almost think they were made by the same company!
      Still, it looks very much like its concept…

  • Adi

    This, Focus, i30 and Tipo have basically the same interior design. Interior designers what are you doing?

  • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes
  • alexxx

    The rear quarter again ugly…I guess on purpose…

  • Sébastien

    Really don’t like that tablet lack of integration, seems too much like latest Seat big SUV

  • TheHake

    Uninspiring on the outside but it looks DAMN good inside for the segment! Well done, Skoda!

  • Miknik

    DOes look to be built of better quality materials than even Audi’s own MQB A0 car, the A1, even if the large piece of fake wood is probably not that fashionable since the 1990ies (but likely other trims are available).

    That said, I don’t get the AC Unit’s lack of buttons for fan speed or direction, if there are already buttons(which is a plus), and why not use a proper volume button, when everyone seems to slam VAG’s new Sat Navs without one….

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