2018 LA Auto Show: A-to-Z Guide To All The Product Launches

Want to know what’s buzzing at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show? You’re at the right place.

Beginning on Monday, Nov. 26, through Thursday, Nov. 29, we’ll have a four-day press and trade event called AutoMobility LA. After that, the show opens to the public at the downtown LA Convention Center on Friday, November 30 to Sunday, December 9.

The Highlights

West Coast’s biggest show has locked in more than 60 debut vehicles this year, with about half of them making their world premiere and the rest, their first official appearance in North America.

SUVs, trucks and crossovers will, of course, be the dominant force on the show floors, with a slew of models like the gargantuan BMW X7, Lincoln’s production Aviator, Hyundai’s new three-row Palisade, Honda’s reborn Passport and, of course, Jeep’s Gladiator pickup.

That’s not to say passenger cars are left out in the cold, as aside from the highly-anticipated Mazda3, we’ll also see the new Toyota Corolla sedan, the BMW M340i, and the redesigned Nissan Maxima.

Sports cars are represented in LA too, with BMW bringing in their open-top 8-Series Convertible and Z4, Audi their facelifted R8, but the biggest star of them all is the next generation of Porsche’s iconic 911 series.

If you want to stay up to date with what’s going on in LA, follow our coverage of the news right here. For details on all the models, just scroll down and click on the cars you’re interested in, and keep checking back as we’ll be constantly updating the list.

Note: F/L = Facelift



  • Tuan Cao
    • SpongeBob99Swell

      Supra’s not debuting until the NAIAS next January, so… guess you’re a little too early for the party there.

      • Tuan Cao

        Oh I see, either way hope everyone enjoys the pics. 🙂

    • Thunderbolt

      I don’t think Toyota can sell many of these BMW replicas for $65,000 u.s. dollars.

      • Tuan Cao

        According to insider A70TTR its suppose to start around the $50k mark.

        • Jureck

          50k for the inline 6?

          • willhaven

            $50k and you have to build the car yourself.

          • Tuan Cao

            Yes sir

    • Tuan Cao
  • Tuan Cao
  • Tuan Cao
  • Jason Miller

    The facelift 2019 Elantra Sport should also be shown.


    2019 Nissan Murano? Sorry for any of you guys don’t like the Murano

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  • charlotteharry57

    There’s really not a whole lot left that we haven’t already seen.

  • Craig

    How sad. No all-new Chrysler.

    • Mr. EP9

      Should anyone be surprised?

      • Craig

        No. But still sad.

      • SpongeBob99Swell

        Especially since the Pacifica is the only vehicle left in their lineup. (the 300 is already confirmed to visit the Grim Reaper soon)

        I’m sure there may be another rumour for the Chrysler brand to face the chopping block due to this, with the Pacifica be re-badged as the Grand Caravan while that probably happens.

  • NoMan2015

    Why is the Blazer listed as NC? It was revealed months ago…why wouldn’t it be part of the rest of Chevy’s lineup at the show?

  • IFDU
  • Jason Miller

    It is, unfortunately.


    CS hates me for correcting them. That’s why my comments are always on pending and being removed. SMH

  • Carlos Gamarra

    If I see that, I’m gonna yell out “Disgrace!”

  • disqus_dXtRWRxM22
    • Mike anonymous

      The renderings art good but it’s inaccurate to the production model. The back roof tail will be blacked out, the tail-lights are not the ones on the concept, and the grille seems to be photoshopped on from the Mazda CX-5 (not the one shown on the concept even though they are ‘slightly’ similar in design at a first glance.

      Lastly those are not the mirrors that will be on the final product with the black plastic. The press teasers showed them being (what I could not tell if there were) gloss black, or more likely metal.

      There are a number of things I could point out. But, otherwise it’s a good & pretty accurate rendering , but expect the version we see to look significantly better (/up-scale).

  • Mike anonymous

    It’s a real shame what BMW essentially did to the Toyota FT-1 Concept (which was based on the words of the designers, about production ready (exterior and size-wise)).
    The FT-1 like the supra’s before it was a proper Grand Touring vehicle (which many people forget the last generation Supra was GT, not a sports coupe (like the new upcoming variation).

    The vehicle we are getting (while it’s not a bad vehicle, it’s simply just not a ‘supra’) by the definition of what a Supra is. If they were going to shrink the design and proportions of the FT-1 from the size of something comparable to an Aston Martin DB, to a BMW Z4,. then they should have given us a production version of the FT-HS Concept (shown below) instead (which actually better fits the proportions of a Z4).


    I’m not upset about the Supra we will be getting , as I am sure it will be a great vehicle. My problem is not with what we are getting, but rather with what (shown below) We could have had.


    • SpongeBob99Swell

      To all of you guys complaining that this Supra won’t live for the MKIV hype: Deal with it.

      The MKIV was a simply a grand tourer type vehicle. Not really that good, visceral, or drift-happy at corners. While it’s still a classic and a great vehicle, it wasn’t GTR-levels of hardcore at all (not even in the level of Toyota’s own GT86, when it comes to a hardcore, jewel driving experience), and it was known better as a tuner’s halo car (which was when you guys kept on tuning the hell out of it). And that happened during the 1990’s, when a Honda NSX could go head-to-head with a Mitsubishi Lancer, Mazda RX-7 and Toyota MR2, because of horsepower limits and Japan-oriented market strategy. Today, Japanese manufacturers changed completely, and they’re focusing on crossovers, if all.

      In fact, the Supra started as a sportier, bigger and more luxurious version of the Celica, if you go that far. What saved the Supra were the tuning and customization markets. This car looks, sounds very interesting and appears to be very competent and with equipment that is very up-to-date with today’s market (sorry, manual transmission lovers), so probably it won’t flop like the NSX did lately. Especially when Toyota had no choice but to collab with BMW to reduce development costs to make the car more profitable, which is why BMW asked Toyota to co-develop the car. All BMW did was supplied the chassis (which Toyota then enhanced the rigidity, suspensions, structure, etc their own way), the engine (which Toyota then tuned in their own way), and some parts of the interior then fucked off. So given the fact that Toyota and BMW haven’t interacted with each other for years now, it’s clear that the Supra and Z4 will be different cars for the vast majority (especially since only 6 parts of the two cars will be in common). Let alone that BMWs straight-six motors are some of the best in the industry (and the Supra itself is known for having a straight-six motor anyway).

      I’m sure Toyota knows what they are doing. And no, from being just a sporty GT vehicle, into a legitimate tour-de-force sports car you guys have been wanting the Supra to be regardless, given how you guys kept on tuning the hell out of the original generations of the Supra…. they didn’t ruin the Supra at the end of it all, they re-imagined it. And while profit and development costs is why it may use BMW’s blood (although Toyota did enhance the engine, chassis, suspensions, structure, rigidity, etc, all in their own way), it’s soul and feel is still Toyota at heart for that matter (so even expect Toyota’s great reliability to maintain since the engine’s tuning is done by Toyota, if otherwise the B58 in itself is essentially the German equivalent to a 2JZ). Either be a man and give it a chance, or say goodbye to any sports brand initiative from Toyota at all.

      I’m done with the rant. I’m sorry, but this is all the truth. I personally think the new Supra is going to be an epic re-incarnation to the original, and I’m sure it will be epic as a whole (just like the new Avalon that I honestly considered, to be almost, the perfect car in my book). Even though the hype may have been dragging on for a little too long by this point (especially with the constant nonstop updates about it), I’m really glad to know that Toyota took all the time they needed to accurately revive (and re-imagine in a big way) the Supra.

      So yeah… can’t wait to see the reborn Supra at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show next January once it reveals there! Cheers. 🙂

    • Tuan Cao

      I don’t know what you are talking about. From day one the design have said the FT1 was scaled up for show. The production version would be 10% smaller. FYI, the FT-HS overall is shorter than the leaked spec for the new Supra via BestCarWeb.

      • Mike anonymous

        Yes I know regarding the FT-HS, that’s why I mentioned it as it was closer in overall dimensions (width, length, etc) to the Supra we are getting than the FT-1 Concept.

        Speaking with the designers of the original FT-1 Concept, they intended the Supra to be the size of the vehicle (designed for real world use apart from ‘for show’ elements such as the mirrors and transparent engine cover) they created. It’s apparent Toyota had other ideas/plans (as this is based on the Chassis and platform of the BMW Z4 opposed to (relatively) newly developed platform Toyota/Lexus created for the LC), but what Toyota’s plan were, were not the point of what I was saying of course.

        I’ve stated in the past, and in the comment above that I don’t mind what we are getting, and I’m sure it will be a great vehicle. But I feel as though it is a shame that the possibility was there to build something (some) may have considered to be more proper. It could have been something better than what we are getting, but Again I will say, I think the upcoming Supra will likely (still) be great.

  • Lucila P. Nevitt

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  • Harry_Wild

    Cannot wait to see the new Honda Passport. Got the low down on it too. Two favors: Sports and Off-road. Will be around 8” shorter the the Pilot. New looking front and rears ends. Interior will look like that of the Pilot and Ridgeline. He did not mention the powertrain and said that I should wait for the reviewing on the 27th at 5 PST time on YouTube!

  • Craig

    I’m too pissed off at GM to care.

  • Diane J. Burney

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  • Bash

    Wow, that Rivian SUV!

  • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

    The new Z4 hasn’t been on sale long enough to establish reliability. Unless you have some some ground-breaking factual news to share? No? Thought not.

  • Dennis Scipio


  • charlotteharry57

    Ah, another LA Show Press is 95% done. Typical LA. Absolutely NOTHING shown that rocks my world. On to Detroit and NY! I know there are things coming at both that will. CHI is usually a dud as well…

    • Mike anonymous

      I loved the Mazda 3 & The Lincoln Aviator. if it had to pull 2 vehicle from this years show, it would be those two.

  • Kena M. Henry

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  • JBsC6

    Nothing too exciting. Just an average show yet i do appreciate the coverage

  • General. Koofta

    Fuck the press only show days! I went to see the audi gt etron at the show (from New Jersey) and the fuckers had removed it …”only for press days” Fuck you Audi, I am moving to Porsche who treated me like a king at the show!

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