Aston Martin Heritage EV Concept Gives 1970’s DB6 A Modern Electric Heart

Aston Martin Works has taken the wraps off the all-new heritage electrification concept which blends classic styling with modern technology.

Based on a 1970 DB6 MkII Volante, the concept doesn’t look too remarkable as its hides the “world’s first reversible EV powertrain conversion” underneath its skin.

Created for a world where future legislation could restrict the use of classic cars, the concept has a “cassette” electric powertrain which uses some of the same technology as the upcoming Rapide E. Aston Martin says the cassette is a “self-contained cell” that sits on the original engine and transmission mounts. The cassette also features power cords which supply electricity to the car’s electrical system and the entire energy management system can be monitored via a dedicated screen that has been discreetly mounted in the cabin.

Aston Martin was coy on additional details, but said the cassette is the perfect solution for drivers seeking a future-proof upgrade that is socially responsible and completely reversible. Speaking of the latter, owners can have the original powertrain reinstalled with relative ease as the conversion doesn’t require major modifications.

While the car is just a concept, Aston Martin Works will begin offering heritage EV conversions in the near future. The first are slated to begin in 2019.

In a statement, Aston Martin Lagonda CEO Andy Palmer said “We are very aware of the environmental and social pressures that threaten to restrict the use of classic cars in the years to come.” When went on to say “Our Second Century Plan not only encompasses our new and future models, but also protects our treasured heritage. I believe this not only makes Aston Martin unique, but a truly forward-thinking leader in this field.”

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  • Blanka Li

    Just seems . . . wrong. The engine is part of the character of any car. And character is the reason to buy a classic car.

    • Six_Tymes

      I 100% agree. However, if people only stick with these old ideals. Then in the not so far off future all classics will just fade quickly, and become the next wave of “jalopy” that no many care about. They (Andy Palmer and others) are offering a plan to keep sports cars and classics relevant for much longer. So, its either allow them to fade away quickly or not, I have changed my mind and think this plan is needed, and glad to see it start now before its too late.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Just so.


  • Bash

    This is the coolest thing I saw today.

  • Javokhir_Sam

    But what all of those dials are for? Converter had to think of replacing those with something that is needed for electric cars. But what is needed to be checked on a electric cars apart from battery status? Countdown timer that tells when the car is going to catch fire.

  • gadgety

    Great, now allow me to take the original engine off your hands.

  • Stephen G


  • ksegg

    Can we stop with converting classic cars to EV’s.

    Jesus Christ.

    • DR.FUNK

      No…we can’t.
      It’s happening…and you will smile and accept it!

      • Perry F. Bruns

        Even Koeniggggsenisseggsegnignigsegigisegs will eventually go electric.

  • jon4uu

    Electric conversion story with not one picture of what they did. Nice

  • Mr. EP9

    Lots of people care and not every car is something you can just abuse the hell out of and toss it away and get another. There is a reason some cars are valued and cherished by many. Doing an EV conversion on a classic is like putting an LS1 in an RX-7; it may be superior but it takes away what made that car special.

    • DR.FUNK

      I don’t know if that’s the right comparison.
      ICE engine transplants do kinda wreck the character of most cars it’s performed on.
      An EV conversion would only be funky in the case of a car that has as part of it’s “personality profile”…acoustics.(Ferrari) And maybe not even then…as long as motor(s) placement doesn’t affect stance.


    I wanna do this to a ’65 Lincoln 4 door ragtop. Tastefully modified infotainment pkg…4 motor all wheel drive…0-60 in 4.0 sec…400 mile range.

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