Daihatsu Creates Weird And Wild Kei Cars For Tokyo

Prior to the Tokyo Auto Salon kicking off in the second week of January, Daihatsu has unveiled a plethora of special show cars which are sure to send the Kei-car loving crowds into a frenzy.

Kicking off the range of Daihatsu models on show will be a trio that includes two tiny Mira hatchbacks and a minivan. The first, dubbed the Daihatsu Mira Totto Activ Ver, is painted in a light shade of blue and has been designed with a mix of rugged appeal and inner-city practicality.

Premiering alongside this vehicle is the Mira Tocot Elegant Ver which has a much more simple white paint scheme and sporty wheels. The Daihatsu Hatsune Miku Limited Package will be displayed alongside the two Mira models and is painted in a mix of light blue and white.

Alongside this trio, there is the Thor Premium van, Boom Elegant, and two different Hijet trucks, one of which has been customized as the perfect vehicle for storing and displaying fruits and vegetables.

During the Tokyo Auto Salon, Daihatsu will also present the Copen Coupe to the world for the first time. Released online a few days ago, this vehicle uses a carbon fiber reinforced plastic roof and will be limited to just 200 examples.

As eye-catching and cute as all these vehicles are, it is a restored Daihatsu P5 racing car from 1968 that’s sure to turn the most heads. The car has a paint scheme combining yellow, red, and white, and secured 3rd position in the 1968 Japan Grand Prix.

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  • Christian

    Kinda sucks we dont get the Suzuki Alto in europe anymore -even after you can get a Works version too…We stuck with the indian made – or – whatever Clerio…

  • Mr. EP9

    I like the fruit truck.

  • Kaido Alex

    The red Tocot looks like something out of Shutokou Battle. And yes, Shutokou Battle has kei cars.

  • Bae Young

    I see Alfa Romeo, Chrysler PT crusier, London Taxi and Suzuki Ignis

  • I think those are really nice looking. I wish they were available here in the USA; especially the Copen.

  • Eythan Aldrich

    I didn’t know Daihatsu had a race car…..I’m serious

  • Perry F. Bruns

    I’d get the one that looks like a VW Microbus and the Thor. Maybe also the Boon.

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