Karma Strikes Infiniti Driver After Aggressively Merging Onto Interstate

Christmas is here and so is your daily dose of instant karma presented by Carscoops. Today, we are thrilled to show you a clip of an Infiniti driver in the United States getting his just deserts after aggressively merging onto an interstate. This is a good one.

The dashcam video shows a bright red coupe speeding through traffic as the sun sets in the distance, almost looking like a scene out of a movie. However, this isn’t a movie and the lives of real people are at stake.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that the red car is either an Infiniti G35 or G37, likely complete with a series of modifications. As it speeds through traffic, it is clearly traveling at least 20 mph (32 km/h) faster than the traffic around it and putting other drivers at risk. Things then take a sudden, and very satisfying turn as a Ford Explorer Police Cruiser comes into view, flips on its lights and pursues the reckless Infiniti driver.

Initially, it seems as though the reckless driver may have been attempting to evade the police but a few seconds later, the clip shows the red Infiniti quickly pulling over.

It’s unclear if the driver was warned or fined for their idiotic driving but they’ve definitely earned a spot on the white-bearded man’s naughty list.


  • Jerry Hightower

    Yul, yuk! Serves him right!

  • jrelon

    G35 and G37 drivers are underrated on the “D-bag Drivers” list.

    • donald seymour

      This is a true statement.

  • ace_9

    It disgusts me when someone is so happy about others misfortune… For me the camera guy is morally equal or even worse than the speeder. Of course, the author of this article clearly does not have any moral standards either.

    • Tydogg123 .

      You sound like a lot of fun to be around.

      • ace_9

        Well, if your idea of fun is to pathetically cheer and laugh at someone being caught speeding, then I’m no fun. I’m also not one of those people dying with laughter when watching videos where people injure themselves in various accidents on skateboards, bikes, etc. I bet you like them…

        • jrelon

          I think in this case it’s less about the speeding and more about whipping across 4 lanes of traffic. That’s not speeding, that’s wreckless driving and is far more dangerous than someone getting pulled for doing 5 or 10 over.

          Driver endangered others with that, hence the lack of sympathy. At least that’s how I view the kharma in this scenario.

          • ace_9

            Yes, it was reckless driving. But still, the distances from other cars were quite ok. He just zipped around everyone. But I agree, that he should get a ticket for that, if he does not realize it is not a good way to drive. I would just not get so much satisfaction from it as the people in the video…

          • Marty

            If two drivers had made the same kind of move in that situation, people would have died. That’s why zero drivers should do that. It is also why reckless driving is morally worse than expressing joy over a functional
            law enforcement .

            And if someone does not realise that, I think they are disqualified from judging other people’s moral standards.

          • ace_9

            You seem to mean well, but you are wrong in so many things. First of all, we don’t live in a world where people can or want to always avoid all risks and they should not be always punished for that. There is also no proof that people would have died, like you stated. And that was not a joy “over a functional law enforcement” 😀 I like playing with words, but that was too much 😀
            And you may think, that I should not judge, but you’re the one judging someone without knowing their motives. I’m judging only the laughter. I didn’t say that infiniti driver is a saint, but if he deserves to be caught, then I see no point of being so disgustingly happy about it. That’s all.

          • Marty

            I think you need to read my comment again. And your own.

    • Mb747


      • ace_9

        Yes, technically, it was a misfortune for the speeding driver. It’s not like he crashed into several cars and tried to run away, so I’m quite ok with using the word “misfortune” in this case.

  • Salih Ahzem

    It’s South Florida, I-95… Honestly speaking, much worse driving than that can be witnessed on a daily basis over there (true story)

  • BGM

    You said it brother. I95 south of Orlando is driving hell. 5 lanes, the 2 left ones occupied by trucks, the next one by some asshat going the speed limit or below, one for normal drivers and the right most for slower drivers or those slowing down to exit. And these groups is repeated over and over again until I95 ends.

    And then you hit US1.

    This Saturday I’m driving to Miami. As soon as I can I’ll take the turnpike.

  • brn

    I did something similar when I was younger. Result was also similar.

    I did get off with a warning. Cop was fishing for a drunk and I wasn’t.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Reminds me of a time when a RAV4 driver was tailgating me for like 1.5 minutes, and then tailgated other people. Later on, I see a police car pull over the RAV4

  • Six_Tymes

    whelp, 1 out of a million is better than none. I see ass-wipes do that crap daily, and sometimes worse than what I just watched. I am yet to see one get pulled over. not enough police around to see them I guess.

  • ace_9

    I agree, it sounds like they would do anything for a little bit of youtube fame. But as you said, 95% population is like that and it also shows in this comment section…

  • Rasta_Farian

    Why are people defending the driver who very clearly broke the law? His actions are reckless and illegal. So what the folks in the dashcam car are cheering. I would be cheering, too. Who’s to say the folks in that red car weren’t drunk or high? Is that who you want on the roads with you and your loved ones? Really?!?!

  • Rasta_Farian

    What are you talking about, man? The folks in that red car were driving like they were under the influence or something. See my comment above, please.

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