Karma Is Served Instantly To This Impatient Mazda MX-5 Driver

Acting out of frustration is never a healthy thing to do, especially when you’re behind the wheel of a car and the road is slippery. Still, don’t take our word for it, just watch the driver of this Mazda MX-5 demonstrate what we mean.

Apparently, he was stuck behind a learner driver “for a while”, doing either the speed limit or below, which has been known to annoy certain sports car owners. When the road split into two lanes, he decided to make his move and the rest is history.

Maybe somebody should have warned him that if you’re going to channel your inner Max Verstappen and launch yourself on the inside during wet conditions, you better wait until you’ve cleared the corner before flooring it again.

The accident took place on December 4th in Stoke, England, where it tends to rain a lot during winter months, so you’d think that people would know not to push their luck while driving, especially with RWD cars like that sporty Mazda.

Of course, one should probably not allow themselves to be overcome by frustration when stuck behind a learner driver in the first place. It’s not like the latter can help the fact that they’re slow and besides, blasting past them in an angry manner will only raise their anxiety levels.

So in a way, this really was an “instant karma” moment, since the MX-5 driver pretty much did everything he could wrong heading into that turn. Still, we’re happy to report that he wasn’t injured.


  • Ilbirs

    I don’t know how many time this driver has a MX-5, but maybe he came from a FWD car and didn’t learn the way RWD ones should be driven.

  • Christian

    BUT THE Learner was driving in the wrong lane to begin with….

    • charlie bear

      It is in the UK. He was driving in the right lane.

      • Jay

        That’s the left lane not the right one 🙃

      • Christian


        • ace_9

          You seriously don’t know that they drive on the left side of road in UK? :-O They have a steering wheel on the right side of the car.

          • Christian

            But England is a City…

          • ace_9

            I don’t understand…

          • Christian

            Nomi….. REEEEE REEEE

          • Mr. EP9

            I think this is one of his latest trolling tactics.

    • R55

      Its a one way street. You keep to the left.

  • Marc Gruben

    I can just hear the instructor in the learner car: “And THAT, my young padwan, is an example of what not to do.”

  • Paul

    That sort of action looks like it would be hard on the rims.

  • jason wu

    Funny that the other drivers were there waiting if the Mazda is going to explode. LOL

    • Well, there was a not unreasonable chance that the driver would do something else stupid, based on his previous history.

  • R55

    Get some Uniroyal Rainsports on that MX5!

    • Silimarina

      Goodyear asymmetric are much better

  • Rod Herman

    Perfect parallel parking on the other side of the road, if it was not his or her car:)

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    Instructor in Yaris:Proceed with caution past the stupid f*cker on the right.

  • steveofthenw

    Extra points for Radiohead playing in the background.

  • Christian

    so being right is right or? right is being right?

  • the_truth_2017

    “Ok class, what have we learned from this demonstration? Yes, Billy go ahead” “Well, first the car doesn’t seem to have a limited slip differential. Second, the car doesn’t seem to have proper or suitable tires for the road condition. Third, the driver doesn’t seem to grasp the the “steer into the slide” concept. Fourth, this could happen to anyone who isn’t expecting bad conditions so everyone should be ready and match speed to the potential hazard(s). Fifth, no matter how one thinks the other driver might have been intentionally doing something stupid, better motorists will stop and ensure there’s no immediate calamity; the driver might have suffered a medical emergency which caused them to appear reckless. Sixth, Be honest! “There but for the Grace of God, go I” fits these situations and we all know it, and we would hope someone stops to see if we’re OK! Seventh, Stopping to ask if the embarrassed driver is OK gives plenty of opportunity to be passive aggressive; “Are you new to a clutch?” “New to driving?” “Should we call your mother?” etc.

    • Fred Dryer

      All I have to add is…… oh well then!

  • Fred Dryer

    English humor at its best!

  • Silimarina

    Except for a slightly better wet performance and price, asymmetric kicks rainsport in every other measurement

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