EU Agrees To Cut CO2 Emissions By 37.5% By 2030

The European Union agreed on Monday night to a goal of reducing carbon emissions from cars by 37.5 per cent in a decade, putting an end to months of fierce negotiations.

Reuters reports that an agreement was reached between representatives of the European Parliament and the 28 nations of the EU after nine hours of talks. The goal calls for emissions of cars to be cut by 37.5 per cent and vans by 31 per cent by 2030 compared with 2021.

An agreement was also reached on an interim target of a 15 per cent cut for both cars and vans by 2025.

The finalized goal comes just a week after talks between the nations of the European Union appeared to fall through.

The CO2 emissions reduction will help the EU reach its Paris Agreement targets.

“This is an important signal in our fight against climate change,” said current EU president Austria’s Sustainability Minister Elisabeth Koestinger.

Not all nations of the EU were pushing for a 37.5 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions. For example, Germany had endorsed a reduction of 30 per cent compared to 2021. On the other hand, countries including the Netherlands and France, had endorsed a target of 35 per cent. The EU Parliament wanted a 40 per cent reduction. In the end, a compromise was reached.

“Today’s successful outcome is even more important in view of this weekend’s conclusions… in Katowice. It clearly shows, once again, our unwavering commitment to the Paris Agreement,” EU Climate Commissioner Arias Canete said.

Germany has previously warned that tough targets could harm its car industry and cost jobs.

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  • TheHake

    “Germany has previously warned that tough targets could harm its car industry and cost jobs.”
    The elite doesn’t give a crap.

    What are they going to do when another volcano erupts? Fine it?

    • ➡️ProtectOurHeritage⬅️

      This is the same Germany that invested heavily in coal fired power station because of the “dangers” of nuclear.

      • TheHake

        It’s all just political crap. Nothing to do with reality.

    • brn

      If I were the elite, I wouldn’t give a crap either.

      I also wouldn’t preach to others.

  • Christian Wimmer

    I love how these politicians fly around the world emitting tons of CO2 and harmful pollutants, and then have the nerve to tell us that we need to do more for the environment bla bla bla…

    That flight from Berlin to Katowice in Poland probably emitted more tons of CO2 etc. than I have throughout the last 11 years of driving my 2007 BMW 118i (244,950 km when I sold it). I am driving a small and sensible car, but these people want me to feel as if I am some kind of mega polluter (aka gas-guzzling SUV driver…)…

    And now the DUH is pressing for 120 km/h speed limits on the German Autobahn. Come on, that’s one of the few freedoms we as German car drivers can still enjoy. I am not a speed freak, but once in awhile (keyword once in awhile) it’s fun to push the pedal to the metal. But that’s rare. 98% of the time I am cruising at 130//140 km/h in the slow lane.

    • Bash

      So true, heck they probably emitted CO2 in their flights more than I did in my 6.4 hemi in the last three years!

    • Sorry but you are completely wrong. The per person CO2 emission from Berlin to Katowice is less on an Airbus A320, then in your car if you are the only passenger. There are websites to calculate this, obviously depends on aircraft type, occupancy and distance, but you are WAY off with your numbers.

      • Christian Wimmer

        Tell that to Merkel, who ordered an empty jet to fly her and a few cabinet members from Argentina back to Germany. My point is that these politicians FLY A LOT and many of them do not own cars but use the government chauffeur services. They have no understanding what it is like if fuel costs are jacked up because of a stupid CO2 tax for example, and how that will negatively affect the economy and small businesses like mine. Those extra costs have to be transferred to my clients, and it’s already hard enough to convince them to pay the prices I need to ask in order to make a living.

        Also, I generally use my car strictly for business purposes and even combine my grocery shopping trips when I return from a trip. Aside from a few fun high speed cruises, I generally drive very economically.

        • Forget about Merkel, you have close to 80 million people in Germany alone. We are talking about the EU with a population over half billion people. The consumption of us is way more important than of a few political leaders that need to do their stuff in a timely manner for our own sake (even if I think most of them are immature kids).

          Also, the well-being of our planet is way more important than economical growth or the price of the petrol. Maybe it won’t affect you as much in your lifetime (although not so sure), but the generations to come will suffer from our poor decisions, and for being so incredibly egoistic.

  • Europe is the only mature continent, the rest of the world behaves like kids. Climate change will affect us all…

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