Porsche Launches 2019 Macan S With New 349HP V6 Engine

Following the reveal of the facelifted Macan, Porsche has now detailed the more powerful Macan S, which is powered by a new turbocharged V6 engine.

This 3.0-liter V6 unit is the same engine used in the Cayenne and Panamera models, featuring a single twin-scroll turbocharger within the vee of the engine for better, more immediate responses.

The power output is rated at 349hp (354PS) and 354lb-ft (480Nm) of torque, meaning the facelifted Macan S offers 14hp and and 15lb-ft of torque more than the outgoing model. Zero to 62 mph (100km/h) is dealt in 5.1 seconds, when the SUV is fitted with the optional Sports Chrono Package, while top speed is set at 156mph (251km/h).

Porsche has also updated the chassis of its best-selling SUV in order to make it even better to drive; the front suspension spring forks are now made out of aluminum instead of steel for a more precise steering and better ride comfort. The anti-roll bars are also re-tuned for more neutral handling, while the optional air suspension gets optimized rolling pistons and new damper hydraulics.

The German car maker also claims that the brakes now offer a much better pedal feel, thanks to the lighter pedal, which also has a shortened lever arm for the brake master cylinder. The front brake discs are also larger in diameter by 10mm to 360mm, as well as thicker by 2mm to 36mm. Customers can also choose Porsche’s carbon brakes as an option.

The biggest exterior change for the Macan facelift can be found in the rear, where there’s a full-width LED light bar. LED headlights are now standard as well. The interior features a 10.9-inch PCM infotainment system with a full-HD touchscreen display, online navigation with real-time traffic info, intelligent voice control, Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile phone connectivity, among others.

Porsche also added a few new options to the 2019 Macan, including a GT sports steering wheel with an integrated drive mode, the Traffic Jam Assist system, a heated windscreen and an air ionizer.

Pricing for the 2019 Porsche Macan starts from £46,344 in the UK, for the 245 PS 2.0-litre four-cylinder model, while the new Macan S is priced from £48,750 in the UK and from $59,650 in the US. Order books are now open.

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  • ksegg

    “….the new Macan S is priced from £48,750 in the UK and from $59,650 in the US.”

    *adds factory mats*

    Your new Macan S now costs $175,000.

    *adds the color “red”

    Your new Macan S now costs $860,000.



  • SteersUright

    5.1 sec 0-60 is way too slow for such an expensive little SUV, and especially one with a Porsche badge.

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