World’s Fastest Smart ForTwo Has Jet Power, 2,000 HP And Is Street Legal

A Smart ForTwo capable of beating modern supercars into submission? That’s right, and it has a jet engine, sourced from a Huey helicopter.

The man responsible for the wacky project is Telluride, Colorado resident Bill Berg. He remembers when his 2008 ForTwo had a modest 60-horsepower, three-cylinder engine.

But not anymore, as now it puts out a jaw-dropping 2,000 hp. Top speed is estimated at 220 mph (354 km/h), and the guy behind the jet-powered ForTwo says it will hit 160-170 mph (258-274 km/h) in about 9 seconds, while burning some 15 gallons (56.8 liters) of fuel in approximately 5 minutes.

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Unlikely as it may sound, the immensely powerful city car is street legal. It has functioning headlights and taillights, turn signals, wipers and even retains the factory A/C. The latter’s more than necessary, given that the ginormous jet engine rides shotgun at all times, producing a lot of heat.

Berg says that, for the right price, anything’s for sale, except probably for this ForTwo, which is already part of the family. However, he would gladly sell you other crazy jet-powered toys, made by his company called Rocketbilly Racing. After all, he’s also the owner of the world’s fastest ATV and school bus.

Don’t know about the school bus, but doing 170 mph in a Smart ForTwo… He surely is a very, very brave man.


  • Bash

    What’s legal about this again!??

    • bxniels0


    • john1168

      The lights and wipers I think… LOL I can’t believe he got it insured???

  • Paul

    Just what the world needs. lol

  • Alex

    I’m assuming the funeral costs are included in the purchase?

  • Blade t

    At least the video doesn’t show it running down the track or let you hear it..awesome

  • Sébastien

    Amazes me that this can be street legal in the US, but not any modern EU imported car…

  • Bash

    At least no one can tailgate him. lol

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