$36K Chrysler PT Cruiser ‘Stagecoach’ Would Be Nice For… Dunno, The Pope?

Unless people go around calling you “Your Eminence”, odds are you won’t be interested in purchasing something like this modified 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser, with a stagecoach of sorts embedded into its rear end.

Also, funny how some 200 years ago, people were building better roads to allow for faster stagecoach transport, whereas now, the automotive and tech industries are focused on turning us into full-time passengers once again, with the advent of autonomous vehicles.

While something like the PT Cruiser would probably would have to go back in time 200 years in order to feel appreciated, this particular one is quite a unique proposition.

It features a bespoke, longer wheelbase with a massive rear end cabin. Inside there are two bench seats and enough room for somebody to even stand up straight, although we would advise against that if the car is on the move, for obvious reasons.

Aside from the fact that it’s up for sale on Autoplius for €32,000 ($36,383), we can also tell you that this contraption is powered by a 2.0-liter 140 HP petrol engine and features an automatic transmission and air conditioning. According to the ad, the car is located in Estonia.

There’s no doubt that someone spent a lot of time, and money, to turn Chrysler’s oddly retro hatch into… well, something even less charming. So, we would like to wish them good luck with finding someone willing to part with $36k for it.

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  • Six_Tymes

    that is funny, and sad

  • Mr. EP9

    “According to the ad, the car is located in Estonia.”

    And it can stay there.

  • benT

    Would Be Nice For… Dunno, ice cream van?

    • Jay

      It’s a perfect match for a car crusher.

  • Bash

    More like Cinderella’s cart. Perhaps it can be used at one of those Disney lands.

    • Howfarr

      Disney land Estonia… the most depressing of all the Disney lands

  • Blade t

    Yikes 😂

  • Jason Panamera

    Popemobile ?

  • the only word that comes to mind… WHY !?!?!?

  • TB

    What…in the Eff….??

  • Polyester Poontang

    Perfect for Trump to tour his Wall.

  • Alberto Barrales

    Maybe the lesson that owns this car would be interested in this monstrosity. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/24ce828cab6ac8dd9da34a99b37f4807b00d438aba49ccff36a5898f9f0cca79.jpg

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