Bugatti Adamant It Won’t Build An SUV – Or Do A Top Speed Run

Reports and rumors about a possible Bugatti SUV have been circulating for quite some time, but CEO Stephan Winkelmann has made it clear that such a model is not in his company’s plans.

While talking about the brand, which celebrates its 110th anniversary this year, Winkelmann simply said that “there will be no SUV from Bugatti”, as such a vehicle “would not do justice to the brand or its history”. Anyone from Ferrari listening? Well, whatever…

Still, more Bugattis are in development, and some of them will be presented this year, as part of their anniversary celebrations. We wouldn’t hold our breath for the rumored four-door coupe, however, despite the mysterious model scooped last year, as in all likelihood these will be special editions of the Chiron, and perhaps the Divo, too.

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The rumored Super Sport derivative of the hypercar will not attempt an official top speed run, for obvious reasons. And Winkelmann explained, once again, why.

“Top speed alone is not the top priority for Bugatti. Our cars can do more than accelerate incredibly powerfully and drive very, very fast.”

That said, the company will focus on completing the entire production run of the Chiron for now. Unveiled two years ago, it will be assembled until 2021, when the 500th and final example will leave the factory.

As for the much more exclusive Divo, which is limited to 40 units, it will be put together in the same facility that makes the Chiron, in Molsheim, Alsace, France, and the first cars will be delivered to customers next year.

Note: Bugatti Chiron Sport pictured

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  • Dude

    Ferrari also said they wouldn’t make an suv but we know that claim didn’t last forever

  • Six_Tymes

    “Anyone from Ferrari listening? Well, whatever…” a dumb comment. same could have been said towards Lamborghini before. who gives a rats ass, build whatever the hell they think people might want. after all, the idea is the stay in business.

    • Elmediterraneo

      Ferrari needs to makes SUV to making more money just like Lamborghini did with the Urus.
      Bugatti is funded by the Volkswagen group so they’re free to do what they want.

      • Hitchens2

        ??? Lamborghini is funded by Volkswagen too

        • Elmediterraneo

          Lamborghini is a higher volume brand than Bugatti

      • Cobrajet

        How did they make money without SUVs?

    • Kannag Don Amenra

      Lamborghini made the LM002 decades earlier, so it’s acceptable, IMHO.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Brands that don’t sell multi million dollar cars kind of have to… especially Lamborghini, rolls Royce, Bentley, etc.

  • enthusia

    yeah right, we’ll see about that…
    this is VW group after all. and i’m sure bugatti is just a bottomless money pit for them.

  • Bash

    They will make it when they think it’s been already long enough that people forgot what they just said.
    It’s gonna be an SUV, and it will be electric. And it will be fantastic. In ten years maybe.

  • Mike anonymous

    THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING THE ENTIRE TIME. They won’t build an SUV because they already have had a sedan in development. The sedan is the Galiber Concept (which is actually less of a concept vehicle as it was built more as a ‘one off‘ but shown off as a ‘concept‘ to see what the publics reaction to a sedan would be (similar to the recent Lexus LC Convertible “”Concept“”).

    Apart from the fact they already have had the Saloon/Sedan in development (and have already put resources into developing and building the saloon), I made (a comment on this months ago (link below) ‘why‘ it wouldn’t be an SUV, as Bugatti never planed to have an SUV. Take A Read if you want to see a bit more on that : (I PUT THE LINK TO THAT IN THE COMMENT BELOW SO THIS ONE IS NOT “pending approval” UPON POSTING IT)

    Bugatti has had the saloon/sedan in development for around 10 years, they have patents, full on production vehicle schematics, etc. They money has already been put into developing an the Galiber, and customers have already stated ‘this‘ is what they would want (something more along the lines of, but better than; a Rolls Royce Phantom (only it would be over twice as much since the company stated the base price would be over $1million).).

    With that said, I will leave it here at this. Bugatti never was planning to Build and SUV (maybe something of an idea or for consideration) but apart from people who already put down orders for the Galiber, most people don’t want an SUV from Bugatti, and Bugatti is one of the few companies (if not the only company) that does not need to rely on segment trends to boost sales. They sell Million dollar + vehicles, and they make a limited amount, so before their vehicles ever go on sale, they already know how much they will make by the time production ends, because they know; they WILL SELL every one they make.

    From the perspective of Bugatti; No one wants an SUV from us, We don’t ‘need’ to build an SUV, We’ve already developed a luxury saloon,.. why not give the people (and more importantly the customer who are buying our vehicles) what it is they want.

  • MultiKdizzle

    So by limousine you mean sedan?

  • Blade t

    The 4 door coupe would be cool to see from them..

  • ace_9

    Of course it won’t be an SUV. It will be a luxury high-speed all-terrain cruiser 😀

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