1,150 HP Twin Turbo Viper Is A Dud Off The Line, Gets Smoked By McLaren 720S

Setting quick 1/4 mile or even 1/2 mile times from a standstill is all about the launch. It almost doesn’t matter how powerful your car is, if you can’t get it to hook properly off the line.

As if to prove that exact point, here’s a crazy powerful twin turbocharged Viper GTS, with no fewer than 1,150 HP (980 RWHP) on tap. Its opponent? A stock McLaren 720S, with only 710 HP (720 PS) of its own. Not that the 720S is what anyone would call an underdog.

Not even close

The Viper just wasn’t built for drag racing, at least not from a standstill. Its rear-wheel drive setup was already putting it at a disadvantage even before it received all those engine mods. Now, with 1,150 HP at the crank, it’s a real struggle to get the wheels to stop spinning off the line.

There were three races in total, two of them from a standstill, which ended horribly for the Viper, even though it did appear to match the McLaren’s pace at the very end, which is by no means easy given the fact that the 720S is one very “slippery” foe when it gets up to speed.

For the third and final race, the two supercars took off from a roll, which minimized wheelspin and allowed the Viper to give it everything it had. Was it enough to dispatch the 720S though? You’ll find that out at the tail end of the clip below.


  • D3X

    The Viper can’t even go full WOT without losing traction; on the second run you can totally see that the car is being caught in the tire marks and the driver had to let loose of the throttle to stay straight. Would have made more sense for the Viper to swap lanes on the second go. The 720S is a marvel, that launch control and the ability to keep traction is incredible.

  • StrangerGP

    The Viper simply wasn’t built for competetive racing, it’ll get smoked by supercars on a track as well.

    • DMax

      What you smoking bud? Viper smoked everything on the track when it came out in 2013, not to mention the ACR which is still only beaten by a handful of cars costing 2-3x as much.

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      1000% false.

      Did you forget about the ACR?

  • Just goes to show you that massive HP is no substitute for good engineering.

  • Bash

    Wait I just figured what 1150hp McLaren can smoke if it exists.! If you know what I mean.

  • tom

    Trying to figure out the point of so much horsepower and then saying it is about being street legal. So a McLaren is fast off the line; the only place it can really be used is off the highway. And most of those made are being owned by people who will never drive them at top speed, or shouldn’t be allowed to. They will mostly be found being driven to parties in Beverly Hills or somewhere in Qatar

    How about we put the McLaren through the quarter against a top fuel dragster? For about 100 feet it should win.

    • K X J I ⚪️

      Let’s put a dragster in the Nürburgring

  • Andrewthecarguy

    Problem 1: stick shift
    problem 2: no traction

    Viper is very nice, but the 720S is just damn fast and built for off the line acceleration and more.

  • Six_Tymes

    if you spin wheels, and un-able to keep power down, why the hell would anyone expect a different outcome? why would anyone think this or any other very high hp car that spins its wheels could beat an ultra fast car that keeps traction? this is the dumbest race I have seen in a very long time.

  • Alan C

    … as the Tesla model S blows by both, then the new not yet produced Tesla sports car leaves all in the dust…

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen


      The stock 720S is faster than the Model S P100D, there are multiple videos from the exact same YouTuber showing this.

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