2020 Kia Telluride Priced From $31,690, Packs Loads Of Standard Safety Tech

As we’re getting closer to the Telluride’s North American market debut, Kia thought this would be a perfect time to release full pricing and specs for its new SUV.

All 2020 Kia Tellurides are powered exclusively by a standard 3.8-liter V6 engine, good for 291 HP and 262 lb-ft (355 Nm) of torque.

The entry-level spec is the LX, priced from $31,690 MSRP. In return for your money, you get 18″ alloy wheels, LED positioning lamps, Park Distance Warning-Reverse, 8-passenger seating with 2nd row bench, leather-wrapped steering wheel, synthetic leather seating, one-touch 3rd row entry and exit, plus 6 total USB ports.

Staying safe

What’s most impressive though are all the standard safety systems installed onboard the Telluride. There’s Forward Collision Avoidance Assist with Lane Keeping Assist, Smart Cruise Control with Stop and Go, Blind-Spot Collision Avoidance Assist with Rear-Cross Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist, Smart Key with Push-Button Start, Rear Occupant Alert and 2nd Row Safe Exit Assist.

Next up in the range is the S spec, which is priced from $33,990 MSRP. On top of everything you get with the LX, this adds 20″ alloy machined finish wheels, roof rails, premium grille and exterior trim, front power sunroof, 10-way power driver seat, heated front seats, 7-passenger seating with 2nd row captain chairs and upgraded interior trims.

Then there’s the EX, from $37,090 MSPR, which in turn builds on the S spec while adding 18″ alloy machined finish wheels, leather seat trim, sat-nav with a 10.25-inch display, 8-way power passenger seat, 1st row ventilated seats, 8-passenger seating with 2nd row bench, Highway Driving Assist, 2nd row side window sunshades and Smart Power Liftgate.

As for the flagship version, that would be the SX, priced upwards of $41,490 MSRP. With this spec you gain 20″ black sport wheels, LED projector beam headlights and LED fog lights, dual sunroofs, 7-passenger seating with 2nd row captain chairs, Harman/Kardon premium sound system, interior mood lighting, surround view monitor and 7″ Supervision Meter Cluster with Blind-Spot View Monitor.

If you’re able to spend another $4,000, you can add the SX Prestige package, which is comprised of an all-wheel drive system, Nappa leather seat trim, Premium headliner and trim, Head-up display, 2nd row heated and ventilated seats and a heated steering wheel.


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  • Finkployd


    • charlotteharry57

      Doubt many are that enthusiastic.

      • PhilMcGraw

        Considering the Kia Sorento maxes out around $45k, I would say there will be a lot of people excited about this. In fact, it begs the question as to why even keep the Sorento around.


          Because they want to keep the midsize SUV in business. Why would you want to kill off kia’s bread and butter?

        • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

          The Sorento starts at $26,000, the Telluride starts almost $6,000 higher.

          It makes plenty of sense to keep the Sorento around.

          • PhilMcGraw

            Yes on the low end it makes sense. Like if I’m buying a mid range Sorento for around $35k that makes sense, but my comment was more about it doesn’t make sense on the high end where both models are topping out at $45k and the Telluride is clearly more luxurious than the Sorento.

            In other words: my argument is against why there is a $45k Telluride and a $45k Sorento both top of the line. They should reduce the high end Sorento to $40k tops.

        • bd0007

          The Sorento competes w/ the Murano, Edge, Passport, Blazer and Santa Fe.

  • Looks good (really good), the spec is excellent even on the entry level as is the price.


  • charlotteharry57

    Saying that the base Telluride is only a few bucks more than the base spec of a top-selling Highlander is not a very appealing way to begin an upbeat article about the Telluride. Equipment levels are higher for the Kia, but will it matter? I think the advertising for this has been great (unlike Hyundai that missed a chance to introduce the Palisade), but time will tell if Kia can get ’em in to look at it and test drive it. Hopeful to a degree, for Year One, anyway.

    • ErnieB

      But the Kia is far better looking and seems way more luxurious than the Toyota. The highlander just looks banal.

  • Kagan

    The same car in europé would cost min 60000 grand for the base model!

    • Finkployd

      60000 grand is a lot lol

      • Aporto

        An Audi Q7 starts at 63 800€ in France. This is quite comparable in footprint.
        I think it would be more 52 000€ for entry level as a Kia. But still a lot more expensive^^ Poor us europeans 🙁
        Really nice car by the way. Way to go Kia !

        • Finkployd

          I mean 1 grand is 1000$ so « 60000 grand » would be …60 000 000$ 🥵

          • Kagan

            Poor because they take our money!

      • Kagan

        No I don’t think so.The smaller older model which is less luxurious and in sales campaign starts at 42 grand in sweden and it is with a 4 cylinder 2 liters diesel.

  • jrelon

    It’s a good looking car, and that’s a lot of value even at the tip top and at the entry level.


    how about hyundai palisade


      wait until the end of the spring

  • ErnieB

    Great price, beautiful design that lends itself to being rugged and refined. This and the Explorer are the only choices worth considering imo.

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      The CX-9 is a great offering as well, the interior is gorgeous.

      • Merc1

        Too slow and gutless engine, but yeah the interior is nice.


        • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

          Too slow? Running 0-60 in the 6’s, the CX-9 is one of the quickest and has some of the best passing acceleration times in its segment.

          Seriously, what are you talking about?

      • SgtBeavis

        Yea, I can’t figure why the CX9 isn’t a top seller. It’s not a great offering, it’s an outstanding offering.

        Dec 2018 sales figures:


        • bd0007

          Many buyers want more power and despite its length, the 3rd row is tight.

          But definitely the pick if one places a premium on driving dynamics.

  • Maykel

    Pretty good. Almost exactly priced as the Sorento. Maybe next gen Sorento will be cheaper?

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      Not even close.

      The Sorento starts at almost $6,000 less than the Telluride.

      • Rani

        Sorento also has a 185HP 4 cylinder engine as it’s base engine. keep that in mind and the Telluride is priced pretty well, especially the base model.

  • Blade t

    Pretty nice looking, prices aren’t bad either. .

  • Merc1

    It is definitely priced to sell.



    “All 2020 Kia Telluride’s are powered exclusively by a standard 3.8-liter V6 petrol engine”

    CS hasn’t proofread their articles yet? Sad

  • SgtBeavis

    I think most of us here believe Kia had a winner the moment we saw the Telluride. However, at this price, they may have a grand slam home run.

    Does Kia build anything that is absolute crap anymore? I’m not sure they do.

  • BlackPegasus

    Looks masculine and capable in those black wheels and army green paint.

  • Thunderbolt

    I want one, but to get an AWD version, it will cost $44k, a litte too much and it falls in the same price range of other very reliable and capable off road such as Toyota 4runner, or Honda Pilot AWD.
    AWD might not be that useful for everyday driving, but when it rains, snows, or the road is muddy, you wish you have an AWD.

    • bd0007

      AWD is available as a stand-alone option on the lower trims; for the Prestige Options package for the SX, it’s standard.

  • Kyle Newberry

    It’s a Ford Volvo!

    • TrvisXX

      It’s a Kia Telluride!

      • Kyle Newberry

        I know, it just reinforces the fact that Kia just steels other manufactures designs. It’s a Ford Explorer Front and side profile and the back just is stolen from a Volvo.

        • TrvisXX

          how can u steal a side profile? And most trucks have that similar front end… you are loud and wrong.

  • no25

    the looks are definitely growing on me! I kind of like it. shame how horrendous the Hyundai counterpart is

  • TheBelltower

    This is really nice. Decent pricing until it creeps into the 40s.

    • TheHake

      You Americans. $40k for a huge car like this is nothing. Over here a 1.4 Golf will go into that money once you start to spec it.

      • TheBelltower

        $40k for a large car is nothing in the US also. But $40k is a lot for a Kia.

        • TheHake

          You guys are spoiled! That won’t even buy you Sportage here.

  • TheHake

    I really like that colour!

  • ACM1899

    Wait, so you can’t get AWD unless you spend 45K???

    • Leconte Dave

      You can get it in the base model

  • Biggsy

    It’s got attitude, that’s enough for me and worth 45k.

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