This 9-5 Is Allegedly The Last Saab Ever – And It’s For Sale

After a long time spent rolling mediocre cars out of GM’s hand-offs, Saab finally got around to upping its game and rolled out some appealing vehicles. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late, and the automaker’s financial issues killed these cars very quickly.

Due to the lack of a certified service industry for Saab models, we’d almost never recommend buying one on the used market, but we may have to make an exception with this particular 9-5.

You see, if the listing of this 9-5 on Blocket is to be believed, it’s actually the last car Saab ever built at the brand’s Trollhattan production facility in Sweden. Priced at 225,000 Swedish Krona ($24,110), it’s not even very expensive.

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The vehicle’s seller asserts that it was produced by the bankruptcy administrator and loaded with every single optional part available. Among these add-ons are front, rear and side parking sensors, keyless start and stop, a multimedia package with rear passenger screens, a head-up display, navigation, DVD reader, tire pressure sensors, four-zone air conditioning and Xenon headlights.

This was a range-topping 2.0 TTiD Aero, which means that it’s powered by a twin-turbocharged 2.0-liter diesel that pumps out a respectable 187 hp at 4000 rpm and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque at 1750 rpm. Compared to modern luxury sedans of today, those figures aren’t overly impressive, but for a car built in late 2010, they’re not bad.

Unfortunately, no VIN has been provided in the listing, making it difficult to verify whether or not this is indeed the final Saab ever built. However, if it is, we’re sure there will be a Saab enthusiast out there that wants to snap up the dead Swedish marque’s best modern vehicle.

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  • Matt

    Not sure if they could have taken any worse photos.

    • Christian

      You saying that because that the owner is black?


      • uS’gedlemba

        what are you on about?

        • Christian


  • StrangerGP

    This is just asking for trouble, because the car isn’t well built and most of all because the parts aren’t being manufactured anymore. You can go bankrupt wanting to buy the last parts left in stock even for some small repairs.

    • In Europe at least parts are easy to find. And Orio ex Saab-parts is still running. The Swedish Gvt saved it. Mechanical parts are from GM. And there is always a wrecked car somewhere to give parts ;-).

      • Charles Taylor

        No offense, but I’m figuring neither Eric nor Air-Ess have ever owned a 9-5. I owned one and loved it until I was rear ended about a year after Saab went out of business. Took almost a year to get the parts to repair it from Sweden. And this was repaired through a certified Saab location! Then other parts started to go after I got it back and parts either weren’t available at all or it would take an unspecified amount of time to get the part! In the US, not many 2010-2011 Saab 9-5s were even sold, so good luck finding this abundance of parts too.

        In the end I sold my luxury vehicle for less than a 10 year old Corolla would go for since several items weren’t fixable anytime soon.

    • Eric James

      Parts are readily available. SAAB parts (Orio) is still making parts for many models, the cars are better built than most of what was, is on the road now. There are also service centers, SAAB dealers throughout the world still selling, repairing SAAB’s.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    I’d buy it at that price. It may become rare and it’s still good as a daily driver. Besides, not so difficult to find spares in Italy.

  • Vassilis

    Very cool.

  • Bash

    Nice, it only make me feel sad because Saab should have stayed in business. I read a lot of about a Volvo/Saab merger but never really understood why it can’t and never happen.

    • Ugo Jadrijevic

      I live in Sweden and remember when SAAB was going out of business that several options were investigated but I do not remember Volvo ever being interested.

      Koenigsegg were however interested but couldn’t agree on all the terms and withdrew their offer in the end.

      (maybe the Volvo thing was rumored but I do not think that this was an officially proposed way forward)

      • Bash

        True, you are absolutely right, I never heard or read about any official who stood up and talked about it or even deny it, but I just remember that at some point it was an idea that was discussed in every car discussion forums and disqus I happen to find my self in.

        • Ugo Jadrijevic

          It is a shame neverheless, SAAB was a cool brand and their cars were designed more by engineers than designers with a lot of cool solutions and forward thinking. But in the end that was also SAAB’s fall as the cars were often over-engineered and expensive to develop.

          SAAB often used other cars such such as GM platforms but they altered and engineered it so much so that once they were done the platform was already aging and they had poured much more time then perhaps necessary to achieve the end result.

      • Eric James

        Volvo was a rumour. GM ultimately killed any chance for SAAB, especially when they realized how good the new products were. They blocked at least 3 attempts for investors giving funding to SAAB before, during bankruptcy.

  • Eric James

    Sorry to burst your unicorn SAAB story, but cars built by the bankruptcy administrator are not truly built by SAAB. The last SAAB models were actually built by SAAB, SAAB employees while SAAB was still a working company.

  • TB

    Just do everyone a favor and burn it…burn it to the ground.

    • Matt

      No, never burn automotive history.

      • TB

        Sigh…oh alright…your right….

    • Curt Holmes

      Sad….appropriate, but sad.
      Where and when??

  • WalthamDan

    Every time I see one of these 95s or last (94Xs driving around here, it makes me wish Saab could have just lasted a couple more years or had been bought out by a reputable vendor. Their lineup was really coming together.

  • Dan Facciolo

    Still a great looking and unique design. It would have been a welcomed choice among today’s bland sedan offerings.

  • dj_aris

    Meh. The 9-5 SportCombi is the real unicorn!

    • Curt Holmes

      2004 or 2005 95 Aero estate with 5sp..

  • Curt Holmes

    Have always loved SAAB..still driving them today. The 2004 and 05 Aeros are my favorites of the 95 line. Torque beasts, for a sleeper.

  • I always thought 9-5 is a pretty design, if it’s just Insignia underneath.

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