Canadian Gets A Big Assman Decal On His Pickup – And It’s NOT What You Think

A man in Saskatchewan, Canada has got sweet revenge on the government which wouldn’t allow him to get a rather unusual vanity plate.

The local resident repeatedly requested to get a vanity plate reading ‘Assman’. Why? Because the man’s name just happens to be David Assman. Despite that being a family name he was obviously born with, he couldn’t get a vanity plate on the grounds of profanity, The Edmonton Sun reports.

Not one to give up, David, whose last name is actually pronounced “Oss-men”, took things into his own hands and designed a huge ‘Assman’ decal that now sits on the tailgate of his pickup truck. Not only has his original Facebook post of the sticker been shared more than 5,000 times, it’s also put big smiles on the faces of many people.

To mimic the look of local license plates, David also got decals that read ‘Saskatchewan’ and ‘Land of the Living Skies’ as well as small stickers that look like the bolts found on real license plates. Talk about determination, huh?

It is reported that Saskatchewan Government Insurance has a list of rejected vanity plates that’s 85 pages long. Applications with even subtle hints at drugs, politics, religion, and sexuality are immediately rejected.

“Even if a word is someone’s name and pronounced differently than the offensive version, that’s not something that would be apparent to other motorists who will see the plate,” SGI spokesman Tyler McCurchy said.

David Assman isn’t actually the first man from Saskatchewan to make headlines because of his name. In the mid-1990s, gas station attendant Dick Assman was featured on the Late Show with David Letterman.

And since this whole debacle is indeed funny, here’s an old Seinfeld video that (you guessed it) jokes about the exact same word.

  • robotlogic

    This guy is willing to go through all this hassle to get this plate but not to change his last name?

    • Jay

      Why would he change his family name?

      • robotlogic

        Because it’s dumb as a real last name but great as a custom license plate.

        • LeStori

          apparently only dumb to an American or Canadian . They seem to confuse their wild donkeys with their nether regions. The name is apparently a German name that is Greek in Origin

          • Paul

            To avoid all the conflict and such someone in the family could have decades ago changed the spelling of it to Ossman, but whatever.

        • Jay

          It’s humorous because it has “a$s” in it but it isn’t dumb.

          • robotlogic

            He’s DUMB for not changing it long ago. I’d change it to DlCKWANKER or TITSMAN maybe.

          • Jay

            But if he’s an A$S man there isn’t anything wrong with that.


  • Six_Tymes

    I thought this funny a few days ago when I first saw this, now I think its stupid. poor kids growing up around idiots.

  • donald seymour

    I’m an Assman myself.

    • Bash

      Well, I like big ones and i can’t lie. :D:D

      • donald seymour

        Man, you and me both.

  • Craig

    Same story basically – but with the name ‘GRABHER’. I think his court case comes up this spring. Mr. Graber had his custom plate for YEARS but then some ANONYMOUS woman complained. No kidding. O Canada……

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