Trucker Masterfully Steers Clear Of Three-Car Collision In Australia

A three car collision resulted in multiple people getting badly injured recently in Launching Place, Victoria, Australia. Thankfully, everyone got out alive from what could have been a very tragic crash. It was also good to see the driver of the dashcam vehicle (a timber delivery truck) steer clear of the wreckage, or else the situation might have been much worse…

So why did this happen? It didn’t take much: the driver of the silver sedan (which also lost its engine upon impact) lost control of the car in the wet and hit a Ford Mondeo almost head-on.

That’s when the former’s engine must have been dislodged, flying past the guardrail by the side of the road and down an embankment. Hopefully it didn’t cause any additional damage to anyone or anything, wherever it landed.

It’s hard to imagine anybody avoiding this type of crash once an oncoming car begins sliding towards the opposite side of the road like that. There simply wasn’t enough time or room for that, something that applies to both the driver of the Mondeo as well as the person behind the wheel of that black Mazda3, which pinballed between the other two before coming to a halt.

The only person who could have prevented this, the driver of the sedan, failed to slow down exiting that long right-hander and inadvertently caused a very scary accident.

Note: Mind the explicit language


  • salamOOn

    absolutely zero reaction from mondeo driver….

  • Randy Terpstra

    Poor Mazda3 guy, almost made it between the two.

    All things considered the Mondeo held together quite well, being double-tapped like that. Especially since the impact ripped the motor/transmission right out of that Falcon (you can see the intact drive-train flying over the guard rail :O ).

  • Uh9uhmus

    NEVER get out of your car after an accident if you’re on a high-speed highway unless there is a safe place a good distance away from the accident and you can immediately access it without putting yourself in danger of getting hit by an unsuspecting oncoming car. There’s no telling (a) if the next car coming around the blind curve toward the black one is going too fast to be able to see it in time to stop or (b) if the next car coming around the blind curve toward the black car is going too fast and tries to swerve to avoid hitting the car but hits the person who exited the car instead.

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