Slippery Conditions Make It Hard For Kia To Avoid SUV

Failure to recognize distances and interpret velocity will often result in an accident, especially during winter time when the roads can be covered in snow or even ice.

This crash took place in Colorado, and legally speaking, the driver of the SUV should have waited his turn instead of slowly turning left ahead of oncoming traffic. The footage shows how the driver of the dashcam vehicle was forced to apply the brakes and began to slide.

We could argue at that point, there wasn’t much anybody could do in order to avoid the impact. However, had the cammer been traveling at a lower speed to begin with, this crash may not have happened.

As you can see around the 14-second mark, the dashcam Kia Optima sedan’s front end is heavily damaged, as a result of hitting an object that isn’t exactly known for its energy-absorbing properties – evident by that shot at the 30-second mark.


  • DetrinKD

    Definitely on the Suburban. Stupid to make that turn in those conditions. It also looks like he started to fishtail as he tried to speed up in order to not get hit.

  • Paul

    The Suburban was clearly at fault. Don’t be turning if there isn’t time/room to do it. And also don’t pull out like you’ve got all day to get there either.

  • TheBelltower

    Driving way too fast for road conditions. Either of them should have been able to avoid this. The Kia had the right of way, so he is the runner-up loser of the two.

    • scjeff

      I’m convinced dashcams make it look like the cars are going faster than IRL. The driver claims 30mph, if true that seems reasonable for those conditions to me.

      • TheBelltower

        You’re probably right.

      • Ken Lyns

        This. The wide angle lens on most dash cams (and action cams) make cars seem faster than reality.


    Yep, Suburban fault

  • KAG25

    Even on a dry road that is to close for a turn

  • Momogg

    I am the biggest so I take the priority…

  • schnittz

    That Kia doesn’t stand a chance against the suburban, disabled and totaled while the suburban just have dent.

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      You realize that vehicles are SUPPOSED to deform in an accident, right? That’s what keeps the occupants safe.

      • schnittz

        Do you realize that this cars got destroyed more then an average car, right?

    • Tenzin Pelha

      Newer cars are designed to absorb impact so the occupants don’t feel the full force of the kinetic energy. That’s why they often crumple up or get crushed during accidents rather than transmit the whole energy to the occupants. Would you rather have permanent damage on your car or your body?

      • schnittz

        I am well aware of the crumble zones and new vehicle structure technology, I’ve also completed I-Car classes and can tell you much more then what you tell me. But in the past Kia/Hyundai in general have had weak steel, and had always endured more damage the the other vehicle in an event of an accident. Some new models are much better but the track record is not that great.

        • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

          1. It is a crumple zone, not a crumble zone. You claiming you completed some sort of “class”, you should know this very well.

          2. Please, tell me more about that weak steel used in their vehicles. The Optima got an Acceptable rating RIGHT AS the small overlap test was introduced and vehicles were earning a Poor on this test left and right. That’s one rating down from Good, the best rating, on a brand new IIHS test.

          Here’s an Optima from 2006 that also doesn’t support what you’re saying and it earns a Good rating on the moderate overlap.

          • schnittz

            Congratulations you can spell crumple correctly, that alone wins an argument!

            As I said “in the past, Kia/Hyundai in general have had weak steel” I’m not talking about newer vehicles, it’s been almost 2 decades since I was a body tech. Either way one is drivable the other one is inoperable and totaled.

  • schnittz

    people like you is what’s wrong with this country, I bet you have wet dreams about suing someone you lazy freeloader pos.

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