Cammer Films Two Cop Cars Crashing Into Crash Scene Before… Crashing Into Them Himself!

Driving on a snow-covered road with low visibility as if the conditions were perfect, is just asking for trouble.

What happened here is that the driver of the dash-cam equipped tow truck seems to have been caught up in the moment, listening to loud music and failing to adjust his speed after seeing two police cruisers merge right in front of him. Ironically, the officers had just crashed too.

These types of incidents are both dangerous and embarrassing at the same time. It’s almost inexcusable for a driver to put him or herself in such a situation, and it’s almost always because they weren’t paying attention to the road, something emergency services should be trained to do at all times.

While we don’t have any backstory to go on, it’s possible that both the police and tow truck were responding to the scene of this accident, where you can see two damaged crossovers stationary by the side of the road. Beyond them, as the tow truck approaches, are two more stationary vehicles, plus the two police cars – one of them facing the wrong way and the other having sustained damage to the front end.

It’s a good thing the officers had the presence of mind to stay inside their cars, otherwise they could have been in a great deal of danger because of the incoming tow truck, whose driver couldn’t do anything other than scream as he realized he was about to plow through the vehicles ahead.

The video was originally posted to Facebook by one Sebastien Cote.


  • ace_9

    Once again, author whose closest experience with cars is an Uber, makes embarassing comments about the actual drivers…

  • Loquacious Borborygmus


  • Merc1

    Perfect storm for an accident.


  • Bo Hanan

    2 speeding police cars disappear in the snow. A highway that is barely cleared of snow. What could happen???
    And I give the scream a 7.

  • Harry_Wild

    This is the reason why I never follow the crowd! Most people slow down and bunch up in big car chain. With my Tahoe 4WD, I speed up in a snow storm. While others are going 30 mph on the highway, I try to go at least 70-90 mph. Never had an accident in the winter yet!

  • Randy Terpstra

    Speeding? Try driving an 18 wheeler in those conditions. The driver has only one mirror while merging, which can be challenging at the best of times.

    BTW, I know this area quite well, just south of Montreal. Trucker is exiting A30 west-bound onto A930 into Candiac. Saturday was not a good day for anyone to be on the roads, even for experienced Canadian drivers.

  • Althea Later

    Dear author, you don’t have to tell us that the officers may have been in danger of being hit by the truck if they did not stay in their vehicles. Really… we are not that stupid.

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