Aggressive Dodge Charger Driver Slams Into Stationary Tow Truck

This highly avoidable crash took place last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin, where the driver of a black Dodge Charger engaged in an aggressive overtaking maneuver, colliding with a stationary tow truck and causing significant damage to his car.

The footage was captured via dashcam by somebody who eventually pulled over to help, only to find that the Charger driver was allegedly nowhere to be found. In fact, here’s what happened according to the cammer:

“I was heading home when I noticed a car driving erratically. I stayed behind him for a little while then had an opportunity to move away from him. As I was attempting to move away from him, he decided to switch lanes once again and crashed into the tow truck.”

“As his car was coming to a stop, I witnessed him going from the driver seat to the backseat. I parked my car and ran over to his car to check on people in the car. Another lady came over as well to help and asked where the driver was. The two men, now in the backseat, claimed they did not know where the driver was.”

If that’s not a whooper of a story, we don’t know what is. If true, then the driver of the Charger really didn’t want to accept responsibility for what happened, although lying to a fellow motorist is one thing, and to the authorities another. So for his sake, we hope he came clean when it mattered.

While the description of the video doesn’t give us many extra clues regarding the guy’s age, his ill-advised overtaking maneuver looked like something an inexperienced driver would pull.


  • ChrisInIL

    One thing to point out – the Charger received significant rear end damage from the time the cammer passed him, but before it hit the tow truck. There is more to this story than the driver’s lame attempt to avoid any blame.

    • Marc Gruben

      No… if you replay the collision in slow motion, all the rear-damage was a result of the collision with the tow truck. You can see it actually happening.

      • No. ChrisInIL may be right. The bumper is already off when he hits the truck. Looks like he got rear ended into the truck.

        • Joff

          He probably drives like that all the time which is why it’s hanging off , more like

          • ChrisInIL

            The video starts with the cammer’s car behind the charger. The rear end of the car is intact. RIght before impact with the tow truck, it comes into view and is damaged. As Marc indicated after watching the video again, the car was hit from behind prior to the tow truck collision.

          • LeStori

            Probably got hit whilst slowing down for the Tow Truck. The impact sending him on his way like a billiard ball. Certainly must have been a decent hit to remove his rear bumper prior to impact with tow truck as the Charger was not speeding prior to the accident. In fact the “Camera car passed the Charger. So the heading aggressive Dodge Charger driver might be an exageration. FAKE NEWS

        • Marc Gruben

          I just went back and watched, you guys are right. If that was the same black Charger that appears in the beginning of the video, then the car was definitely hit prior to the collision with the tow truck.

  • Jay

    I can’t wait for the see whose dumb enough to blame the tow truck. Oh it shouldn’t have been there, they should’ve had cones. That’s all bullhockey, people need to pay more attention and stop racing to get around/ in front of one another.

    • DantesLegions


      • Jay

        As seen in the video above everyone makes mistakes. Have a cookie 🍪.

  • kachuks

    The front passenger got the scare of his/her life.

  • Liam Paul

    darn christmas ghosts always driving cars this time of the year lol

  • charlotteharry57

    We can narrow down with a fair bit of certainty more about the driver, given that it’s a black Charger.

  • Emoto

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Vassilis

    Good choice of music sir.

  • Darnell Robeson

    Yea nobody got out of the Charger lol. Its on cam. And the rear bumper was ripped off during the collision with the tow truck. U can see it literally tear off.

  • Jweisberg

    The driver of the Charger is 18 year old Azad Sulieman.

    Sulieman is facing charges for misdemeanor bail jumping and citations for operating a motor vehicle in violation of the absolute sobriety law, operating a motor vehicle while suspended, failure to move over for a stopped emergency vehicle, operating a non-registered motor vehicle, possession of open intoxicants in a motor vehicle as a driver and reckless driving, according to a news release from the Town of Madison Police Department.

  • Momogg


  • Randy Terpstra

    Bumper is off, before Charger hits tow truck. Charger had made contact with another vehicle, off camera, just before hitting the tow truck. Audible clue, can be heard at 00:21 mark.

  • Paul

    Not to worry, it will all buff out. Ha ha ha. The bumper is on it complete with license plate as they approach the overhead highway sign. It was damage done during the crash. I’m guessing the Charger got rear ended and all the rest of the action was just the result of that.

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