Mercedes S-Class Overtaking On Shoulder To Avoid Traffic Jam Gets Served Instant Karma

Sometimes, karma can be a [email protected] We absolutely love these and we know you do too, especially when those getting the karma are drivers who totally disregard other road users and traffic law.

In this particular video recorded by a dashcam on Highway 59 in Houston, Texas, we see an all too familiar sequence of bumper to bumper traffic. All drivers were slowly crawling forward, except one person in a previous-generation Mercedes S-Class.

At one point, the luxury sedan goes ahead of the dashcam car and the rest of the pack by using the central shoulder lane. And it did look like the impatient driver would get away with it. The problem was the S-Class also overtook a police car.

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That makes it very easy to anticipate what happened next. As the video continues, the S-Class was stopped on the shoulder with the cop car behind it. Whatever reason the luxury car driver had to be in a hurry didn’t matter much for the police officers who stopped them in their tracks.

We don’t know if the fine will convince this driver not to do something similar in the future. However, we’re pretty sure they’ll remember being getting caught in the act with hundreds of drivers passing by.

Here’s hoping this video will convince other drivers not to cheat their way through traffic. It’s not just disrespectful toward other road users – it can also be quite expensive when you’re caught.

  • LJ

    Amazing how the car always looks as douchy as the driver’s behavior.

  • Six_Tymes

    “HA HA!”

  • carlbolt

    I have no objection at all if the cop killed the driver of the Merc.

  • Kevin Tay

    What’s wrong with that? He’s smart, just unlucky. That’s not karma.

    • diesel_vdub

      It’s illegal, that’s what is wrong with it. It’s also extremely dangerous as the shoulder is not a travel lane, is routinely covered in debris from the roadway that could cause a loss of control on the part of the driver resulting in a crash injuring other drivers. The shoulder is for broken down vehicles and emergency vehicles only.

      The Mercedes driver is not smart, they are a self-center jerk that thinks they are too good to wait in traffic like everyone else.

    • Knotmyrealname

      This is someone you aspire to? Go away Kevin.

  • brn

    Nice to see PI Sedans (Taurus) still in action.

  • Blade t

    What an ass. .

  • Wandering_Spirit

    A tad too fast for that amount of traffic, even for speed-tolerant people like me. I don’t mind much him using that lane, provided he has a reason that is not self-entitlement.

  • I Defeated Tina_Dang✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Old ass W221.

  • benjamin flores

    What an ass. .

  • no25

    YAS! I love this! You get what you deserve!

  • Well done. He deserved it for being such an a-hole; that’s at least 2 tickets – reckless driving and that illegal Euro-style license plate (It’s illegal here in Texas using non-state-issued plates, I found out when considering the stupid idea of getting one for the front of my car).
    In Houston, although most drivers are polite and respectful, you still see that kind of behavior, and often the offenders drive high-end German cars, like this AMG S in the video; I’m not stereotyping (I drive an Audi after all), just stating a fact I’ve witnessed myself – just yesterday someone in an AMG CLS did something similar and got away with it.

  • ctk4949

    That crap happens all the time on the Turnpike in Miami. Never once seen a cop pull them over.

  • Shane

    Hey that’s right next to my favorite pizza place. Star Pizza has the best deep dish outside of Chicago. And f that guy.

  • ace_9

    What if he had a reason to do that? I always let faster cars go, but most of the people don’t and they are actually happy when someone who overtakes them, crashes his car. You are all pathetic…

    • brn

      What if? I guess that’s what the police officer was finding out.

      If you bet on “What if” all the time, you’re generally betting on unlikely events. It’s best to focus on the probable.

      Yes, we are pathetic, but that’s a completely different topic.

      • ace_9

        Yes, as you said, it’s up to the police. And other people like to pretend they are the police by intentionally blocking faster cars. This case was of course different. But I bet the mercedes driver was doing that simply because he was fed up by snails in the most left overtaking lane making huge gaps between vehicles and constantly blocking him when more and more people went to fill these gaps and create new ones. I could see this several times on a highway. It is enough for trucks to block the most right lane and the traffic stops regardless of the number of free lanes. Of course I would not go to the shoulder lane, but I can understand how someone more aggressive decides to do that. And I would never assume that a car going fast and trying to overtake everyone does not have a good reason for that. It is stupid to assume he is just an idiot and we should not let him go. For me it’s strange that people think this way…

  • Paul

    Smooth move ExLax you got what you deserved. Ha ha ha.

    • ace_9

      I hope the police stop you one day when you will really be in a hurry 🙂 Everyone would laugh at you the same way.

  • Enter Ranting

    The very definition of schadenfreude.

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