Cheating Honda Civic Driver Tries To Cut The Wrong Guy

Whenever there’s a traffic jam, you can be sure some drivers are going to try to “outsmart” the others and cut them off.

It’s safe to say we’ve all been in the situation where cheating drivers coming from merging or even emergency lanes tried to cut us off as they tried to get back in the correct lane. The big question here is what do you do? In a perfect world, a driver should assume that the other person made a mistake and let them in.

However, we don’t live in a perfect world. And when you see the other driver is intentionally cheating, getting angry becomes inevitable. That obviously clouds one’s judgment, so the decision will not likely be the correct one.

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In the following video from Toronto, Canada, we see an older Honda Civic Sedan waiting in line for a left turn. As a dashcam-equipped car passes by, the Civic driver loses patience and enters the middle lane. He covers a good distance, then, as he approaches the intersection, tries to move back in the left turn lane.

Bad luck! The driver of an old Mazda B-Series truck wasn’t willing to let the Civic merge. With the risk of making contact, the pickup carried on moving as if the Honda didn’t even exist. The Civic was all too real, however, and probably left some dents in the truck’s front fender as proof.

Most likely the Mazda caused some minor damage to the Honda as well but the most mind-boggling thing is none of the drivers stepped out of their cars to assess the situation. Business as usual?


  • salamOOn

    you don’t have the right of way just because you use your turn signal…. good job from the suv driver… he clearly didnt mind some scratches.

    • SteersUright

      Good job, why? Someone puts their turn signal on so creeping up and not letting them in is the way to go? Couldn’t disagree more.

      • salamOOn

        are you blind or what? just watch the WHOLE video….the way to go is not trying to jump the whole turning line queue by forcing your way across the solid line…

        • ace_9

          What if the civic driver did not know that he would need to merge into the lane? or what if he did not realize the traffic jam for that lane was so long? Not everyone is thinking like you and not everyone knows the road.

          • Randy Terpstra

            The Civic driver knew. Typical Toronto tactic. We first see it at the very back of the line. Then Civic pulled out to take it’s chances else-where. After sitting in that same line for who knows how long, there’s no way that Mazda B-series driver was going to let that Civic in. Sure this is Canada, but we have our limits.

        • Jay

          Forcing? There was plenty of space to fit the car in. And I bet the ranger driver would’ve gotten where they were going only a few seconds later.

      • Althea Later

        Civic driver probably won’t do that again!

        • ace_9

          I think he will just do it faster next time 🙂

          • pcurve

            I think we our our civic driver 😉

        • Big Black Duck

          no he will…he just wont signal next time…

      • дапвт

        If you think you are smarter than the rest by squeezing in, you can go forward and take the next turn.

    • LeStori

      You also do not have the right to deliberately cause an accident. So book the Truck driver Danno.

    • Mac5u

      Yeah maybe; until someone pulls a gun. You never know these days.

    • People with your attitude are worse than the civic driver.

      • salamOOn

        omg….internet Freud with his superficial analysis…

  • pcurve

    I’ve always wanted to do this to these people… I guess no f given from drivers that drive 15-20 year old cars.

    • ace_9

      Yes, go crash into everyone regardless of their reason for making you stay a few seconds longer in your sheeple queue.

      • pcurve

        I always yield to line cutters because it’s not worth the trouble , but if there were no repercussion, I would probably indulge myself in car-ramming every now and then.

        • ace_9

          And you never cut in? You must then know all the roads in advance and go into the right lane very far ahead.

          • pcurve

            “And you never cut in?”.
            In this video, I don’t agree with what the truck driver did.

            However, when I see a long line of cars leading up to an exit ramp on commute route, and see a car drive straight up to on-ramp entrance without making any effort to merge leading up to it, it’s really not cool. A lot of people do it.

          • Jay

            While I don’t agree with it either it still cuts down on traffic. If people don’t do it the lines would even longer.

  • Marty

    All I see is two bad drivers.

  • danno

    Civic blew the chance early on and turned in way too late. Blame both of them for being idiots.
    It’s always easier to let the line cutter in vs. being late for work, late for an appointment or risking body damage.
    My 3 cents worth – takes into account inflation.

    • ace_9

      Exactly. These one lane traffic jams are occurring for various reasons. I also cut in such lines and I also let others cut in. No big deal.

  • ace_9

    Both of them were wrong. Sheep in the left lane was just endangering other drivers (especially the one in civic) and sheeple like him are just creating huuuge one lane traffic jams and they righteously think that NO-ONE can go into their lane, regardless of a situation. These are the same wanna-be law enforcers stubbornly blocking anyone behind them at the speed right below the speed limit thinking nobody can overtake them, because nobody can break the speed limit… they are pathetic.
    Civic driver was wrong for doing the maneuver so slowly. He should just quickly cut into the lane when there was enough space. And since he did not manage to do that, he should just stop and keep indicating and don’t go there when he could clearly saw, that the righteous and proud sheep in line didn’t want to let him in.

  • GobbleUp

    Lol morons.

  • brn

    Both were jerks. Honda shouldn’t have tried what he did. I don’t mind the pickup for blocking, but contact was out of the question.

  • Ken Lyns

    Video is 5 years old. Teenager in the black Civic is probably in his 20s now. Of course, this being Toronto, he might have been shot or overdosed already.

  • jim

    Civics dent super easily. I bet that car was trashed.

  • Gonzalo A. Henao
    • Randy Terpstra

      Drives like the diplomats do here in Ottawa 😀 .

  • BlowerPow

    The driver in the Civic is a jerk but let’s face it, this kind of thing happens all the time. I almost expect every other driver on the road to act like a jerk. Having said that as a matter of law the truck driver caused the accident by accelerating into the open space when he saw the Honda signal and start to move over.

  • Socarboy

    I don’t blame the pickup for not letting that inconsiderate person driving the Honda to cut into line. This kind of behavior is really bad in my area Charleston, SC where I’ve had similar experiences with impatient drivers trying to cut a line. I don’t know why some people act this way behind the wheel, do they cut to the front of the checkout line at Wal-Mart, or at the bank teller line?…probably not… but get behind the wheel, all of their upbringing goes out the window.

  • teainfinity
  • Paul

    What a dimbulb. Don’t pick a fight with someone bigger than you, especially since you don’t know whether they value a nice shiny ride or not..

  • skinny

    The pickup driver was a jackass as he did not see the Civic driver was trying to cut the line. As the video shows the Civic driver tried to jump the line from way far behind.

    The Civic driver is a jackass because he was obviously trying to cut the line, because he didn’t want to wait in a long line. The Civic driver is a jackass for a second time because if he did rib fenders with the ranger, he didn’t stop.

    From looking at the ranger it doesn’t look like the two actually made contact. The ranger looks dent free.could be wrong though.

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