Minor Fender Bender Turns Into Full-On PIT Maneuver

Entrance and exit ramps can be a bit tricky when they’re placed close together and there’s heavy traffic trying to get onto and off of the highway. That appears to be the situation in this shot clip which was recently uploaded to YouTube and discussed on Reddit.

While there’s no audio or details, the relevant footage starts about 30 seconds into the clip. There you can see the driver’s car enter the highway as a number of other vehicles pull into the same lane to take the upcoming exit.

As the navigation system instructs the driver to stay in the middle lane, the car is effectively boxed in by two other vehicles. Instead of slowing down and changing lanes, the driver continues going straight.

This quickly becomes a problem as the lane is an exit ramp. Instead of just taking the exit and making an extended detour, the driver continues to go straight in an attempt to stay on the highway.

As this occurs, a Nissan Altima crosses the lane markings and hits the front fender. The Altima continues moving forward at the same time the driver in the dashcam car appears to veer slightly left. This turns the relatively minor fender bender into a full-on PIT maneuver which sends the Altima out of on control.

The video ends shortly thereafter and there’s no word on what happened next. Regardless, it’s interesting to discuss who is at fault in this situation.

By all appearances, the accident could have been avoided if both drivers had they simply stayed in their lanes and continued following the roadway. It wouldn’t have been convenient, but a short detour probably would have been quicker than dealing with the aftermath of the accident.

It also goes without saying, that both drivers should have been more aware of their surrounding. If the Nissan driver was paying attention, they probably would have noticed the car right next to them.


  • Jay

    They aren’t tricky if everyone follows the zipper technique. It’s actually really simple and cuts down on traffic.

  • benT

    The angle suggests the steering rods either bent { :>) } or broke and could not allow the “straight ahead” position.

  • Paul

    Some people always think they have the right of way and need to be in front even when it’s not possible.

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