Reckless Drivers Play A Game Of Chicken On The Highway, Both Lose

Drivers cutting other drivers off has to be one of the most dangerous and stupid behaviors happening on roads all over the world.

But there are two sides to this coin, and the following video captures them both. Cutting another driver off is irresponsible behavior. Still, not letting a reckless driver cut in front of you is equally reckless. Is it really worth the risk of provoking an accident just to have it your way?

The answer is obviously no, but some people just don’t seem to realize how severe the consequences of their actions behind the wheel can be.

The dashcam video shows an SUV driving leisurely on the fast lane and then suddenly accelerating. At first glance, that may look like random behavior. However, moments later we realize why the driver of the dashcam-equipped vehicle stomped their foot on the gas.

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It was to block the driver of a previous-generation Kia Sorento from merging from the right lane. Presumably, the Sorento driver got tired of waiting behind the dashcam car and tried to use the middle lane to get in front of it.

The way we see it, both drivers are guilty as charged. Trying to merge in front of another driver when there’s not enough room is moronic. Then again, so is blocking the passing lane by driving slowly, especially when done on purpose.

As neither driver was willing to compromise, the two vehicles inevitably made contact. Things could have had serious consequences for the Kia driver had it not been for the median strip separating opposing lanes.

  • TheBelltower

    If it weren’t for the sound of the camera car’s engine downshifting and accelerating, I would have blamed this entirely on the Kia driver. There is no reason to be driving leisurely in the left lane, then speed up to cut people off when they find your driving irritating.

    • Jay

      Indeed. Instead on mashing the gas they could’ve laid off of it and let the car merge.. of course the other driver isn’t innocent either and should have checked their mirrors or turned their head to see the car sped up.

      • Camel

        Yes, but you should not recieve an asshole cutting your way from the right side!

        • Jay

          That asshole can hit my car, so no thanks go ahead. It’s not my lane..

    • Camel

      Because keeping the safety distance is leisurely?
      Impatient morons doesn’t like safety distances then they are doing stupid things. That’s it.

      • TheBelltower

        Cruising in the passing lane at the same speed as the the guy next to you in the right lane is “leisurely.” We’ve all seen the kind of road rage it causes from the people behind them.

  • U8INIT

    Consequently, the court of moral opinion doesn’t exist.

  • europeon

    I’m amazed that there are people so ignorant of the road code and think the driver filming is guilty.
    You people are a danger to yourselves and others, and you should never ever be allowed to drive a car again.

    • Jay

      The camera cars driver is a total ass for speeding up. Had they gone the same speed, coasted or even slowed down just a tad they would’ve gotten to their destination at the same time. Instead they chose to waste gas and time. If I see a car coming toward me I slow down. No point trying to beat the car.. things like this happen. Even if it didn’t they were still gonna be behind a car..

      • Knotmyrealname

        …Or he could’ve just… ummm… moved over to the slower lane! What a t00l.

      • europeon

        Yes, the driver in the dashcam car was an asshole, but that’s about it. He *could* have let the car on the right pass, but he wasn’t required to.

        And yes, I am that asshole because I am a very polite and safe driver on highways and I leave a good distance between me and the car in front when I’m coming faster from behind, and I don’t press the driver in front to make way for me (maybe I put the left turn signal on, but that’s about it). You know what happens in 99% of those cases? Some idiot thinks I’m hogging the speed lane and tries to get inbetween me and the car I’m planning to pass, and I just don’t let them.

        • Vassilis

          The fast lane in theory should be only used for overtaking. Not for simply travelling fast.

    • Camel

      Exactly. Hopefully there are few people who knows the road code.

  • Harry_Wild

    This seems to happen more frequently at rush hour. People will not let people merge for what ever reason. They speed up to close the space which is the opposite of traffic protocol. I mean what is the purpose of this conduct? It just makes the entire drive a hell for both parties since that drive that closes up will probably have to merge into another lane eventually and if drivers their do the same stuff; accidents will be very possible!

  • Tydogg123 .

    Dashcam dude could have won a few more votes if he’d muted the sound….

  • Axiom Ethos

    Not really. Obviously shouldn’t have sped up if he was a kind and courteous person – nobody would argue against that in a perfect world but it’s not and lots of idiots drive without this conscious awareness of what OTHER idiots are willing to do, especially something everyone should know happens commonly every day anyway. The outcome of them wrecking is a result of both being equally stupid and willing to risk a dangerous situation putting themselves and others at risk. t should be obvious to the guy speeding up trying to change lanes that the other guy is also speeding up to block him, and he should have checked before switching lanes like any normal driver. But he didn’t because he’s an arrogant idiot like many people on the road every day. It’s basically two people playing chicken and in the end they both lost.

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